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11 Weird and Disgusting Facts About Animals

The World is full of amazing animals that are just amazing. There are also animals that look a bit terrifying as well as bizarre and scary in ways that may make you sleep less peacefully on Friday the 13th. From blood-squirting animals to adorable killer sea otters, many creepy behaviors in nature are far more terrifying than the supernatural.

1. This frog could take your life with just a stroke.

The golden poison dart Frog (Phyllobates Terribilis) is about the size of a paperclip… But do not be fooled by its small size! The frog’s skin is coated with an enthalpy toxin, which renders the victims’ muscles and nerves unresponsive and causes death. The frog’s body contains around one milligram of poison, enough to kill 10 to 20 people if it is absorbed into their victims’ bloodstreams.

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2. The species isn’t given the name ‘Black Death’ because of.

Cape buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) are extremely dangerous due to their unpredictable behavior. This, along with their incredible physical strength and toughness, can destroy prey in a matter of seconds. They follow as they circle around their quarry prior to taking off at speeds of up to 56 kilometers an hour. So, you’ll need to get your head down if you see one peering towards you in the African Savanna grasses.

3. Lizards can literally squirt blood out of their eyes.

At most, seven species of horned Lizard (Phrynosoma) can aim and release blood from their eyes. They block blood flow towards their head until pressure rises, breaking the vessels within their eyelids. They use this as a defense mechanism to confuse their predators. Freaky!

4. Meerkats are actually baby-killing animals.

If you believed that your family’s interactions were bizarre, You’ve never seen anything. Meerkats, the dominant species (Suricata suricatta) in a clan, are in charge of breeding and killing off their non-her own children to ensure that their own offspring have the greatest likelihood of survival.

5. Australia has the most venomous marine creature in the World.

The biggest box jellyfish (Chironex Flinteri) is common in the northern oceans of Australia (lucky we). Its sting could trigger a cardiac collapse in victims. With tentacles that reach three meters in size and a maximum of three meters, it’s not advisable to swim with these creatures during summer vacations.

6. One slip of your foot and you’re dead, these deadly snails.

Although they look stunning, Cone snails (Conus) are known for the most painful and fatal’stings’. They release a harpoon which could cause muscle paralysis as well as respiratory failure. Also known as the ‘cigarette snail,’ the victims are believed to have only enough time to smoke cigarettes before they die.

7. It is more likely that cows will kill you than sharks.

You read that right. Every year, more people die from being kicked or stepped upon by the cow. It is also believed that all cows in the World are simultaneously facing the same direction when they graze. What’s that about an idea of conspiracy? (Now that’s spooky).

8. Black widows hungry for food, the mating process = cannibalism.

Female black widow spiders typically eat their male partners during mating.

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9. Sea otters are just adorable. However, they can be quite aggressive killers.

Reports have shown that these adorable sea otters (Enhydra Lutris) are known to be serial predators. When males get together, they will grab females and then nip their faces. It’s not the best way to start a relationship.

10. The bats are key to sucking your blood.

They are aptly referred to as vampire bats, the most popular one that feeds exclusively from the blood of animals, which includes humans. They will find a warm area on your skin and will, bite it, and then make an incision using their sharp teeth and swathe up blood that has escaped from the wound. Be sure to stay clear of dark alleyways during the dark.

11. The ‘Parasite Of the Year’ prize is awarded to…

Cymothoa exigua, also referred to as the tongue-eating louse, is a parasite that attaches to a fish’s tongue and feeds off blood vessels. The tongue eventually disappears, and the Parasite clings to the remaining tissue and forms the fish’s tongue. Isn’t nature wonderful?

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