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CS:GO Best Karambit Skins

It is no secret that knives are very popular in CS:GO. A player with a knife moves faster than with other weapons and can do a lot of damage, but it’s hard to use it for killing. Only professional killers can use knives effectively. No unnecessary sounds or movements: just one hit in the right place and the victim is eliminated. There are many types of knives in CS:GO. But today we will talk about the best skins for Karambit.

Karambit is a knife with a curved blade. The knife is held on the back of the handle with the index finger or thumb in a ring. The blade and its end point in different directions. If you are looking for the best CSGO Karambit skins, here are our suggestions:

Best Karambit Skins

Karambit | Doppler (Factory New)

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This beautiful skin was added to the game on 8 January 2015. Many marketplaces also use the name Karambit Waves for this kind of skin: it has a beautiful gradient on the blade, starting from dark shades of gray and finishing bloody-red. As for the rarity, this skin belongs to the Secret group. It can also drop in one of the three Chrome cases. Still, if you want to buy or sell it beneficially, the price fluctuates between $630 and $1,000.

Karambit | Fade (Factory New)

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This is another famous skin that probably every player wants in their collection. It was added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on 14 August 2013. Marble pink colors of different shades attract numerous players. Just like the previous item, it belongs to the Secret group of weapons. However, you can also try your chances in one of the following cases:

  • Operation Phoenix Weapon Case;
  • Revolver Case;
  • Operation Vanguard Weapon Case;
  • Operation Bravo Case;
  • eSports Winter Case 2013.

The price for this item on popular marketplaces starts from $1,365 and can increase up to $2,100. 

Karambit | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)


This item looks really unusual with its golden blade and tiger-like brown lines. After the skin was added to the game on 8 January 2015 it gained immediate popularity among CS:GO fans. Just like the previous skins, it belongs to the Secret weapon rarity group. Also, it can drop in one of the Chrome cases. If you don’t use your Tiger Tooth skin, you can also sell it at a favorable price, starting from $650. 

 Karambit | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

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There is no need to say how much CS:GO players like this incredible skin: it has a truly beautiful shining silver blade, which reflects sunlight like a mirror. It appeared in the game on 8 January 2015, with a rarity status of Secret. You can expect it to drop in one of the Chrome cases, but the probability is very small. The price for this popular Karambit skin starts from $400. 

Karambit | Bright Water (Factory New)


What do you expect from a skin named Bright Water? It really looks like it was hidden in the secret depths of the sea with its navy-blue camouflage design. It also appeared in the game on 8 January 2015, and belongs to the Secret rarity class of weapons. In case you expect to get it for free, you can try your chances with the Chrome Case 2. The price on the marketplaces starts from $350.

This was our list of top five skins for the Karambit knife in CS:GO. Which design of Karambit skins do you prefer? Share your top five wish list with us in the comments.


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