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15 Never Heard Facts About Aries [I Bet]

Do you have an Aries in your life? Well, if yes, then you better know how charming and cunning they can be at times!! It’s not hidden that Aries are usually short-tempered, especially Aries women!! (Well, that’s just a taboo, I bet Aries men are more likely to lose their temper easily)! Well! Well! Well! There are a lot of other unbelievable facts about Aries that’ll leave you wondering!

Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, which means Aries people were born between March 21 and April 19. Aries individuals tend to be very ambitious and strong-willed without having too much emotional intelligence(they don’t cry, they make you cry!) They like guiding others just like Taurus but dislike following another Aries person’s guide because Aries believes no one can tell them what to do. A typical Aries is very competitive.

Oh Boy!! If you are in a relationship with Gemini, or Aries, you surely have got the beauty and the beast all together!! LOL!!! Hey, I didn’t mean to scare you! Relax! Find out some amazing facts about Aries like Aries girls are sweet and simple, and a bit puzzled, or maybe a lot more. I feel like I am describing my best friend here, as she’s an Aries. HEHE!!

Tie up your seatbelts, as we are about to disclose some crazy facts about Aries right below! Am I being too dramatic, Oops!! Let’s not chit-chat more and jump straight to the facts!

Interesting Facts About Aries

facts about Aries: Interesting Facts About Aries

1. Aries Are A True Achiever!!

One of the most intriguing facts about Aries is that more than anything, an Arian thrives on success, so you’ll find them almost always working hard towards achieving their goals in life, whether it’s a good job or climbing up the social ladder at work! The only downside of this would be that they probably won’t stop working even on holiday because Aries people are workaholics. A certain Arian I know told me that he once brought work to a 3-day trip in Phuket, Thailand!

An Aries is very impatient and direct. They especially hate people who can’t make decisions or take action quick enough – which makes them just as guilty of such bad habits too. A typical Arian will always be the person who decides what bar/restaurant to go to and not hesitate to pick up and leave without further conversation if they don’t like someone’s company.

2. A Pushover? 

The Arian has a lot of friends and acquaintances but only a handful of truly close friends. Aries people can be very clingy and possessive over their ‘friends. A typical Arian has a group of Arian friends that they’ve known for most of their life. They’re stubborn when they want to be, but Aries love the feeling where everyone is catering to them, so if their friends don’t give in easily, Aries will move on quickly.

An Aries may not budge despite being at fault or apologizing unless necessary because Aries is highly stubborn! They won’t care much about what others have to say either, so I find myself often arguing with my Arian friend about some very trivial matters. If you ever get into an argument with an Arian, just let them cool off before trying to resolve the issue. Otherwise, they’ll rage at you. Aries people are very quick-tempered too!

A typical Arian is not good with money. Arian’s either lose all their money or save all their money and won’t spend on anything else but themselves despite having more than enough for everyone else. An Arian is always the person who requests to pay for others, even if they have only a little bit of cash left. Aries are highly stingy if there are no positive consequences that come out of it but will be very generous when there’re benefits involved.

3. No Shame?

I once had an Arian friend who smoked during her school/working days until one of her Arian friends told her she looked ugly with soot on her face. A few days later, my Arian friend came to school looking very different – without makeup, some food stain at the corner of her mouth, and the worst of all, no lipstick on!

It was shocking, but that was how Aries is – they don’t care much about their appearance if they’re not getting enough attention or compliments from others. A typical Arian will keep wearing clothes even after everyone tells them they look terrible because an Arian person is never satisfied with their self-image.

4. A Realist?

An Aries is very direct, and they don’t beat around the bush when saying what’s on their mind. An Arian would rather hurt other people’s feelings than lie to spare them because Aries hate being lied to too! An Arian doesn’t want to be embarrassed so if your idea of fun is taking all kinds of risks – do that alone or with someone else, not an Arian. They’re extremely cautious about everything they do and will always think first before acting.

I’m generally quiet at school, so whenever I hang out with my Arian friend, who’s always putting herself in embarrassing situations, she often persuades me into doing things I’d never dream of doing myself. Arian also hates thinking about the future because Aries is all about living in the moment. An Arian may be unsure of what they want to do after school, but don’t worry about them because Aries are quick learners and is always independent with everything they set their mind on.

So there you have it! It’s not easy being an Arian so if you meet one, understand that they can be pretty selfish at times and need a lot of attention. Most importantly, A Arian is only nice to people who give them lots of compliments or benefits – so it’s better not to stay friends with an Aries for very long, or things will get ugly (for both parties)!! ~

Other Amazing Facts About Aries Girls

facts about Aries: Other Amazing Facts About Aries Girls
  1. One of the fun facts about Aries girl is that they are always in a hurry. She can’t wait for anything and wants everything in this world to be done immediately.
  2. An Aries girl usually finds her true love when she is at school or college-age; that’s why they are called the “Sl*t of Zodiac.” Now you know where the word sl*t came from? Haha.
  3. They are very friendly by nature and have a lot of friends with whom she has a strong bond till eternity. Not just BFFs, but they even maintain their contacts after going into different relationships and marriages, which sounds fantastic!
  4. Everyone knows that the ruling planet for all members of the zodiac sign “Aries” is Mars. You will find Aries girls very hot and spicy because of the earth they are ruled by.
  5. They have a strong liking for quick success in things,, so you will see them as highly ambitious in every walk of life.
  6. Aries girls are usually short-tempered. Hence, it would be best if you did not mess with them. Otherwise, your day is done!
  7. An Aries girl rarely cries or shows her soft side to anyone except for her family members.
  8. She has all the traits that’ll make her look sexy, but she is hardly aware of it. If you want to impress an Aries girl, start with complimenting her personality rather than looks; she will love it!
  9. Even if an Aries girl loves you, she will never tell or express it to you so easily. You have to wait for a long time to be with your loved ones, and they’ll slowly start building a solid bond with you.
  10. An Aries girl is always straightforward in her deeds; hence, she won’t think twice before pointing it out. Wel if you make any mistakel, at least this means honesty!

Wrapping Up:

So, guys, these were the top ten facts about Aries, which makes them different from others. Knowing about their traits, nature, and likes & dislikes can easily impress an Aries girl because not every man knows how to handle such hot-tempered ladies like them! They prefer partners who are humble yet ambitious and learn how to prove themselves.

Now, if you don’t impress her, then nothing will, so go ahead and do things that’ll make her notice you! Who knows what might happen next??

Do you have any Gemini in your life? Then do check out our latest post on facts about Gemini!! Happy Reading!!

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