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50 Little-known Facts About Africa!!

Africa is a fascinating continent unique in the world’s seven continents. Africa is full of culture and diversity, is a treasure in natural resources. It also provides fantastic tourist attractions and has one of the most complex political systems. Explore this fascinating continent by learning some of the fascinating information about Africa.

Because the continent has 54 nations in Africa, many languages are spoken. But the most widely spoken is Arabic (by 170 million people), followed by English (by 130 million) and then Swahili, French, Bereber, Hausa and Portuguese.

It’s an unexpected fun fact about Africa. Africa is the second-largest continent. It has some of the world’s most stunning countries on Earth and boasts many of the most distinctive scenery and wildlife, which is why it is considered a top vacation destination. Here are 50 exciting pieces of information concerning Africa. We hope following this; you’ll be more intrigued by this beautiful continent…


  1. Africa is the second-largest continent globally, both in terms of size and population. In 2009, around 14.7 per cent of Earth’s population resided in Africa.
  2. Africa has more than 1 billion people who speak more than 1500 languages. One out of four of the world’s languages is spoken in Africa.
  3. Africa’s total area is approximately 11.7 million sq miles, roughly a fifth world’s landmass. This is more than India, China, Mexica and America’s, and the most significant portion of Europe together.
  4. At the Mesozoic Age, Africa was attached to all other continents to form a vast continent called Pangea. Pangea eventually broke up and created the world’s continents in the form we see them now.
  5. However, despite Africa being the second largest continent on Earth, it has the least coastline. This is the number of bays and edges that stretch from the coast.
  6. The world’s civilization started in Africa. In Africa, the Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt is the earliest literate civilization. According to records from the past, the Egyptian state was established around 3300 BC.
  7. Islam is the primary faith in Africa. Christianity is the second religion. Arabic is the second most spoken dialect in Africa.
  8. A little more than 38% of Christians will live within Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by 2050.
  9. Africa is one of the more centrally-located continents in the world. The Prime Meridian (0-degree longitude) and the Equator (0-degree latitude) traverse it.
  10. The largest African country is Sudan. It covers 967.940 sq miles (2.5 million sq km). The smallest of the planet is Seychelles, an island-based nation that covers just 453 sq km (175 miles2)).
  11. Nigeria has the highest number of people (154.7 million) within Africa. It is about 18 per cent of Africa’s population.
  12. South Africa has the highest GDP (($182 billion) in Africa. Guinea Bissau has the lowest at $230 million.
  13. The most prosperous SSA is Gross National Income (GNI) per habitant in Equatorial Guinea. It is 83 times more than the GNI in Zimbabwe, which happens to be the smallest by GNI per person.
  14. A majority (21 per cent) of SSA nations have at least two or more products that account for most of their exports. The majority of these exports are made up of agricultural products.
  15. In 2008, South Africa consumed the most energy per person (4,759.5kW/h) across Africa. Ethiopia has the lowest use (42.3 42.3 kW/hour).
  16. The shortest length of distance between Africa to Europe is just 8.9 miles (14.3 kilometres) of the ocean.
  17. The African Nile River is the world’s longest river. Its length is 6,650 km (4,132 miles) and runs through 11 countries. It flows in the Mediterranean Sea from Africa’s Northeastern edge.
  18. The biggest island in Africa is situated within the Indian Ocean (off Africa’s East Coast) in Madagascar. Madagascar is the fourth-largest in the world.
  19. Victoria Falls Victoria Falls, located along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is among 7 natural wonders around the globe. There is the Zambezi River is the fall’s primary source of water.
  20. Lake Victoria is the biggest located in Africa is Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake on the planet. with a total area of 26,830 square kilometres.
  21. African’s Sahara desert has been named the largest hot desert, covering 9.1 million square kilometres. Out of all deserts in the world, it’s the third-largest, after those of Arctic (second biggest) and the Antarctic (largest) deserts.
  22. The most awe-inspiring elevation in Africa can be found on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is 5895m (19,340 feet) above sea level.
  23. The two world’s tallest and largest land animals come from Africa. They are the Giraffe as well as the African elephant, respectively.
  24. The Giraffe is now extinct in at most 7 African nations.
  25. The hippopotamus, Africa’s most lethal animal. They kill more human beings in Africa than crocodiles and lions.
  26. Presently, the San inhabitants, who live in the southern part of Africa, employ the same tools found in the cave that dates back 44,000 years.
  27. A little over 41 per cent of the children in Africa between the ages of 5 and 1 are working as child labourers.
  28. In Africa, as in Asia, the people must walk on average 3.7 miles each day to get water for various purposes.
  29. About 39 per cent of kids below five years old in Burundi are not gaining weight.
  30. More than 90 per cent of malaria cases reported globally originate from Africa. Every year, 3000 children die of the disease.
  31. The situation is similar to Swaziland, Africa; one of four adults is HIV positive.
  32. More than 17 million people living in SSA have died from AIDS. Estimates put the current level of HIV disease in Africa at around 25 million.
  33. In 16 nations in Africa report higher levels of vaccination than the US alone.
  34. The Second Congo War, which began in 1998 and ran until 2006, claimed the second-highest number of deaths (5.4 million people) following World War II. Eight African nations fought the war.
  35. As per the World Bank, Seychelles had a 92 per cent literacy rate for women in the year 2010. The equivalent for Chad was 13 per cent, and Niger’s had 15 per cent.
  36. In 2010, it took them 216 days to complete every process required to begin the business in Guinea Bissau. In Rwanda, it was completed in just 3 days.
  37. The people living in rural areas of SSA have access to basic sanitation. This is lower than 42 per cent of urban residents that have access to this same service.
  38. Tanzania, Africa, has one of the highest rates of Albinism. In Tanzania, Albino is hunted by witch doctors to harvest their organs to perform rituals believed to heal ailments.
  39. Witwatersrand, South Africa, is home to almost half the gold extracted in Africa.
  40. More people are French in Africa than those who speak French in France.
  41. A single tribe in Kenya – known as”Kalenjin” and the “Kalenjin”-produces the majority of the world’s most fast long-distance runners.
  42. Egypt is Africa’s most sought-after tourist destination. It receives more than 10 million tourists each year. Cairo is Egypt’s capital is also Africa’s biggest city.
  43. African women of the Mursi tribe pierce their lips and wear plates as massive as 5 inches diameter inside their (lips).
  44. Mainland Africa is home to two of Spain’s exclaves, Melilla and Ceuta.
  45. The flag of the nationality of Mozambique is adorned with images of an AK-47 assault rifle incorporated into it. The only flag that has such a modern weapon.
  46. All the nations of Africa were colonized by Europeans, except two of them: Ethiopia and Liberia. The first country was an Orthodox Christian country, while Liberia was founded by African-Americans who migrated from America. The United States, who previously were slaves.
  47. Presently, Africa is united under an organization of political power called the African Union (AU). The AU was founded in 2001. One African nation, Morocco, is not an official member of the AU.
  48. Cricket and soccer are among the most loved sports in Africa. Both were introduced in the colonial period.
  49. More than 100 million Facebook users across Africa.
  50. There are 54 countries in AFRICA.

The Wrapping Up

There are more facts to know about Africa! We won’t even attempt to include them all. There are many other ones that we may have missed worth sharing. This is where you shine. Let us know your top information regarding Africa by commenting below!

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