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Drift Hunters 2 vs. Burnout Drifts Facts

As a gamer, you know how hard it can be to find a game that you enjoy for free on the web. Most games that are challenging and make you want to play video games cost a lot.

When it comes to free online drifting games, which ones meet the standards? Here, we’ll look at two of the best drifting games and see which one is better for you. These games are made well and have fun and challenging gameplay. You won’t regret giving it a go, I promise.

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Types of Drifting Game

Drifting is a technique in driving video games, where the player as the driver intentionally oversteers, in loss of traction in all tires or the rear wheels, while struggling to maintain the control and driving the car through the track’s corners. In these games, the car drifting happens when the rear slip angle is massive compared to the front slip angle, often the front wheels of the vehicle are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn.

Many professional drifters now drift digitally in their leisure time to keep an eye on things. Arcade races, on the other hand, are designed to be picked up and started sliding in minutes, making them ideal for a relaxing Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.

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Drift Hunters 2

 Drift Hunters 2, a free to play online game, is the sequel of Drift Hunters where you drive cars around in 3D and try to stay on the tracks while drifting. So as the new sequel, the game really has delivered on its promise and is awe-inspiring. Make smooth drifts on five beautiful courses to get the greatest possible score.

There is a lot more physics in the sequel, so you can go on strolls for a long time. It’s fun to race your custom-built cars on a number of different of hard race tracks. It’s also possible to change your car’s performance in this way. Make an effort to set up the right conditions for drifting to be successful. To make the car look different, you can also change its color.

There are a lot of different wheels and bodies to choose from. With 25 cars to choose from, Drift Hunters 2 lets you earn money to buy more. People can run races on a lot of different types of roads. If you love different types of tracks like classic race tracks, city race tracks, and drift around them, this is a perfect game.

The PC version of Drift Hunters 2 is completely free to download and play. In order to play the game, you don’t need to download anything. If you’re looking for something to get your adrenaline rush on, check out Drift Hunters 2.

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Burnout Drift 

Burnout Drift is a great game for people who like to race cars and drift. It’s possible to change the suspension and body angle, as well as other things, before you go to the track and race. You can also change the color and design of the wheels and paint on your car. On three different courses, drifting can be done in different weather conditions and on different types of roads.

It’s easy to drift on these tracks because there are lots of hairpin turns and long, wide curves. As you play the game, you’ll get points for each good drift you make. It gets better as you drift longer, but if you hit the road, the score multiplier goes back to zero. So be careful! Coins that you earn during a race can be used to improve your car or buy new, more powerful super cars.

All of the parts of the car have been carefully thought out to give you a unique driving experience. When you get to the garage, you’ll find that your car can do almost anything. In most racing games, you won’t be able to change how the car behaves in any way.

Because of that, Burnout Drift doesn’t have this problem. This is because it has these options so that you can have a unique trip based on what you want to do. The best way to get the most out of drifting is to play around with different settings on your car and see which works best for you. 

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Comparing Drift Hunters 2 vs. Burnout Drifts

Drift Hunters 2 and Burnout Drifts are very similar to each other when it comes to gameplay and the skills you need to perform. Both of these games will allow you to drift around bends at breakneck speeds and demonstrate to the rest of the world how it’s done. You can also make your cars look the way you want. Driving a drift car for a living is another way to make money.

However, Drift Hunters 2 has better cars all around. And the next game is more difficult and realistic than the Burnout Drifts game. In these simple games, there’s only one thing you can do, and that’s drift around. As far as I know, drifting is more difficult in Drift Hunters 2 than in Burnout Drifts. Now, choose your favorite car and log in to the drifting server with your username.

How to play Burnout Drift?

There are 2 ways: You can make your own room or play with others or just play normally. Here’s how to play the game


WASD or Arrow Keys: Throttle/Brake/Steering

Spacebar: Handbrake


C: Change Camera

B: Look Back

Q/E/Z: Indicators

L: Low beam lights

K: High beam lights

How to play Drift Hunters 2

Use your keyboard’s cursor keys to control your drift car while you fight on the track.

UP: Gas

DOWN: Brake

LEFT: Steer left

RIGHT: Steer right

SPACEBAR: Hand brake

C: Change camera

LEFT SHIFT: Shift up gear

LEFT CTRL: Shift down gear

What are the fastest cars?

The fastest cars in Burnout Drift are the Nissan GTR Nismo and the Stunning Dodge Challenger. On the other hand, the best overall car in Drift Hunters is the Porsche 911. Feel the power of this drift monster when you open it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to play these drifting games on the internet. The game can be played online or on your device. You’ll have a good time, no matter what device you use.

Drift Hunters 2 is a better game than Burnout Drift. It has unique physics and better gameplay than Burnout Drift. However, it’s up to you to decide. We hope we are able to help you to make a decision to get the best game for you to download.

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