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15 Encanto Facts You’ve Never Heard

What of this excellent Encanto information did you have in your head, and how many of them were completely new? Take a look and find out everything you can about Disney’s enchanting 60th animation feature!

Encanto is the brand-new Disney amazing film about the Madrigal family and their unique abilities! The music is just one of the many scrapped characters.

Here are 15 amazing Encanto facts you did not know! If you like this article, check out the Disney webpage here! What do you find out Which Encanto Character You Are? If you’re looking for even more South American fun, try our South American Capitals Quiz!

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Encanto Facts

1. It’s about a wonderful family

Encanto is about Mirabel as performed by Stephanie Beatriz and her family, which includes all who were gifted with supernatural powers- but not Mirabel! This film is about Mirabel as she seeks to figure out her powers, why she’s not able to use them, and what the word “family” is about.

2. The Music is composed by Lin Manuel Miranda

The reason why the songs are so memorable is due to their composer Lin Manuel Miranda. In addition to his huge hit Hamilton, You may recognize Miranda’s name in Moana that he composed his music!

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3. A real tale inspires it

The magic house, However, the animators and filmmakers were careful to incorporate plenty of their memories and experiences into the film to ensure that it was authentically Colombian.

4. This is Disney’s 60th animated movie

It’s true, Disney has now released 60 animated feature films! The first included Snow White, way back in 1937, more than the past 80 years! This doesn’t even include the Pixar films, which means there are many more Disney films to be found altogether!

5. The story is set in Colombia

This film takes place in Colombia, Colombia, a South American country, and has a large number of Colombian and Colombian-American actors. The film draws much of its visual inspiration from Colombian folklore, culture, and the past!

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6. It’s been for a long time making

The film was made over five years. This isn’t uncommon when it comes to animated movies. The directors wanted to make sure they got all cultural elements right, so they took time to research and make.

7. It’s the only Disney film to have a non-English title.

Yes, and the final title, Saludos Amigos, was released in 1942! Disney was looking to create a Spanish title since the word itself doesn’t translate directly to Spanish, and they did not want to get rid of any meaning by using an English title.

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8. Encanto is the Spanish word for ‘Charm.’ Spanish

It could also be described as “Magic” or “Enchantment” or ‘Enchantment,’ which refers to the family of magical names it is a part of! It could also be used to refer to “Sweetheart!”

9. It includes a variety of well-known voices

In addition to Stephanie Beatriz, the film has the voices of famous stars like John Leguizamo, Dianne Guerrero, and Alan Tudyk in the role of the voice of a toucan! The film also has well-known Colombian and US artists like Mauro Castillo and Adassa!

10. Family members from other families were taken away

The Madrigal family originally included additional members with more advanced abilities, such as the child who could tell the future, a girl with the ability to control fire, and twins that we’re able to project auras! But, as the Madrigal family was already quite large (and consequently very complicated for animators), the directors chose to remove the characters.

11. Lin Manuel Miranda says it is set within the same world as Moana

According to Miranda, who was involved in both films, they are part of the same universe, but nobody else at Disney can confirm this! Which do you think? Is there an upcoming crossover film?

12. Covid made filmmaking difficult

In the beginning, Disney was planning several travels to Colombia to allow animators to be inspired; however, the covid19 epidemic caused this to be a challenge. Instead, animators were offered the virtual tour of Colombia to stimulate their imaginations. They eventually got to travel to Colombia in real life too!

13. The film’s making process was highly hidden

The film’s makers wanted to be sure that the film was completely right and was extremely secretive during the production process by releasing only a tiny amount of promotional materials before the film’s release. Lin Manuel Miranda was only given a handful of plot details to assist him in writing the songs since Disney did not want spoilers to leak!

14. Stephanie Beatriz wasn’t going to play Mirabel at first

Stephanie Beatriz is perhaps best famous for her character of a gruff cop Rosa Diaz in the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and she was initially cast to play a different role in the movie. When the filmmakers noticed how cheerful and happy she was in real life, they realized she was the perfect match for Mirabel!

15. It’s award-winning

It was shortlisted for several Golden Globes and won for Best Animated Film, among other prizes! Due to covid19, it’s now available to stream online!

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