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10 Interesting Facts About AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are a hit with the music industry thanks to their easy-to-use design. AirPods 1 fans can now purchase the AirPods 2, which offers many updates that make it superior to its predecessor. Explore un facts about AirPods here!

There are hidden features that Apple products have that the video introductory video does not show.

Apple headphones can do more than just play music and make calls. Here are 10 Amazing Things Your Apple AirPods Can Do.

10. Talk to Siri

Siri and Apple devices can be described as two peas in one pod. The AI system tracks every action taken by the user. The new Airpods allow users to talk to Siri via their headphones, either through the Apple product or Airpods.

To talk to Siri, tap one earbud. Music and any other actions will continue afterward. With complicated tasks becoming easier and more simple through technology, convenience is the new standard. As time passes, Q’s gadgets are becoming more real-life.

9. Double-tap To Play Music

Music selection can be difficult for everyone. Two taps to one Airpod allows users to either pause or continue listening to music. It’s simple, but it’s so much easier than manually putting your phone down.

Not only that, but this is something everyone forgets about most apple products as most of them are touch-sensitive(obviously the iPhone is but with products like Airpods, it tends to be overlooked). Apple’s latest products offer more than meets the eyes, so it’s worth checking out everything they have.

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8. You can see who’s calling without looking at the phone.

Airpods 2 can tell listeners who is calling, continuing the Siri trend. Siri will now read out the user’s name, so you don’t have to take your phone with you while running or walking outside. Apple has considered convenience when creating the Airpods. They are designed to help, not deter.

It’s worth noting that the Airpods 2 uses less screen time, keeping users busy with their day, so the device doesn’t interrupt any other activities. A funny nickname from a friend can be read aloud to an AI operator’s voice.

7. Combining with non-apple products

Although there is a misconception that Apple products only can pair with other Apple devices, it’s not true. The Airpods can pair with virtually any device, even though you cannot connect your iPhone to a window using Bluetooth or USB.

There won’t be any problems as long as Bluetooth is available and within reach of the device.

6. Siri Reads Your Message

Siri can read almost anything, which is common knowledge that’s often forgotten. Apple’s Siri can read Safari pages, messages, notes, books, and even emails for blind users. You can read messages using the iPhone speaker. However, it is possible to hear them through the AirPods due to the noise cancellation feature.

It makes it a peaceful commute home, especially if you need to hear a friend’s text message.

5. Connect to Apple TV

You’ve always wanted to feel the intense atmosphere of a movie theatre, but at home. Connect the Airpods with your Apple TV to get better sound quality. The noise cancellation feature makes horror movies a nightmare, as the loud sounds and bass are amplified.

This is a good thing, as it allows you to connect to other devices. However, this is often overlooked because more people use headphones via laptops rather than TV.

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4. Charge in 15 minutes

Charging is a constant hassle since most devices need to be charged. The Airpods don’t have an unbeatable battery, but they are extremely quick to recharge.

Both pods will return to 100% in 15 minutes and perform just as well now as before. This is less of a secret, but it’s a testimony to how far Apple products have come.

3. Waterproof

Two sets of headphones are a common choice for music lovers and athletes. One set is for listening to music. The other is for exercising. The Airpods 2 are waterproof and can withstand torrential rainstorms and wicked winds.

These are not recommended for swimming, but you can still wear them on a rainy Sunday. To avoid water clogging, dry them before you use them again.

2. Simple Access

Although the Airpods 2 may have an unusual shape, it is for accessibility. Pushing the pod’s back into your thumb and finger, places it between your thumb and finger. There is little room for error. The pods could easily slip out of hands, so the previous design was easy to misplace.

Next time you take a walk, be sure to check out the location of the pods. There is no way they will ever fall off your hands.

1. Wireless charging

Apple products can be charged without the need for a cord. The iPhone 11 and Airpods 2 can charge using a charging pad. This new feature is available on the Airpods 2, eliminating the hassle of searching for an outlet.

Although charging pads are not common, many cafes and coffee shops in major cities have them. The more tech advances, the more it is possible to use it all.

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