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Ecdysterone in Food vs. Supplements

Ecdysterone, in essence, is a naturally-occurring hormone that is commonly found in trees and animals. However, according to some people, if you ingest it, it can boost your strength and athletic performance to some extent. And, it doesn’t affect your body as well.

Nonetheless, another group of people denies the aforementioned fact entirely. Instead, they say that the product is yet to be tested on humans. So, it’s impossible to say if it’s good or not.

So, who’s telling the truth?

Well, in short, it’s hard to say. After all, both groups of people are quite right from their own viewpoint. However, if we’re being honest, Ecdysterone is healthy for your body.

Keep reading to know more about it.

Defining Ecdysterone – What Is It, Really?

Ecdysterone in Food vs. Supplements

An ecdysterone, in essence, is a type of ecdysteroid that can develop masculine traits in a person or animal. For instance, it’s capable of muscle and hair growth, deepening your voice to some extent, and boosting your core strength too. The benefits of the same include –

  • It can increase the blood flow in your body massively. It, in turn, can lower the total amount of cholesterol in your body and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  • Ecdysterone is known to improve the health of your pancreas and stomach. Therefore, if taken regularly, it can also help you control your blood sugar level.
  • If you exercise while taking Ecdysterone as a pre-workout supplement, it can improve your core strength and endurance as well.
  • Ecdysterone can stimulate the overall production of nitric oxide in your body while you are working out. Therefore, your stamina and energy can increase massively.
  • The aforesaid product can also prompt protein synthesis in your body. Therefore, it’ll be easier for you to gain more strength and work accordingly.

In addition to these, Ecdysterone can also relieve osteoporosis and help with the regeneration of your liver. Hence, indirectly, it can increase your overall lifespan as well. However, we’ll need more content and research on these before we can confirm that they’re true.

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Food Or Supplement – How Should You Take It?

When it comes to taking ecdysterone, most people tend to opt for a supplement. And while doing so, they completely ignore the fact that the hormone can also be found in food.

And, we don’t blame them, to be honest.

After all, when talking about an ecdysterone supplement product, you can simply consume it by mixing the same in water. It’s just a one-second task that can be done by almost anyone.

However, you cannot say the same thing when it comes to food. In this case, you must cook it accordingly before considering eating or doing anything with it.

Nonetheless, if you ask us, we’ll still encourage you to eat food instead of completely relying upon a supplement product. Why?

Well, with a supplement, you can certainly get what you’re looking for – ecdysterone. They’re much easier to make as well, as you don’t have to spend too much time preparing them.

Nevertheless, they usually focus on bringing in only a single aspect or benefit to your body. It can’t offer you the additional nutrition that a vegetable comes with.

So, in our opinion, you should definitely use a supplement or two for the development of the body. But, we’ll still ask you to include a vegetable or two in your diet.

The Idealmost Source Of Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone is primarily found in vegetables rather than fruits. Please keep reading this blog till the end to know more about them.

  • Spinach, in essence, is an excellent source of ecdysterone and protein. Nevertheless, the overall amount of the same tends to be a pretty low per bite.
  • Quinoa is yet another vegetable that can be considered a brilliant source of the aforesaid product. It can also help you keep your blood sugar level in control.

The Final Say

When it comes to taking Ecdysterone, using a supplement product should be the best course of action for everyone. However, if you want to add a bit more to your diet, you can add a vegetable or two to your list. It should be enough for you to get the amount of protein and Ecdysteroid you’re looking for.


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