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11 Facts about Alisha Boe Beautiful Norwegian Actress

Jessica Davis Character In 13 Reasons Why

Alisha Ilhaan Bi, also called Alisha Boe is an actress who is best known for her character Jessica Davis on the sensational and controversial Netflix show, Thirteen Reasons Why. Jessica Davis is one of the most memorable characters on the show. She is the main character Hannah Baker’s best friend’s ex and the ex-girlfriend of a more complicated character, Justin Foley, and one of the main suspects for the murder case of Bryce Walker in season three.

In the beginning of the episode, Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis are close to Alex but their friendship ends because of a miscommunication. Then, shortly after, Hannah Baker commits suicide and releases 13 tapes to people who are the reasons she took her suicide. Jessica Davis is the second person to be given these tapes.

In these tapes Hannah exposes that Justin’s best close friend Bryce Walker raped a girl during the party Hannah and Jessica were at. Then, it is found out that the girl was the same as Jessica herself. Jessica’s buried memories come back to the surface but her former boyfriend Justin Foley lies to her in order to protect the friendship of his buddy Bryce.

On the other hand, the actress is a witness in Hannah’s trial . She exposes the culture of bullying at their high school , which led Hannah to do the horrific act , but fails to tell the whole truth concerning Bryce Walker. In the end she files an alleged rape complaint against him, with the help from her family.

In season 3, Bryce Walker is murdered in season three, and Jessica Davis becomes one of the main suspects due to her connection to Bryce Walker, the victim of murder. Jessica is also elected as the president of her student body and is working to establish an area for sexual assault survivors at the school where she is a student. The show also shows her healing from traumas and becoming at ease with her body.

In season 4, Jessica continues this fight against rape , but her mental health is beginning to fall into a downward spiral. There’s a lot of deaths and chaos follows in the manner that is typical of the show. However, Jessica’s character has remarkable growth and Alisha Boe did an amazing job of capturing the painful process of healing from the scars of sexual assault.

Alisha Boe The She was a young professional and broke through

Alisha Boe was a sensation as Jessica Davis on 13 reasons for this, but the odds are good that you’ve seen an image of her in the past on television. Many were on the internet after the show’s premiere to say they’d seen her before and were correct! Boe made her debut feature film in 2008 in a horror film featuring a killer clown film titled Amusement.

Soon after, Boe was an undergraduate on the comedy romantic”He’s on my Mind in 2009. What followed for Boe’s professional career following 2009 was a string of small roles and guest appearances on movies and TV shows like Paranormal Activity, CSI, and Modern Family among many others. Alisha Boe also appeared in a couple of episodes of the popular series Teen Wolf.

In 2017, she returned to the role of a character in the dark comedic 68 Kill.

Her breakthrough came when she her being cast in 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and there is no turning back for the stunning Somali-Norwegian actress.

11 . Facts You Need to Know About Alisha Boe

1. Her birthplace was Norway.

Boe was born in Oslo, Norway, to an Norwegian mother (from Trondheim) who she relocated into Los Angeles within 2004.

2. She’s half-Somali

Boe’s father back in Norway was an Somali man, which makes her half Somali and half Norwegian. Boe is extremely proud of her heritage and with her gorgeous look we totally are with her.

3. She first auditioned for the part as Hannah Baker

Alisha Boe was a candidate for the character in the film Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons for this, but was offered Jessica’s role instead. She said she was initially disengaged from the character due to the fact that the script was meant to portray an attractive and popular character and Jessica due to her popular culture, could not think of herself as Hannah Baker. The casting was exclusive in keeping the inclusiveness of the character in mind. We’re grateful because we couldn’t let Jessica Davis be played by any other actor!

4. She has a tattoo that is a tribute to Selena Gomez


Alisha Boe also received matching semicolon tats Selena Gomez and co-star Tommy Dorfman. Interviews with Dorfman as well as Boe relate how the story came to be. The two sat down with Gomez and discussed their idea and Gomez took off. A very positive, human moment!

The motivation of Project Semicolon is to prevent suicide by making those who have committed suicide visible through ink, thereby making them feel less lonely. The concept is simple: when someone is writing a paragraph, they have the option of using the period to end it or use a semi-colon to protect the sentence from end. The decision to take part in the contest shows how all three actors struggled with depression.

5. Boe began his career as a young actor

While most people know Alisha Boe’s character for her role as Jessica Davis on 13 Reasons her acting career has continued since she was young. After making her debut in a horror movie and later on in romantic comedies and networks shows, Alisha is no newbie in the world of television.

6. She was able to relate with the themes of harassment as well as bullying due to her personal experience in high school

This talented actor has endured bad experiences with bullying at the small charter school she attended from grades 7 through 8 in which she was ostracized and ridiculed. After her senior year, Boe faced sexual harassment from the students’ body slamming kids and leaking naked.

In an interview Boe clarifies that when the environment a child is hostile and threatening, it’s easy for them to feel like there’s no future. These events lend credibility to the depiction of bullying in high school and harassment that is depicted in the high school which is the backdrop for the tragic television show.

7. She has two adorable canine babies

On a brighter point, Alisha Boe is the mother of two adorable dogs Luna Tater Tot and Luna. Tater Tot! We’re a dog-mom!

8. She’s a Pisces


Since her birthday is March 6, 1997 Alisha’s sun’s star is Pisces. If we have any information about Pisces babies they are sensitive and emotional mental acuity. The Zodiac sign makes her a perfect choice to portray the complicated character that is Jessica Davis.

9. The Tommy Dorfman character she is the her Real Life Best Friend

Ryan and Jessica are close friends from their favorite Netflix series 13 Reasons Why but actors Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman also share an intimate relationship off-screen and she has even called her “best friend” on Instagram.

10. She dropped out of High School

Alisha attended a renowned high school known as El Camino Real High School or ECR that is famous for its acclaimed alumni who have been actors However, she dropped out shortly after graduation to pursue her acting career.

11. She conducted specific Research to play the part as a Rape Victim

Boe was reading the screenplay when Boe went to read her screenplay of Jessica and decided to contact an intimate family member who was a survivor of rape and they were kind enough to discuss with Boe about the shame that comes from sexual violence. Boe is convinced it is only the best way to honorably and accurately portray the rape victim’s story.

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