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Dove Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

Chocolates Dove, which was the creation of Greek immigrant Leo Stefanos, made its debut in 1939 under the name of”the “Dove Bar,” an Ice cream bar that was encased in an exquisite silky chocolate coating. Read Dove Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts here!

In 1986, as per, M&M/Mars acquired Dove and developed into the vast selection of chocolates that are now available in various kinds. 

One of the products known as dark chocolate been added to the list of a handful of foods that are known to fight free-radicals. These are the substances in the body which are associated with a variety of illnesses.

Dove Dark Chocolate Significance

Chocolate’s central ingredient, cocoa, comes from plants grown in parts of South America where it has become a tool for economic growth in otherwise poverty-stricken countries, according to 

Dark chocolate gained a lot of attention because nutritionists realized that cocoa contains antioxidant and disease-fighting properties. How much cocoa contained in dark chocolate determines how efficient its antioxidant power is. 

To achieve this, Mars has patented a procedure, “Cocoapro“, which assures that the brand’s Dark Chocolate retains much of its beneficial cocoa flavenols an antioxidant found in plants.

Dove Dark Chocolate Types

Dove chocolates come in various types, like simple chocolate bars and nuggets containing coatings, fillings, and mix-ins for ice-cream, and gourmet chocolates with a variety of flavors. 

Milk chocolate, which is the sweeter version typically has more sugars, and contains less flavenols. Dark chocolate, which is made of semi-sweet cocoa solids and chocolate, comes in various varieties, however it is the “silky singles bar” and the “promises” miniatures contain pure dark chocolate.

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Dove Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

Dove Dark Chocolate according to the calculated in 5 pieces from”the “promises,” contains 210 calories 13 grams total fat eight grams saturated fat zero grams of trans fat 5 milligrams cholesterol 19 grams of sugars, and zero milligrams of sodium as per 

It also contains 21,2 grams of carbohydrates total 2, 2 grams of diet fiber three grams of protein, and 4.5% of RDA for iron and calcium. The sister version, “silky smooth dark chocolate singles,” offers similar nutrients. 

For a bar of 37 grams contains 190 calories and 12 grams total fat seven grams saturated fat 0 grams trans fat 5 grams cholesterol 17 grams sugars, and zero milligrams of sodium. The singles have the equivalent of 22 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of diet fiber two grams of protein, and 6 percent iron RDA.


A common rating for the antioxidant content of foods is determined by the capacity of oxygen radical absorption or ORAC The lowest value starts at 1. This ORAC score for chocolate that is dark is 246.0 is higher than milk chocolate that measures 72.0. 

The reason for this is the higher quantity of cocoa found in dark chocolate. says the fact that Dove dark chocolates rank the highest in cocoa content along with Hershey’s, Ghiradelli, Kroger and Nestle brands. Dove dark chocolate contains an abundance of flavonoid antioxidants. This is the chemical responsible for halting the growth of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


The antioxidant content of foods gives hope to eating foods with Dove dark chocolate to fight illnesses. In order to maintain a healthy diet it is essential to limit calories as well as cholesterol, fat and sugar. Minerals and vitamins should have significant amounts of the RDA recommended daily allowance. 

Dove dark chocolates are one of those food items when consumed in moderate amounts. The suggests eating between three and five Dove small “promises” five times a week as well as”silky singles” or “silky singles bar,” provides antioxidant benefits similar to those found in red wine, green tea fruits, and nuts.

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