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10 Surprising Facts About Apple

Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It has a fascinating history, many of which are not well-known. Explore some amazing Facts About Apple below!

Did you know that Apple is more valuable than the US government? Or that a MacBook Pro can stop a bullet?

These are some surprising facts about Apple.

Facts About Apple

1. Apple has more cash than the US government.

It is no secret that Apple has the largest tech corporation globally. It might surprise you to learn that Apple has more cash than the most powerful government globally. Forbes stated that Apple has twice the cash reserves of the US government at times.

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2. Apple’s First Computer Sold at $666.66

Apple I was first released in 1976 at a shocking $666.66. Although conspiracy theorists may have taken umbrage at a price, the truth is simpler. Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, has repeatedly stated that the price is not evil and that he just liked repeating numbers.

3. Isaac Newton, Apple’s first logo, was featured in the Apple Logo.

Apple’s logo is easily recognized around the globe. It didn’t begin this way. Ronald Wayne, Apple’s co-founder, designed the original Apple logo. It featured Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree and a quote from William Wordsworth: “Newton…a mind always voyaging through strange oceans of thought alone.”

Steve Jobs didn’t like the original logo. He thought it was too old-fashioned and would not scale well at smaller sizes. Rob Janoff, a graphic designer, was hired to redesign the logo. This is how we have the bitten apple logo that we know today.

4. Apple launched a clothing line in 1986

The iPhone and iPad are two of Apple’s most iconic products. The Apple Collection, Apple’s clothing line, was released in 1986. This is what most people don’t know.

The line was far from Apple’s minimalist aesthetic. It featured branded clothing, accessories, and lifestyle items in bold colors and patterns.

5. Apple’s Advertisements Show Nearly All Devices Set to 9:41

Apple’s ads might have made you notice that 9:41 is the most common time displayed on its devices. As with all things Apple-related, this is not a coincidence.

Apple ads used 9:42 as the time when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007. The time was changed to 9:41, when the first iPad was launched in 2010.

Why 9:41? Scott Forstall, an ex-senior vice president of iOS, once stated that new product launches almost always take place around the 40-minute mark in keynote speeches.

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6. Samsung manufactures the iPad’s Retina Display.

The iPad’s Retina Display has become a popular choice, packed with pixels. However, it will surprise many people that Samsung, Apple’s main competitor in the smartphone market, makes the display.

This situation is more complicated when you consider that Apple was sued by Samsung in the US for copying iPhone features in 2018.

7. Apple’s Market Cap is Greater Than Any Other Countries, Except Four

Apple entered 2022 as the first company to achieve a 3 trillion market value. It had previously set records for becoming the first company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion and $2 trillion. Apple’s market capitalization is greater than any country except the United States, China, and Japan.

If Apple were a country, it would be more prosperous than most countries, even major powers like the United Kingdom, France, and India.

8. The iPod Almost Wasn’t There.

The iPod is one of Apple’s most loved products. It revolutionized the way people listen to music via their personal devices. The iPod almost didn’t exist in the way we know it today, but that is what most people don’t realize.

Tony Fadell was the original inventor of the iPod. He had the idea to re-create portable musical devices. Phillips and RealNetworks first presented his idea, but he was later turned down. Apple recognized the potential of his idea and hired him to head a team that consisted of 30 people to create the iPod in 2001.

9. Carl Sagan Sued Apple Twice

While most people are familiar with Apple’s legal battles against Epic and other tech corporations, few people may remember that Apple was once involved in a legal dispute against Carl Sagan, a renowned astronomer.

Apple engineers named the Power Mac 7100 “Carl Sagan” in the early 1990s to make billions. It was an homage to Sagan’s catchphrase “billions, and billions.”

Sagan was dissatisfied to see his name linked with the product when the codename was published in a publication. Apple was sent a cease-and-desist letter by Sagan to Apple. This prompted Apple’s internal codename change for the Power Mac 7100 from “BHA” to “BHT,” which stands for “Butt-Head Astronomer.”

Sagan filed suit against Apple for libel after learning about this. The case was quickly dismissed.

Sagan also filed a second lawsuit against Apple over using his name as an intern codename. He lost that one too. Sagan appealed against the decision. Apple settled out of court and issued an apology. Apple engineers were not happy with the settlement. Their final codename for Power Mac 7100 was “LAW,” which stands for “Lawyers Are Wimps.”

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10. A MacBook Pro can stop a bullet in its tracks.

The MacBook Pro is a high-end personal laptop that doubles as a bulletproof protector. YouTuber 22plinkster asked, “Can a MacBook Pro save my life?” And was surprised to find that it could.

Your MacBook Pro might be the best thing to have when facing an intruder.

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