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Demon Slayer Facts

Demon Slayer can be described as among the most popular hits to be released throughout the years of anime shonen. The manga is amazing in its own right. However, the incredible adaptation created by Ufotable has left fans stunned. The graphics featured in Demon Slayer are in a league of their own as every fight comes complete that is accompanied by incredible animation that truly captivates.

Of course, it is helpful that the characters in the series are also quite likable as individuals, and the Main Character of the show is very notable in this respect. Tanjiro may not have the best original shonen-based anime protagonist, but he gets the job done without much fuss. Here are some fascinating facts about the Character that fans aren’t aware of.

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Demon Slayer Facts

Tanjiro’s Forehead is Hard Straight from His Mom’s

The fans of Demon Slayer would’ve noticed that Tanjiro has a very tough forehead. His habit of headbutting his opponents frequently makes his forehead a striking weapon, though it’s used mostly for comical reasons.

It is believed that Tanjiro’s tough forehead is genetic. The trait was passed down via his mom’s lineage, which means that Tanjiro also had an element of his mother within his body and was robust.

He is able to understand what Birds Are Saying.

Tanjiro is, without a doubt, extremely tranquil and down-to-earth individuals around. His vivacious personality can cause anyone to form an immediate bond with this budding Demon Slayer.

In reality, Tanjiro is so pure of heart that he may even hear what the birds surrounding him are saying! Many people may think this is a stretch in the wrong direction, yet it aligns with his personality.

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Tanjiro is a very light Sleeper.

For someone who works physically and pushes his body to its limits more often than not, It’s amazing to see how light a sleeper Tanjiro is. He’s one of the first to get up in the morning and is easily awakened at the slightest hint of influence.

The only one who could give Tanjiro an edge for his money when waking up in the morning was Kyojuro Rengoku. Unfortunately, the Flame Hashira died after an intense fight with Akaza.

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He’s Unable To Sing to save his life.

Tanjiro is a young man with numerous talents. But singing is not one of them.

The Character is repeatedly shown in Demon Slayer that the character cannot sing or recognize the tone that will help save his life. The tone-deafness of his Character has never caused any major problems for him in his battles. Therefore, it’s perhaps not a big issue that he cannot use this ability.

His keen sense of Smell implies that his village could rely on him to Find missing people.

Tanjiro has a sharp ear that allows him to see an idea of where he is and detect dangers by a single sniff. It’s definitely an unusual skill that could be used to create the comic effect, and it certainly is; however, it has been a huge help in securing his safety most of the time.

In reality, the people living around him in the village also had the smell sense. This resulted in Tanjiro, the village’s detective, who could use his acute scent to locate those who were missing from the town.

He’s found members of His Family In Death More Than Once

The premiere wasted no time revealing how blood-sucking demons truly are and ended with Tanjiro returning to a damaged home and an older sister who’s been shattered by her own humanity. This isn’t the first time Tanjiro returned to his village only to find his family members dying.

Tanjiro is the very first to learn that his mother and father were close to dying in the past by his keen nose; he gave their death a glance. He also was able to inform another family from the village about a family member in their family that was dying as well!

The Rising Sun Earrings are banned in China and South Korea.

Tanjiro’s design for his Character is very iconic, and his Rising Sun earrings are especially distinctive. But, the style of the earrings is prohibited in some countries, including China as well as South Korea.

This is due to the fact that it is because the image that represents”the Rising Sun is still associated with the crimes that Japanese Japanese committed throughout this World War. So Tanjiro’s earrings bear symbols that represents The Sun Disc flag instead.

Tanjiro is a brilliant judge Of Character

Many people believe Tanjiro is a bit ignorant, and he certainly appears to be at times. But, Tanjiro only trusts the people who he considers to be good people, which is a judgment that works nearly all of the time.

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It’s amazing how Tanjiro is able to determine the moral Character of someone by giving them praise for a short time. He became acquaintances along with Inozuke along with Zenitsu after concluding that they were decent individuals within a matter of minutes of having met them!

His Name In Itself Is The Kanji for Charcoal

Tanjiro’s family was known to trade in charcoal, which is the reason Tanjiro was not present on the tragic day of Muzan massacred all his family members. His family’s history is forever written in his name.

The first kanji of the name “tan” refers to the Japanese world of charcoal. This is in conjunction with the two other names he has, “Ji” (to heal) and “ro” (son).

He’s Not Able to Maintain a straight face when He’s lying.

With the pure heart, Tanjiro has been, it’s difficult to imagine him being any deceitful act… perhaps when it comes to the adversaries! Indeed, his noble Character can be observed by the fact that Tanjiro is adamant about avoiding the notion of lying when the need occurs.

It’s not possible to expect Tanjiro to be honest while maintaining his sane face because Tanjiro is unable to find the ability within himself to deceive people. It’s normal to think that the majority of people would not notice Tanjiro because of his character flaws; however, his stoic nature and unwavering morals do more than make up for his lack of street-smarts.

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