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Diet Cranberry Juice Nutrition Facts

Diet, the juice of cranberries, is a nutritious beverage made from 100 percent natural fruit that is it is served with no added chemicals or sugar.

It is important to understand that Diet Cranberry Juice Nutrition Facts is distinct from regular cranberry juice.

It’s low in calories and geared more toward serving people eating a healthy diet. There are also no preservatives added to it, unlike the regular juice of cranberries.

Diet cranberry juice doesn’t just taste great, but it also has numerous benefits to your well-being and health. Let’s talk about the many benefits of drinking juice.

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Diet Cranberry Juice Nutrition Facts

Fats and Calories

Drinking diet-friendly cranberry juice is typically a better option as it has fewer calories and can improve your overall health. A cup of juice can contain just five calories. In contrast that a cup of ordinary cranberry juice is nearly 116 calories. That’s a significant distinction. When you try to justify the fat content of both kinds of liquids if so, this makes one regular cup of cranberry juice equal to nearly 23 regular cranberry juice cups.

Every person must drink a minimum of 64oz of water throughout the day. You could replace some of it or all portions with juices. If you intend to consume the entire 64 oz, i.e., eight cups of diet-grade cranberry juice, your daily calorie intake is around 40. If you decide to consume 64oz of regular juice, you’ll easily consume about 928 calories.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutritional element for the growth and repair of tissues in the body. It also assists in creating a vital protein that creates collagen and blood vessels. This is why vitamin C aids in fighting a range of illnesses and helps with many of them. For instance, it can help lower blood pressure, prevent Gout attacks, reduce iron deficiency, and boost immunity levels. It also aids in combating more severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Both regular and diet cranberry juice aid in increasing the levels of vitamin C; however, the amount is different. Regular cranberry juice is adequate to provide 31% of your daily intake, while diet cranberry juice can provide the entire intake.

Always consult your doctor in case of serious and extreme ailments before giving patients cranberry juice.

It prevents urinary tract infections.

UTIs are getting more common and are causing many issues for women. Drinking cranberry juice on a diet is thought to be a successful treatment of UTIs or, at the very least, cure it temporarily. The cranberries are rich in proanthocyanins which experts believe can help fight and prevent UTIs. Proanthocyanins prevent bacteria’s growth, so they can’t spread and create an infection.

But, no research is being conducted about the link between cranberry juice and UTIs. Many experts believe that cranberry juice has no effect on the prevention of UTIs. They believe that cranberries possess similar effects to antibiotics, but it’s more costly.

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Heart health

The cranberries are compounds known as polyphenols that significantly reduce chronic inflammation. Polyphenols help keep circulation and blood pressure in good shape and prevent inflammation from causing damage to them. In turn, they improve circulation and help prevent heart ailments. So, drinking a diet of cranberry juice will significantly reduce inflammation and improve the condition of your heart.

Studies have repeatedly shown that regular users of the juice of cranberries have managed to maintain their cholesterol levels. Furthermore, there have been studies that showed an improvement in the health of those suffering from coronary artery disease due to the consumption of cranberry juice.

Digestive health

Polyphenols help protect you from heart disease and enhance your digestion. For instance, the antioxidants in cranberry juice limit Helicobacter Pylori production, which is a bacterium that can cause stomach ulcers.

Consuming cranberry juice regularly can stop H pylori from getting beyond control.

It is a good choice for pregnant women.

It is widely known that diet cranberry juices are abundant in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. It is a must-have for pregnant women are essential to keep their health and that of their babies in good shape. A cup of cranberry juice in a diet will supply the woman with enough iron, calcium, and vitamin C. All of this can ensure that their blood pressure levels do not increase. They aren’t infected with Eclampsia which can lead to premature birth.

The prevention of kidney stones

The most important benefit of drinking a diet cranberry juice is that it assists in kidney stones prevention. It helps dilute oxalate and phosphorous, which are the primary cause of kidney stones.

As we’ve mentioned, the consumption of Cranberry juice can increase calcium in your body. This decreases the amount of oxalate present in your body. This helps prevent the formation of stones from damaging the kidneys.

Top 3 Diet Cranberry Juice Brands

  1. Ocean Spray 100% juice Unsweetened Cranberry

Ocean Spray is the most popular brand that produces pure, unsweetened cranberry juice. This juice comes from more than 900 fresh cranberry fruit and contains no preservatives added.

Ocean Spray has won the American Culinary Chef’s most coveted award in the flavored fruit juices category. It is enhancing its authenticity.

  1. Lakewood pure Pure cranberry juice

The juice is 100 percent pure. It is made of cranberries that have been sucked out of the bog. There are no extra preservatives or additives. Since it doesn’t contain added sugars or other chemicals, it is the most acidic, bitter flavor. A majority of people drink Lakewood’s cranberry drink for medicinal motives.

If you want to drink something refreshing, you could mix it with other juices to lessen the bitterness and add sugar.

  1. All Natural Organic Cranberry Concentrate

The cranberry juice works more as a nutritional supplement than a refreshing drink. It’s 100% sugar-free and has no other liquids. The moisture is naturally rich, so you need to dilute it using water before drinking it. If you are planning to drink it in the form of a juice, it is recommended to dilute it using water in an amount of 3:1.

Overall, it’s an extremely healthy cleanser, filling, and cleansing drink that will provide your body with numerous benefits.

Does it worth the Diet Cranberry Juice Worth It?

Cranberries are a nutritious fruit with numerous advantages. But, there isn’t enough research to determine the real effect of combining diet-based cranberry juice with other medications. Beyond that, there are also certain negative effects to be aware of.

Anyone using any of the following drugs and medications should avoid drinking cranberry juice as there is a risk of triggering reactions.

  • amoxicillin
  • cefaclor
  • midazolam
  • flurbiprofen
  • diclofenac

However, you should consult your doctor to determine whether the effects of cranberry juice are on you in any way or not.


Diet cranberry juice is extremely effective and helps in maintaining health standards. Alongside the advantages mentioned earlier, diet cranberry juice can also be extremely beneficial for weight loss.

Medical professionals and doctors recommend only adults and older children consume the juice. If parents wish to feed their children the juice of cranberries, they should make sure to do it in small portions and extremely cautiously.

While regular cranberry juice has many benefits and advantages, diet cranberry juice is the ideal option. It is free of any preservatives and therefore has little or any risk of causing harm to your health.

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