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DAO Crypto Facts

DAOs allow you to collaborate with like-minded people worldwide safely and effectively. Have a look at these important DAO Crypto Facts below!

It can be thought of as an internet-native company owned and managed collectively by its members. They have their treasuries, which no one can access without approval from the group. Voting and proposals are used to make decisions. This ensures that everyone has an opportunity to speak.

No CEO can approve spending independently, and there is no way for a dodgy accountant to manipulate the books. Everything is open to the public, and the DAO’s code sets out the spending rules.

DAO Crypto Facts

Trusting someone to run an organization that will involve funding and money is a big deal. It isn’t easy to trust someone you have only interacted with online. DAOs are transparent and easily verifiable. You don’t have to trust anyone in the group.

This opens up many new possibilities for global coordination and collaboration.

Examples of DAO

Here are some examples of DAOs that might help you understand this concept better:

  • A charity is a group that accepts donations and membership from any person. The group can choose how to spend the donations.
  • You could also create a freelancer network. This would allow you to pool your funds to purchase office space and software subscriptions.
  • Ventures and grants – You could create a venture capital fund that pools investment capital and votes for ventures to back. Repaid money can be later redistributed among DAO members.

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DAO membership

DAO membership can be arranged in different ways. The membership can determine the DAO’s voting system and other important parts.

Membership token-based

The token being used determines whether or not it is fully permissible. These governance tokens can usually be traded on a decentralized exchange permissionless. Other tokens must be obtained by providing liquidity or other proof-of-work. To vote, you must hold the token.

It is used to control large decentralized protocols or tokens.

Membership based on shares

While share-based DAOs require more permission, they are still open to all. Prospective members may submit a proposal for membership to the DAO. Usually, this will include a tribute in tokens or work. The shares represent ownership and voting rights. Any member can leave at any time, along with their share of the Treasury.

This is typically used to create close-knit, human-centric organizations such as charities, worker collectives, investment clubs, and worker collectives. Also can govern tokens and protocols.

What is the working principle of DAOs?

Smart contracts are the backbone of any DAO. The contract is the foundation of the DAO and holds the group’s treasure. The contract can only be modified by voting once it is made live on Ethereum. Any attempt to do anything that isn’t covered by the rules or logic of the code will fail. The smart contract also defines the Treasury so that no one can spend money without approval from the group. This allows DAOs to operate without the need for a central authority. Instead, the group decides collectively, and all payments are authorized automatically when votes are passed.

Smart contracts can be tampered with once they are life on Ethereum. Because everything is publicly accessible, you can’t edit the code (the DAOs rules).

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Ethereum and DAOs

Ethereum is the ideal foundation for DAOs, for many reasons.

  • Ethereum’s consensus is distributed enough to allow organizations to trust it.
  • Smart contract code cannot be changed once it is life, even by its owner. This allows the DAOs to follow the rules it was programmed with.
  • Smart contracts allow you to send/receive money. To manage group funds, you will need to trust an intermediary.
  • The Ethereum community has shown to be more cooperative than competitive, allowing better practices and support systems to emerge quickly.


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