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Delicious Canes Nutrition Facts!!

Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, also known as Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, is a fast-casual American restaurant. In 1996, Todd Graves founded the chain in Louisiana with Craig Silvey. Read more Canes nutrition facts below!

Although the restaurant is known for its chicken fingers, it also offers other options like coleslaw, fries, and sandwiches. Raising Cane’s offers junk food, but has it made any changes to improve its nutrition? Let’s find the answer.

Canes Nutrition Facts And Menü

Raising Cane’s main dish is chicken fingers. Unlike Red Lobster’s, raising Cane’s doesn’t offer dishes other than chicken fingers, which focuses on their specialties. Only 6 dishes are available on the restaurant’s limited menu, all of which include chicken fingers. The combos include crinkle-cut fries and Raising Cane’s sauce. They also come with chicken fingers, toast, coleslaw and a soda.

This menu contains almost all Raising Cane’s menu options. This menu does not include the Tailgates item.

Raising Cane’s also offers Tailgates, where you can order bulk chicken fingers. Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are available in sizes 25, 50, 75, and 100. Each order includes Raising Cane’s sauce.

Raising Cane’s nutrition.

Raising Cane’s food is not very nutritious. The value of a fast-food establishment’s nutrition is not in its food but in its ability to provide healthier options for its customers. Outback, a restaurant chain that achieves this goal, complements its less nutritious steak with many healthy food options.

Not a single meal is <1000 calorie dishes

Raising Cane’s food has a high-calorie count. No single combination, except for the kids’, is below 1000kcal. The main entree, chicken fingers, has a high carbohydrate and calorie count. Raising Cane’s finger is 130kcal. Raising Cane’s sauce has 190 calories per serving. Raising Cane’s sauce is high in calories. You can choose to use a lower-calorie sauce such as ketchup instead. Coleslaw has 100kcal per portion and is low in calories.

Raising Cane’s drinks have 140-180kcal for a regular size portion. There are also zero-calorie drinks available. These drinks can be substituted for high-calorie ones. You can skip these if you don’t feel the need for a drink.

Raising Canes is not a ketogenic zone

Raising Cane’s combos have high carbohydrate content because they come with crinkle-cut fries and no other side options. Breading the fingers increase the carb content by 0-5g per finger. A plate of 4 to 5 would contain 20-25g carbs from the chicken fingers alone. Raising Cane’s cannot provide a single meal for those on a low-carb diet. Except for artificially sweetened teas or sodas.

Drinks made from raising cane are high in carbs, especially sugar.

All Raising Cane’s foods contain close to zero grams of fibre.

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How much protein can chicken fingers contain?

Raising Cane’s food contains a lot of protein because it includes chicken. The protein has over 1000Kcals and as much as 100g of fat. The Raising Cane food is high in protein, but it does not make up for the poor nutritional quality.

Raising Cane’s fat, GMO, high-processing and trans fat

Raising Cane uses Canola Oil to fry their chicken fingers and other food. Canola oil can be used for human consumption, but some people prefer to avoid it due to its high processing. Canola oil is often made from GMOs. GMOs account for more than 90% of canola oil.

Raising Cane’s combos have high-fat content. The lowest has 54g, and the highest is 104g. Although the combos have a low amount of saturated fat, they contain some trans fats. Even in small amounts, trans fats should not be consumed.

What is Raising Cane’s Nutrition Score out of 5?

Raising cane gets a 2 out 5. The 2 is because they clearly state the calorie contents next to each combo on the menu. There is little to no benefit to Raising Cane’s nutrition.

The food lacks any nutritional value other than calories and macronutrients. Except for coleslaw, the restaurant doesn’t offer any other salads. Raising Cane’s will not provide any significant micronutrients. Raising Cane’s differs from other restaurants that serve meat-based dishes as their signature dish. To reduce trans fats, the restaurant might consider using a different oil to fry the food.

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