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10 Best Facts About Algeria

After Sudan was split into Sudan and South Sudan in 2011, Algeria has declared the biggest country in Africa and the tenth-largest in the world. To be truthful, I didn’t have any knowledge about Algeria before studying it over the last few days to write this piece.

There are many subconscious notions that we have in our heads about what certain countries are. We all think that large portions of Africa aren’t developed enough and violent, among other things.

However, when we learn about these regions, and when you watch videos of children playing in the towns, locals smiling at the camera, and women laughing hysterically, it becomes apparent that they’re much different from us.

The country is located by Tunisia, Libya (in its east), and Morocco in its west; this North African country is an easy plane ride or a day ferry ride from Europe. With its mountains covered in snow and stunning coastline, the north is where you will find the towns in Algiers and Constantine and has one of the most stunning Roman Empire sites.

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Facts About Algeria

1.) Around 90% of the area is covered in the Sahara desert. Therefore, the population is only 12 percent of the total area.

2.) The country can be very hot! In 2011 the town of Salah was able to record temperatures at 50.8 C.

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3.) In contrast to other Islamic countries, the status and position of women in Algeria are far superior. Women constitute 60% of the judges in Algeria and 70% of lawyers, and 60 percent of the students. They contribute more to the family income than males.

4.) Alcohol isn’t available quite easily in Algeria. Restaurants usually don’t sell alcohol, and, of those that do, a few don’t include it in their menus!!

5.) Algerians drink tea all day! There are numerous tea rooms and tea stores in Algeria, which is why I think Indians would be at ease in this country.

If you visit the Algerian home, they’ll provide you with dates and tea. Etzai mint tea is the most sought-after present in Algeria.

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6.) Algeria is a debt-free country. It doesn’t owe any money to any nation. You’d think that’s amazing. However, it’s a very developing country, with one out of four people living on less than a dollar per day.

7) In the past, a man decided to purchase a donkey. When he and the seller were negotiating for hours, it was discovered that the donkey had eaten the pile of notes the buyer was planning to buy with. Because the donkey consumed all the money and there was a fierce disagreement over who was the owner of him, the case was heard through lower courts and until Supreme Court. Supreme Court.

8.) Algeria had been under the presidency of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika since 1999. After twenty years of being run by him, in the year 2000, young Algerians protested when he decided to run for a fifth term. Aged 82, Bouteflika had been sick and inactive for a long time, and young Algeria needed an end to his rule.

Following the massacres of the 1990s and early 2000s, when thousands of Algerian civilians were killed, and no government inquiries were conducted, protests against the government were prohibited. It was the first time that Algerians, particularly teenagers, took to the streets to demonstrate. They were stylish and completely calm.

They flooded the web with photos and videos of demonstrators in a kiss and presenting flowers to women and police officers during International Women’s Day, distributing water bottles, assisting with first aid, and even encouraging people to wash the streets after protests.

This boosted Algerians with pride and shocked many who knew little about the country, which was largely unopened to tourists. They even used the famous brand slogans and catchy phrases, for, eg. The meme about Marlboro advertisements became viral: “You are in a poor state of health (‘Mal Barre’), your body is seriously affecting our health.

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Another sign mimicked that black-and-white typeface of the iconic Chanel perfume advertisement to mock Bouteflika’s efforts to run for the first term. The sign said: “Only Chanel can be Ndeg5.” Another sign read: “Look at your Rolex and tell me it’s time to retire.”

9.) El Oued is the most popular city to shop in! The name means “City of 1000 domes” since most stores and buildings have dome-shaped roofs to shield residents from the scorching summer heat. Carpets are available for purchase and traditional slippers and clothing in this area, but be aware you’re in the perfect place to bargain and bargain hard!

10.) Algeria has participated in every Olympics since 1964. They have won five gold medals during this time, and 4 of them were awarded for the 1500m race (two were won by males while two were won by women).

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