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27 Lavish Dubai Facts!

A popular tourism destination Dubai is a destination that has all the things you’ll need to make it your ideal destination. Explore some Lavish Dubai Facts here!

Luxury hotels with 7 stars, modern construction, heritage tourism sites, artificial islands, and a vast range of brands for shopping, huge amusement parks that are more important than Disneyland.

To make it more exciting for you to embark on your trip to Dubai To make your trip more exciting, we’ve included some fascinating facts about Dubai which will leave you in awe.

Dubai Facts

1. Home to the World’s Tallest Building

Of course, it’s the Burj Khalifa! It’s impossible to say that Burj Khalifa in the Emirates cannot be complete without speaking about this huge towering structure. At 828 meters, it’s similar to three Eiffel Towers that are over each other. It takes over 36 people and 3 months to wash its sparkling glass façade. The structure alone holds several world records like the highest structure, the most floors, the higher observation decks, the tallest elevator service, and more.

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2. Largest Mall in the World!

Dubai Mall Dubai mall is among the largest malls in World! It covers 12 million square meters. It is home to over 1200 retail stores with 26 screens for cinemas and more than 120 restaurants and cafes.

3. “Live the thrilling adventure!”

IMG Worlds of Adventure, located in Dubai, is the biggest indoor-themed entertainment center globally! It covers an area covering 1.5 million square feet and can accommodate more than 20,000 visitors every day! The park has 17 themed rides based on the well-known Cartoon Network characters, Marvel Super Heroes, and animatronic Dinosaurs. Don’t miss out on this ride on you’re in Dubai.

4. Largest Suspended Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium Tank, with a capacity of 10 million liters, is the biggest suspension aquarium on the planet! It is located at the level below Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. It is the largest assortment of Sand Tiger Sharks in the World. The aquarium has greater than 33,000 water creatures from more than 200 species.

5. World’s Biggest Picture Frame!

Dubai has the largest image frame of any in the World. Dubai Frame, which is 492 feet tall. Dubai Frame, which is 492 feet high, is a pillar above the city’s skyline and is a well-known tourist attraction.

6. The Dubai Dino

A 155 million-year-old fossil of Diplodocus Longus, a species renowned as the Dubai Dino – is on display at Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. It is among the rare fossils in the world with almost all bones in good condition!

7. The Dubai Police Cars are Extra Fancy

The Dubai Police has way more excitement than any other police force anywhere in the World. They are equipped with a selection of exotic cars, including the luxurious Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Camaro, Mercedes, and many more. The fastest Veyron can travel up to 407 miles in just one hour! They are employed to patrol heritage sites and tourist spots.

If you spot an exotic collection of vehicles speeding by your vehicle, you shouldn’t get shocked!

8. You Can Get Paid For Losing Weight

Dubai is the best destination for those who have plans to lose weight. It sounds awkward, doesn’t it? This isn’t a good idea. Dubai Government pays each citizen 2 grams of gold in exchange for shed 2 kg of their weight. Every calorie counts!

9. Indoor Skiing!

This particular fact about Dubai will allow you to see how much potential this emirate has in the realm of dazzling the World. Skiing in a desert seems quite impossible, right? It’s likely not the case in Dubai. You can do Indoor Skiing at the Emirates Mall in Dubai.

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10. Free Services for Emiratis

Emiratis living in Dubai receive advantages such as free education, access to no-cost medical aids, and free areas to live in. After they have completed their education. As a result, Dubai Government encourages them to pursue their education. Dubai Government encourages them to find jobs to pay back the privileges granted to them. This isn’t just a fact about Dubai, but it’s a common fact across the globe. The issue about Dubai and the UAE is that non-residents cannot get citizenship. Emirati citizenship.

11. Golden Cars

Dubai is well-known for the extravagant lifestyle of its residents. It may sound unbelievable to you, but the people in Dubai own cars built out of gold. If you go to the most luxurious locations in Dubai, this kind of sight may be commonplace. Amazing right!

12. A Gathering of The World?

This knowledge about Dubai could make you want to include this incredible city on the UAE schedule if traveling shortly. Dubai Global Village is a festival that takes place during the winter months. This event aims to showcase the best of a particular country or area in a specific area, like food, handicrafts,, and clothing. Because of the wide range of shops available, it attracts thousands of people from all over the World.

13. An Ancient Village Inthe Middle of Dubai

The area in Bur Dubai is home to the city’s first heritage sightseeing attraction, Bastakia Quarter. It was built through the efforts of Persian traders in the 18th century; this picturesque monument has been preserved as it was when it was first constructed.

