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Enlargement of Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies, after all, are the most basic representation of the human being’s subconscious and innermost desires. Those that reveal a person’s true nature show that the real limits are in the imagination.

Inventing and dreaming them up is very easy for those spicy moments in solitude, but the drawback comes when people want to put them into practice and make them come true. A number of factors are involved.

On the one hand, embarrassment when it comes to expressing and admitting them out loud. What will people think when they hear it? And that is not the only barrier, it’s important to find another person to share things such as the price of the accessories used, the availability of the escorts in Adelaide if you need their services, etc. Not to mention those who don’t even know what their own sexual fantasies are.

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That is why it is always advisable to leave taboos, prejudices, and complexes aside in order to really enjoy. But firstly, it is necessary to experiment with things to identify what is most enjoyable. It would be easier to start with the typical ones, among which are:

Having a threesome: With two other girls or guys, it has small variations depending on age and gender, but basically, it’s very simple.

Uniforms: Who doesn’t get turned on by the sight of a sexy nurse, a pizza delivery boy, a plumber, a policeman, a military man…? And so on.

Domination: Try and change roles. Be dominant and have the power over another person or, on the other hand, let yourself be led to obey and be submissive.

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Sex with strangers: Who hasn’t had a crazy night? After a couple of drinks, a bit of chatting, maybe some suggestive dance moves and…. the spark is there. The next day is another day. 

In public places: The uncertainty of being discovered or seen by anyone. The curiosity and the heat of complicity, mixed with the danger and the forbidden, can end up in a very passionate encounter.

However, fantasies are constantly changing and evolving, especially thanks to new technologies and inventions that open up a new world of possibilities day after day. Do people want the same things now as they did 50 years ago? The answer is very quick and simple. No.

Just as younger siblings get things done earlier than older ones, the new generations fulfill sexual fantasies earlier than their predecessors. It is a fact that they have a different mentality and have grown up in full sexual liberalization. This is demonstrated by the wide range of real escorts in London.

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Generation Z, those born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, have grown up in the midst of several factors that have helped them to be the way they are:

  • Development and reaffirmation of feminism: The figure and body of women are normalized and empowered. The women stopped being “the weaker sex” to achieve the legalization of abortion, to decide about their own bodies, and the virtualization of messages all over the world such as “No is no” and “You are the rapist.” 
  • Access to the internet: thanks to this, the whole world is interconnected. Social networks, in particular, have played a big role. Being able to know what is happening thousands of kilometers away or getting more likes than anyone else. Nowadays, it has practically become a necessity, the limits of privacy are blurred by sharing every task performed. 
  • The great expansion of televisions, smartphones, and cinemas: It is now normal to have these devices in every home, and even more than one. They are also capable of doing more and more things.
  • Dissemination of information on sexual health and contraceptive methods: These things begin to gain importance in order to avoid the high number of contagions and reduce their danger. Thus, there was an increase in lectures, publication of content on the Internet, and normality in the debate about sex in public. All this, without the need to go through the “trauma” that this conversation with the parents used to represent to many people.
  • Reaffirmation and acceptance of the LGBT movement: The achievement and celebration of the legalization of same-sex marriage in many countries.
  • Relativisation of the concept of marriage: it used to be seen as a big event, something important and for life. Now, however, love is freer and understood differently. It is no longer a compulsory step in life after studying and finding a job.
  • The popularity of influencers is on the rise: those people who have made a career out of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook… Those who are noticed by brands make a living out of recording videos, taking selfies, or traveling to upload them on the internet.
  • Dating apps: With the boom of apps like Tinder, Generation Z was closer to coming of age in their late teens. So they were easily dazzled and a perfect target audience for creators. 
  • Normalization of sexualization in series, films, and advertisements.: They have grown up in a favorable environment that has allowed them to leave behind complexes and taboos that previous generations have learned. However, this does not mean that they cannot get rid of them. 

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Sexuality is a very important part of everyone’s life and should be lived and experienced in one’s own way, with freedom and acceptance of the true nature of the human body.

Ru is an entertainment nerd who likes to spill the beans about what's happening in the entertainment industry. She comes up with well-researched articles so that you can "Netflix and Chill." Come join her as she has a lot to tell her readers.


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