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edp445 tiktok – Banned or Active? Why so Hype?

Bryant Moreland aka EDP445, a banned YouTuber, is making a comeback on TikTok after the Super Bowl. He’s going viral because users didn’t expect to see him.

EDP455 is a comedian and internet user who has reacted to the Philadelphia Eagles games. This content creator has been viral many times, particularly when his Eagles team suffered heartbreak.

After Moreland was allegedly trying to meet with a 13 year-old girl, his YouTube channel was blocked and his social media accounts deleted, in April 2021.

EDP disappeared from the internet since then. Rumours circulated that he was currently in prison. He was finally seen on TikTok after Super Bowl LVI. This shocked users who recognized him.
His iconic reactions have made the Eagles fan viral over the years.

The YouTuber banned from posting videos of the game between Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals was back before the game, using the username edp445theog.

Although a few clips got a few views, it was his reaction to the Rams defeating the Bengals that brought him back to attention. The clip had over four million views as of the writing.

Commenters were shocked to see him back and many asked how he had returned to the internet. One asked, “Bruh! How are you on my For You Page?” Another replied, “Ain’t no way that this is real,” while another asked: “How are you not banned here?”

Some viewers wondered if EDP was making a comeback or if someone had made a mess of old videos. EDP replied that it would not last long if it’s him.

His latest video discusses different aspects of the game and the halftime show. This dispels rumors that they are old videos being mangled up.

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