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31 Classy Facts About Adidas

Adidas, a German manufacturer of footwear, celebrated its 65 anniversary in 2014. anniversary in 2014. Have a look at these amazing Facts About Adidas!

After 70 years in the business, the brand is still just as relevant today with the introduction of influential artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to their roster.

Although it’s still in direct competition with its closest rival, Nike, Adidas has managed to attract a lot of attention to its brand through the introduction of new and improved designs by famous design expert Jeremy Scott and the announcement of groundbreaking new technology, such as their Ultra Boost range of products.

This article will look at the 30 things about Adidas that every confessed shoe head needs to know.

Facts About Adidas

  1. The “Stan Smith,” Adidas’s most famous sneaker, was initially planned to be named in honor of Robert Haillet, the iconic French tennis player, but it was not Stanley Smith.
  2. There was one park in Boston that was called “Adidas Park” by locals in which only Adidas brand sneakers could be worn. In reality, any person who ventured to the park in Nikes or Puma could be the possibility of having their shoes taken away and placed in its “tree of shame,” where many off-brand sneakers could be found.
  3. Adidas almost avoided financial ruin in the 1990s after the company made several naive strategic decisions.
  4. Although the company is typically connected with Hip Hop, it is well-known for its innovation in basketball, too. The Adidas Superstar was the first basketball shoe with a low-top silhouette, and the upper part of the shoe was made of leather.
  5. The Trefoil logo that the brand is famous for had significance beyond its appearance. The logo was first used during the Munich Olympics in 1972.
  6. The brand was not initially called Adidas. It is a portmanteau for the founder’s name Adi Dassler. However, the brand was founded with the initial label Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924.
  7. The designer Jeremy Scott, who now has a complete range of Adidas sneakers that bear his name, started his relationship with Adidas some time ago when Adidas released a variant of the Forum Hi sneaker with the face of the designer.
  8. While Adidas’s current line includes shoes for almost every sport, the initial pair from Adidas included track spikes specifically designed for field and track.
  9. The renowned hip-hop band Run DMC received their endorsement deal following their performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden. When they performed their hit song “My Adidas” the group instructed the audience to pick the sole of an Adidas shoes and raise it up in the air. A Adidas executive who was in attendance was so enthused that they gave the group a one-time sponsorship deal worth $1million right there and then.
  10. The brand’s EQT collection of sneakers was originally designed to be an identity symbol in the same way that Jordan sneakers are today.
  11. Adidas is the only company to incorporate a microchip in the style of its shoes. Adidas Micropacer was the first sneaker with a microchip. Adidas Micropacer featured a computer display that let athletes determine the number of calories burned as well as their pace, in addition to other features.
  12. The stripes of the brand are probably the most well-known feature of the brand initially incorporated into the shoes for stability purposes rather than for aesthetic reasons.
  13. Nike tried to prevent Adidas from making their own woven uppers, a massive current fashion. While the company was initially success, a judge ultimately overturned the ruling to favor Adidas.
  14. The music director Russell Simmons came up with the idea for the track “My Adidas” while high on PCP. It is believed that Simmons was seen running up to the group after taking the substance and said about singing about their sneakers. The rest is the rest of history.
  15. Adi Dassler, the creator of the brand, initially didn’t intend to sell sneakers. In fact, he had completed his apprenticeship in baking prior to when he began selling track sneakers.
  16. Adidas was not named Adidas until the end of the 1940s. The name Adidas was coined when Dassler along with his father were involved in an argument. Dassler chose to keep his name Adidas and established the brand as official in 1949.
  17. Adidas filed a lawsuit against Payless ShoeSource in 2008 for making a pair of sneakers that had 4 stripes instead three. The lawsuit was eventually agreed to settle for $305 million.
  18. Adidas has offered famous BMX athletes Ryan Nyquist and Dave Mirra their own sneakers that were designed by them to help increase its popularity among BMX riders.
  19. Adidas is the main company behind Taylor Made, Rockport, and Reebok.
  20. Michael Jordan, the world-known basketball player who is a six occasion NBA champion, nearly signed to Adidas before signing his contract with Nike. Nike shoe company.
  21. Jesse Owens wore a pair of Adidas as he won the gold medal in 1936’s Summer Olympics at Munich. The competition was intended to be an opportunity to show Aryan superiority over Hitler’s fascist regime. In reality, Jesse Owens gave him an insult on the cheek by winning four gold medals while wearing German-made shoes.
  22. The Adidas Superstar was initially designed to be a basketball shoe, became loved by skateboarders in the early 90s.
  23. The first Adidas Superstars weren’t originally made in Germany However, they were produced in France. It was also the sole collection that featured a gold Trefoil on the tongue of the shoe.
  24. Adidas developed its “Adilette” sandals specifically to shield soccer players from illnesses that are spread through showers that are shared by the community.
  25. The partnership of Matt Bonner, the San Antonio Spurs Redheaded power forward, and Adidas began when Bonner expressed his displeasure on Twitter about the sneaker brand rival New Balance not sending him products in the past.
  26. Adidas’s Tubular collection of sneakers was in fact in the shape of car tires, and”the “tubular snake” originally was designed to mimic the treads of tires and their threads.
  27. An assortment of Adidas “jeans” sneakers was presented, however, interestingly they didn’t have denim. Instead, they were a pair of blue suede shoes with rubber soles.
  28. Adidas is currently the most popular brand in soccer with more than $2.7 billion in soccer revenue in 2014.
  29. Horst Dassler Adi Dassler’s nephew was the person who initially sought out gold medalist Mark Spitz to wear his shoes. Because Mark Spitz training gear was too bulky to display the shoes He decided to put them in his palms to provide the shoes with greater visibility.
  30. The division among the Dassler brothers could be result of an interesting miscommunication in World War 2. Evidently, Adi as well as his spouse decided to the bomb shelter of his brother when Rudolf yelled “the dirty b *****ds are back again” in reference to the allied forces. However, Rudolf his brother believed that he was talking about Adi along with his parents. The two eventually parted after eight years of the incident.

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After many years of being second-best against Nike, Adidas is slowly but surely, getting its groove back, returning to the market for youth throughout the United States and the world.

The brand is now recognized for its unique style and design. It is getting back to its best times in the 1980s.

One thing that is certain will be that Adidas as an organization is never going to stop growing and we can expect numerous new models that break the mold hitting the market in the near future.

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