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Does Choji Die Fighting Jirobo In Naruto?

Choji Akimichi is part of the well-known Ino-Shika Cho trio. As a shinobi leaf, Choji has completed numerous missions with success. Some are easy, while others are challenging, and others are life-threatening. So, how often does Choji lose her life on any of these life-threatening missions?

No, Choji does not die in Naruto, Shippuden or in Boruto series. He was even in close-to-death situations just once. He survived. Therefore, he isn’t killed in Naruto or his own Boruto universe. We witnessed him near the edge of dying during 113-114, his fight with Jirobo.

In the article, we’ll inform you about Choji and his fight with Jirobo, If he dies during the fight or not, and many other concerns.

Who is Choji?

Choji is a shinobi from Leaf Village. Its clan name is Akimichi. The father of his son is Choza Akimichi. Akimichi clan is known for their expansion of Jutsu and its various variations. This makes them distinct from other clans.

Choji is a foodie who loves to eat. He loves food. Yakiniku and other foods. He’ll never give you the last bite of his snack, alongside being an integral aspect of his character and a vital component of their famous expansion Jutsu.

He is a gentle soul. He has a fire-like spirit inside. Choji’s most significant turning point was when his teacher Asuma passed away, and Choji had to battle the resurrection of Asuma during the Ninja battle.

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Does Choji Die Fighting Jirobo In Naruto?

As a ninja, you’ll have to undertake various difficult tasks. Life and death scenarios are not as uncommon as they can get. The more risky mission a person undertakes, the more likely he is to be closer to the point of death. For Choji, the man was involved in these dangerous tasks.

the mission Shikamaru has to fulfill

When Sasuke went to Orochimaru to boost his power, he was accompanied by four Ninjas who sounded. A newly-appointed Hokage Tsunade was given Shikamaru an assignment to bring Sasuke home to his village.

Shikamaru Shikamaru Naruto, Choji, Kiba, Neji and went to bring Sasuke back. On their way back, they came across Jirobo. Jirobo locked them in an Earth-like barrier: Earth prison.

Jirobo was drinking their chakra throughout the obstacle. However, after a while, with Chioji’s insight and Shikamaru’s Expansion Jutsu, Human bolder Jutsu, they were free and escaped from this trap.

Choji insists that everyone allow him to stay and fight Jirobo. The other fighters should be able to catch Sasuke. He said to Shikamaru that he’d meet them again later.

Jirobo at first tried to stop others from leaving in the meantime. Choji took Choji’s Green Spinach Pill to end Jirobo. The real battle in the middle between Jirobo and Choji starts.

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Choji vs. Jirobo

In the course of the fight, Jirobo could dominate and insult Choji. Jirobo insulted Choji and claimed that he’s always been mocked. Jirobo claimed that his teammates and friends had abandoned him. The team leader Shikamaru is not a reputable leader. They are all losers.

Choji was enraged by Girobo’s insinuations and decided to take his green pills. After taking the green pill, his body was filled with enormous chakra. He fought Jirobo using super¬†growth Jutsu.

He could not keep pace with Jirobo when Jirobo was entering his second phase. Jirobo completely absorbed Choji’s chakra. There was no other way to do it. Choji took a bite of that red pill. It was the powerful one. He was 100 times stronger after he activated his Butterfly technique. Then he beat Jirobo in just one blow.

But all pills that perform effectively always have adverse negative effects. Choji was very ill from the side effects of the pills and began to lose his sense of self because the dead cells in his body were increasing.

In episode 114, it appeared as if he had died. However, episode 135 showed that Tsunade helped him by administering Choji’s secret medicine. Nara family’s medicine. It helped save Choji’s life.

Does Jirobo die?

The truth is that Jirobo was killed at the hand of Choji. Jirobo exceeded his limits when he insulted Choji and then ate his snack the last bite. Choji was enraged at Jirobo’s conduct and shot Jirobo with the power of Choji’s Akimichi clan’s weapon of choice, called the Red pill.

Choji vs. Asuma

Choji was forced to battle his teacher Asuma Sarutobi on the field. We all know that Kabuto revived the powerful Shinobi in the five villages to take on the Shinobi alliance.

This included Asuma as well. Additionally, Choji and his two fellow teammates, Shikamaru Asuma and Ino, were also there. Choji had to fight for his life at first, but he could not beat the former coach.

But, with the assistance of his friends and his comrades, he pushed by and sealed Asuma Sarutobi.

Choji vs. Tendo Pain

His father, Choza Akimichi Choji, and two other leaf ninjas gathered to help Kakashi. While Kakashi was fighting Tendo Pain, Choji was present to assist Kakashi mostly. Since the plan of attack didn’t work out as planned, Kakashi failed to kill Tendo Pain using his Raikiri.

At the very last moment, when Pain was using Shinra Tenshin, Choza was forced to cover his son’s body to help the boy. If he had not done that, he could be dead at the moment.

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The answer is no. Choji did not die in Naruto. Choji fought the Sound Ninja in the battle of his life and overcame one the Sound ninja. He later battled with Tendo Pain. He fought numerous enemies during the Fourth Great Ninja War. But he didn’t die during the show.

We’ve seen him in Boruto safely and healthily. He is in a very happy family today. He’s now a responsible dad and is now a responsible dad. So the question “does Choji pass away’ can be addressed by a thorough explanation.

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