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Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts | 8 Drinks with low calories by Dutch Bros

If you’re looking for the most healthy, low-calorie beverage option, Dutch Bros might be just what you’re seeking. Read more Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts here!

The key to success in a Dutch Bros run is to stay clear of drinks like that of the classic Dutch Caramelizer and Annihilator, which contain a lot of calories. Instead, opt for low-calorie drinks alternatives such as cold cup of coffee or tea that is not sweet.

Selecting a healthier option for your drink will not only reduce your waistline it will also supply your body with antioxidants, energy minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep you going throughout your day.

It’s simple to pick your favorite Cotton Candy Dutch Frost but take it easy on yourself by choosing something that has lower calories.

Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts

The next time you’re in Dutch Bros, try one of these drinks that are low in calories.

The Low Calorie Drinks at Dutch Bros

1. Infused Nitro Cold Brew Kicker

The very first low-calorie drink that you can purchase in Dutch Bros is the 170 calories cold Brew Kicker.

Concocted using Irish Cream, this drink provides you with 3g of protein.

Take this next time you’re in a coffee shop.

2. Americano

The most nutritious and low-calorie beverage that you can get in Dutch Bros is the Americano Coffee.

The drink only gives you two calories. Whip cream adds 120 calories to the drink.

There’s nothing more basic in the menu other than the one you’re eating (besides drinking water).

3. Double Iced Tea from Rainbro

An excellent method to get a dose of antioxidants into your system is by drinking a cup Dutch Bros Double Rainbro iced tea.

The perfect drink for a refreshing afternoon can provide you with only 180 calories.

Serve this alongside a fresh salad and you’ll be on the right track to a healthier day.

4. Peach Hot Tea

Another drink that is low in calories can be Dutch Bros peach hot tea.

This drink with 100 calories is the perfect way for a quick start to your day.

Take this drink and you’ll feel like you’ve made the right choice to help you get throughout the entire day.

5. Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade Iced or Blended

The next item on the checklist on this list Dutch Bros drink options is the strawberry lemonade made of pineapple.

Make sure to serve this drink chilled or blended according to your preference.

In addition, the drink will only give you 230 calories, which is enough to keep your day going in the correct direction.

Also, read Vitamin Water Nutrition Facts!!

6. Tropical Iced Tea

Another low-calorie iced Tea alternative is this tropical-flavored one.

With just 170 calories The refreshing drink can make your evening twice as enjoyable.

Drink this next time you’re there at Dutch Bros.

7. Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew

An excellent cold brew choice includes Toasted White Mocha cold brew. Toasted White Mocha cold brew.

The drink will only cost you around 180 calories and it comes with a delicious flavor.

It’s among the best cold-brew options available that they offer.

8. Passion Iced Tea with Fruit

The final low-calorie Iced tea available offered by Dutch Bros is this Passion Fruit version.

Take advantage of this offer for just 160 calories added to your daily intake.

It’s the perfect mid-afternoon drink. healthy drink with antioxidants.

Summary: Drinks with low calories at Dutch Bros

If you visit the coffee shop such as Dutch Bros, you are likely to be served a variety of beverages that’re loaded with sugar and calories, but are not very nutritious. 

Explore the menu to look for beverages that have a low in calories and rich in minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants. If you are focused on improving your diet throughout your day, the more easy you’ll be able to feel energetic, shed weight, and become the most healthy person you can be.

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