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20+ Cool Bug Facts!!

“When I was still a kid, in the front yard to my parent’s home was a bush that was home to the gorgeous ladybirds. I would sit on the wall to catch ladybirds in all kinds of shades,” he says. Want to know more cool bug facts and stories?

“My favorite bug is the Hornet,” Chris says to us. “They’re amazing predators of insects. When you watch them hunt, and they’re like flying predators like tigers. Also, they look stunning in their coloring and pattern.”

“It’s essential for kids to explore the bug life in their garden because it’s been proven that being connected to nature makes you happier.”

Incredibly, new research from Shopping Centers has revealed that one out of six children hasn’t encountered a bug in the past six months!

Yikes! Hey, gang! We’re going to learn the reasons insects are so fascinating in our top 25 cool bug facts!

Cool Bug Facts!!

  1. Houseflies can detect sugar through their feet that are 10 times more sensitive than human tongues.
  2. Ticks range from the size of grains of rice up and can reach the height of the size of a marble.
  3. Around 2,000 silkworm cocoons are needed to make one kilogram of silk.
  4. In taking food for the family, Bees can fly as far as 60 miles in a single day.
  5. Ants can lift and carry up to 50 times the weight of their body.
  6. Mexican Jumping Beans that are often being sold commercially actually include an insect caterpillar moth within.
  7. It takes approximately 100 Monarch Butterflies to weigh one ounce.
  8. As the carcasses of millions of cattle started to ruin the landscape in Australia, Dung beetles were introduced to ease the situation.
  9. Wasps that feed on fermenting juices are reported to be “drunk and then pass out.
  10. The queen of a specific termite species can lay up to 40,000 eggs each day.
  11. Honeybees must make around 10 million trips to collect enough nectar to allow for one pound of honey.
  12. Insects have existed for more than 350 million years, but humans have been around for just 300,000 years.
  13. Blowflies are the earliest kind of insect to be attracted by the carcass of an animal after the death of an animal.
  14. The phrase “honeymoon” came from the Middle Ages when a newlywed couple was rewarded with a sufficient amount of honey to keep them going for at least the initial month during their marriage life.
  15. To endure the harsh cold of winter, Insects replace their body fluids with a substance called glycerol. This chemical serves in the role of the “antifreeze” against the temperatures.
  16. There are about the same number of kinds of Ants (8,800) in the world as bird species (9,000) around the globe.
  17. The male silk moth is estimated to “smell” chemicals of female silk moths in the air at the ratio of a few hundred molecules among 25 quintillions molecules in a cubic cm of air.
  18. True flies possess only one set of wings or, sometimes, none whatsoever. The second set of “wings” is reduced to the organs of balance called halteres.
  19. There are around 91,000 different types (species) of insect species found in the United States. Around the world, around 1.5 million distinct kinds (species) were identified.
  20. Vladimir Nabokov, a famous Russian writer, has collected butterflies. He later identified as an entirely new subspecies the Kamer Blue Butterfly from the pine barrens of the Northeast United States.
  21. A specific Hawk Moth caterpillar from Brazil is frightened and raises its head to inflate its thorax, making it appear like the head of an animal.
  22. A third of all insects are carnivores, and the majority are hunting for food rather than eating decaying flesh or excrement.

Wrapping Up:

There are a lot of interesting items you will discover when you go on a bug hunt in your backyard!

“You can find everything from ladybirds, bees, and beetles, such as the stag beetle,” Chris Packham says.

What are your thoughts on these fascinating and cool bug facts? Tell us in the comments below!!

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