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Does Enzo Die In Stranger Things?

Maybe or Maybe Not. To fully understand this, we need to know what took place. Who is Enzo initially? It’s true. Enzo is not his first name. His initials “Enzo” refers to the restaurant in which Joyce and Hopper were scheduled to dine for dinner after the conclusion of the third season of Stranger Things season 3. What do you think, Does Enzo Die In Stranger Things?

However, things turned out to be a disaster, and the plans were canceled. The identity of this man “Enzo” was Dimitri Antonov. He is a security guard in the Russian prison in which Hopper is a prisoner. Enzo serves as a middleman to help Hopper get out of the prison.

A Short Recap

The directors have introduced numerous new characters in the premiere of Stranger Things season 4. In the background, Dimitri, also known as Enzo, will also appear as a brand new character. We saw an appearance from this character in season 3 of Stranger Things.

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Although Enzo isn’t the primary character in Stranger Things, he sure is an important one. In the third season of Stranger Things, we got an indication that Hopper was alive. In season 4 of Stranger Things, we learned that he was held in the Russian prison, which was a classified zone. Hopper has an odd acquaintance in the Russian jail who aids Hopper in escaping his Russian prison.

The Fourth Season

In the initial episodes of Stranger Things season 4, part 1. We observe Joyce receiving a strange Russian doll sent to her by an unknown sender. Joyce was confused by the beauty and decided to take the doll in and pay an appearance to the man known as Murray Bauman.

He suggests Joyce break her doll, and after Joyce smashes the beauty, she finds a note hidden in the doll. In the letter, Hopper was informed that Hopper is alive and currently being held as a prisoner in the Russian prison. In the note, a mobile phone number was mentioned. Joyce was instructed to dial the number. Joyce dials the number, and she connects to the man identified as Enzo, who informs Joyce she was right that Hopper was alive.

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Enzo informs Joyce on how to get in touch with Hopper, and Enzo requests Joyce to collect the cash from the ex-police chief of Hawkins that was put aside for Eleven. Joyce was asked to transfer the money to Enzo’s coworker, Yuri, living in Alaska. Then Enzo realizes that he’s been in a double-cross with his friend Yuri from Alaska.

Yuri got greedy and took the money away from Joyce and told the Russians about the fact that Enzo was aiding Hopper to escape prison to ensure that Hopper’s Russian government could pay Yuri. Then Enzo was dismissed from his position as prison security. He was placed in the same prison as a prisoner. Hopper was not able to get out of the prison.

The Escape Plan

The prisoners of the secret Russian jail were offered an exquisite full-course meal and were puzzled about why this happened in prison. Then Hopper, Enzo, and the other prisoners learned that they were eating their last meal and were scheduled to be served as a meal for Demogorgon, that was a Russian kept hidden in that prison. Hopper decides to do something in the meantime when he finds bottles of alcohol and lighters that they will be using to fight Demogorgon because Fire is Demogorgon’s weakness.

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When the Russians began providing food to Demogorgon, the prisoners suffered the loss of their lives. But, it was because Demogorgon ate them up. While they were in the process, Joyce and Murray managed to get into the prison where Hopper was being held. He was a prisoner. Joyce will unlock the gates to the prison, and prisoners are freed. Joyce and Hoppers will be back together in the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. However, we aren’t sure about the fate of Enzo and his companions.


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