14. An Endless ‘Food’ Chain

The city is known for its exquisite cuisines. Have you ever wondered what diverse food choices are available? There’s not a famous food chain that doesn’t have an outlet in Dubai. This means that Dubai might be the next stop If you’re a foodie.

15. Air-Conditioned Bus Shelters

The temperature in Dubai can be as high as 50-55 degrees in mid-summer. This is why it is no surprise that the Dubai Government has provided air-conditioned shelters to those who are waiting to catch public transportation.

16. Low Crime Rate

In a place where crime increases every day, there is a city where the crime rate is zero. It’s in Dubai. Involving yourself in any criminal acts could be punished with imprisonment.

17. Zero Debt Policy

In Dubai, the law is that if someone cannot pay off dues by the deadline, the person will be considered criminal and could be sentenced to life imprisonment. It is a fact that the Dubai Government doesn’t tolerate any debt.

18. Climate-Controlled City

Dubai decides to beat the scorching summer heat by constructing its climate-controlled city dubbed ‘Mall of the Earth.’ The city’s dome will form an area of 7 kilometers for pedestrians to shop that will be air-conditioned and boast over 100 hotels, hospitals, and many more. It is expected that once completed; the mall will be regarded as one of the top tourist attractions in the World.

19. Dubai is Called the Crane Capital

You got it right. Dubai was once referred to as the”crane capital” of the World because it was home to nearly 25 percent of all cranes in the World that were based in Dubai. In the present, this percentage has dropped to 20 20%. We all are aware Dubai expands at an astounding growth rate; it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it becoming the capital of cranes once more.

20. Dubailand

If we talk about expansion in Dubai, How can we ignore this massive project called Dubailand? Dubailand can be described as an amusement park that is similar to Disneyland; however, it’s twice the size. The money needed to realize this dream is more than $65 billion. This amusement park is anticipated to be open by 2020. The city is known for having the tallest and largest anything; this information about Dubai isn’t unexpected at this point. We are curious to see what else they can create shortly!

21. Oil Makes the UAE

We’ve often heard that the economy of Dubai is made up primarily of oil sales. But, you’d be astonished to know that only 6 percent of the oil sales aid the economy of Dubai. The majority of the city’s revenue comes from tourism and real estate.

22. World’s Largest Gold Chain

Another significant aspect of Dubai, The Dubai Celebration Chain, became the World’s most expensive gold chain, having 5 km in length and a massive weight of 240kg. It was designed through the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group (DGJG) to commemorate two decades of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Its 22 Carat gold chain is a master of the art of craftsmanship. It took a total of 100 artisans to create this stunning piece of jewelry.

23. World’s First 7-Star Hotel

Burj Al Arab must be among the most beautiful structures humankind has ever seen. The imposing high-end hotel has been ranked as the fifth-highest in the World and has 321m in height. It is reminiscent of a ship’s sails and features a helipad on the roof, which is 210m above the floor. The hotel is situated on an artificial island located 280 meters away from Jumeirah beach.

24. Previously Tax-free Income

Dubai’s Government strives to raise the standard of living for its citizens. This is why it created the tax-free system, which permits everyone to earn money and save according to their needs. The tax-free system has been instrumental in the development of Dubai because of the many skilled architects, engineers, and others. Who has flocked to Dubai from around the World? Taxes in Dubai were introduced in the year 2018.

25. Large Made Islands

Everything built-in Dubai is one of the best in the World or the largest in the World. That’s the case for this artificial island constructed in 2007 at Palm Jumeirah. It is the biggest artificial island constructed throughout the entire history of mankind and extends the shoreline of Dubai by 520 kilometers. Resorts, hotels, residences, residential homes, amusement parks, call them, and Palm Jumeirah is home.

The animals commonly kept as pets are typically cats, dogs, and so on. In Dubai, pets are considered a status symbol and fashion statement for their owners. The most popular pets include the cheetah, tigers, lion,, and other large cats. Most often, these animals have a lavish life alongside their pet owners.

27. Largest Airport Terminal in the World

In fact, terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport is the biggest terminal at any airport worldwide. It’s more than a shopping center. It has a five-star hotel, the Dubai International Hotel, many apple shops, a pool fitness center, a pool, Snoozecubes and jacuzzis, and not one but two Zen gardens! This means that your stay at Dubai Airport is quite sorted.

This Dubai International Airport is also the second-busiest airport in Asia. It also boasts the fastest internet speeds of any airport anywhere in the World!

Wrap Up

After having a look at this information about Dubai, I’m sure that you will be more excited to explore this posh city and eager to discover how lavish and lavish those who live in Dubai live. So, get your luggage packed and book your flights to visit this stunning city in the middle east.

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