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Dog Facts For Kids

If you’re planning on welcoming a new addition to your family or simply wish to teach your child everything about the man’s best friend, The following information regarding dogs may help. Children generally get along with dogs, and, normally, your child is fascinated by their favorite companions. Here are some interesting facts about dogs that are handy for your child’s curiosity.

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Fun and Interesting Dog Facts for Kids

These are interesting dog facts that kids will enjoy:

  1. There are more than 400 breeds of dogs worldwide and around 400 million dogs across the world.
  2. Dogs possess a superior sense of smell, around 1 million times more powerful than the human sense of smell.
  3. Dogs also can hear sounds from a considerable distance away, around four times more than humans. Their hearing is 10 times better than humans.
  4. The dog’s muscles are 18 that they utilize to move their ears.
  5. The pads of dogs sweat on their paws and through their noses.
  6. Dogs than stationary objects more easily spot moving objects.
  7. Dogs have superior night vision to humans because of a unique layer behind their eyes that reflects light.
  8. Each dog has its nose print, just as humans have distinctive fingerprints.
  9. Contrary to popular belief, dogs aren’t color blind. They just do not recognize a broad range of vivid colors like humans.
  10. A dog that is average in size is thought to be smarter than the age of
  11. Dogs pant when they are hot, as it assists in circulating air throughout their bodies and helps cool them down.

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Incredible Facts About Puppies

They are adorable all through their lives. However, they are most adorable when they’re younger than six months old. Here is some fascinating information about puppies.

  1. Puppy puppies are born with a sealed yes and cannot see for at most two weeks.
  2. Hearing is developed in puppies just after six weeks.
  3. Puppies learn to walk from the age of 2 to 5 weeks.
  4. The first set of teeth called milk resent in puppies is only visible six weeks after birth. They will eventually fall out as permanent teeth replace them.
  5. Puppies can be asleep for at least 19 hours a day
  6. Touch is something that puppies acquire from the moment they are born.
  7. The puppies should be with their mothers during the first 8 weeks following the birth. This will allow the mother to keep them warm and feed them.
  8. They also require vaccinations following birth, similar to humans.
  9. Puppy dogs are considered adult dogs when they reach one.
  10. If your dog has gotten a grip on something you would like to return, Do not chase him. The best option is clear and eludes him. He’ll think it’s like a game and try to escape you, allowing you the time to regain the things you’d like

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Guide or Service Dog Specifics

Dogs that guide and serve assist those who have special requirements, both physical and emotional. Below are some fascinating facts that you must know about them.

  1. Guide dogs go through rigorous routines for about one full year before they are adopted by families in need.
  2. They must pass an examination before being taken to their families.
  3. They are usually vision dogs for those who cannot see or have low vision.
  4. Guide dogs are taught to focus exclusively on their pet and to ignore any other animals in the vicinity. This means that it will not eat anything that is provided to it.
  5. Breeds of specific breeds such as Labradors are considered the most effective guide dogs since they are easy to train.
  6. Guide dogs are taught to follow a straight line across the road without obstacles.
  7. They won’t turn around in a corner unless they are instructed to
  8. Guide dog dogs have been trained to lead their pet through the traffic. They know the right time to stop and when it is appropriate to get moving.
  9. They can also measure the width and height to avoid the other person from bumping their shoulders or heads.
  10. Guide dogs receive specific permission in various public spaces, including hospitals, restaurants, offices, and more. They can also travel internationally or domestically by train, flights, buses, trains, etc.
  11. An adult guide dog gets removed after 8 to 10 years of service.

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Information About Police Dogs

Dogs serve a variety of reasons in police forces to search for explosives, drugs, contraband, and other items. Here are some interesting facts about police dogs.

  1. The Greeks, Persians, Babylonians, and Assyrians were the first to utilize dogs to aid the police.
  2. Since dogs have a superior ability to smell, dogs can smell bombs, drugs, weapons that humans cannot smell.
  3. All police dogs undergo an intense training program before they become a force member.
  4. K-9 officers are the only ones who are permitted to handle police dogs. Each dog is paired with an officer, and they work together until the dog is retired.
  5. Police dogs share a home with K-9 officers.
  6. German Shepherds are often trained to become police dogs.
  7. The police dogs have been trained by the law to look frightening even when they growl or bark.
  8. Police dogs trained to sniff out explosives and bombs are also trained how to handle the emergency and alert their handler to the whereabouts of the explosive.
  9. A tracking dog of the police can be used to track criminals with their scent.
  10. A police dog cadaver has been trained to detect and follow dead bodies.

Different Species Of Dogs

There are more than 400 breeds of dogs around the world. Here are a few of the most well-known breeds.


These dogs are consistently the most sought-after because of their calming personality. They are also very simple to train and are great guide dogs.

German Shepherd

These magnificent dogs are loyal and smart. They are also brave. They are often utilized by military or police forces to assist in rescue and search actions.

Golden Retriever

The furry dogs are the perfect example of kindness. They are loyal, focused on pleasing their owners, and simply are water lovers.

English Bulldog

They can appear intimidating because of their appearance. However, they’re extremely affectionate and will snuggle with you throughout the day.


They are extremely loyal to their families, extremely protective, and excellent watchdogs. They also enjoy the outdoors, and they are their very best themselves when there is plenty of space to play.

French Bulldog

They are dogs with a family background that do well with children and are extremely close to their human owners. They are also likely to get along with other dogs.


They love to socialize and be active. They also enjoyed the water and were bred to retrieve waterfowl while hunting.


Their devotion to their owners is unparalleled. They are intelligent and can be excellent watchdogs. They can also be trained efficiently since they’re determined to please you.

Yorkshire Terrier

They love being admired and are extremely committed to their owners, nearly to the point that they dislike strangers. True terriers by nature. They love to chase cats and squirrels.


These dogs are very active and possess a calming temperament that is hard not to fall in love with. They’re also extremely smart and can be trained very quickly.

Dogs are very trustworthy and can help us live happier lives. It’s a shame they are only around for an extremely short period, ranging from 10-14 years. But, in their brief time, they’re capable of bringing such happiness that it’s just right that children get an opportunity to share in that joy too.

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