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10 Amazing Computer Science Facts

What image comes to your mind when you think about computer science? Like most people, the image of a person programming in a darkened room is what you see. Computer science may seem like it’s all about complicated math and numbers. Computer science facts may surprise you.

Computer scientists tend to be more interested in theory, while computer engineers are focused on developing software and hardware. Computer science encompasses many subjects and careers.

This article will discuss some of the most interesting facts about computer science, including job prospects, interesting statistics, and surprising skills. We also touch on historical facts.

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Computer science is a key component of creative space and other industries.
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  1. Computer Science is a Booming Market
    It takes dedication and hard work to earn a degree in computer science. It’s important to understand what might happen once you have graduated. Computer scientists can work in many industries. Because the world is increasingly dependent on technology and computers, this is why computer scientists are so important.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual growth rate for computer science is 16%. Computer scientists can hold many job titles, including software developer, computer and IT systems manager, programmer, web developer, and more.

  1. It is a very high-paying job
    Important to remember that these careers are highly lucrative. The degree can lead to the highest-paid positions among all undergraduate degrees.

In 2019, the national average wage for American workers was $47,060. Computer science jobs often start at twice that amount. The average salary of a software developer was $105,590 in 2018.

It is a highly sought-after degree that offers high salaries and a wide range of positions in computer science.

Equipment for motion graphics animation

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  1. There are many career paths available
    Computer science can lead to many career opportunities and industries. These include software development and information technology positions, but not just the obvious ones.

These include artistic pursuits such as movie animation. Computer graphics and animation can also be used to create animation. Movies are increasingly using 3D graphics and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Computer science is a great career choice if you dream of working behind the scenes to bring images to life.

Research and development in the entire computing industry is another interesting option. People are needed to develop, grow and innovate hardware and systems. Computer scientists who do research and development can make a difference.

  1. Famous People Do It Too
    Computer science majors are why many of your favorite celebrities and industry leaders have earned their stripes. Some may seem obvious, such as Mark Zuckerberg (CEO & Founder of Facebook). Forbes’ youngest self-made millionaire was Mark Zuckerberg, who at 23 earned the title. Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix), and Sergey Brin (CEO of Google), are two other famous people who have strong connections between computer science and current positions.

Many celebrities have studied computer science or are currently studying coding. Although Chris Bosh and Jimmy Fallon did not complete their degrees, both have degrees in the field and are proficient coders. Karlie Kloss, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel model, codes and shares her coding work often on Instagram.

  1. You Can Specialize
    A bachelor’s degree is required for most jobs in the field. A master’s degree is possible in computer science. However, you can specialize further by obtaining a master’s. You will be able to touch on many topics, such as algorithms, programming, and bioinformatics. Software engineering can also be used for computer policy.

Degree programs can vary depending on where you live and your enrollment status. You can also earn computer science degrees online. This allows you to work from anywhere. The University of the People offers a bachelor’s and associate degree in the field. You don’t have to pay tuition for our degrees, so nothing to lose.

  1. The Field is Still dominated by Men
    Computer science is still dominated largely by men. There will be approximately 1.7 million STEM jobs in the next few years. These positions will be filled by more men. This trend begins early in education. This is illustrated by the fact that, even though girls are more likely to take AP (Advanced Placement) tests in high school, men still have a 4:1 advantage over women in AP Computer Science testing.

The field’s growth is also evident. Applications software developers are the largest STEM occupation. Computer support specialists and system analysts account for more than half a million jobs.

Three universities offer computer science education: Stanford University – United States, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Oxford – United Kingdom.

  1. Computer Scientists are not Alone
    Computer scientists are rarely able to work alone. They must be in touch with internal and external stakeholders, regardless of whether they are working for private companies, public agencies, government agencies, the entertainment sector, or themselves. Clients are included!

Communication is, therefore, key. Communication is key. Computer scientists might even be teachers. In such cases, patience and communication are essential.

  1. It’s More Than Math
    It is important to understand that this field encompasses more than just science and math. Even if math is not your forte, you can still study the discipline. Strong problem-solving skills and analytical skills are required for this degree.

Computer science can also be a great fit if you can use logic and understand both the big picture and details.

  1. There are endless opportunities around the world
    Computer science majors can study and work anywhere in the world. Computer science isn’t just a need in one area. There are many opportunities to work in computer science, even though there are certain areas where it is at its peak, like Silicon Valley in California.

Computer science is popular in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Greece, and Germany.

  1. The learning never stops
    Technology is constantly evolving, so there are always new ways to learn. There are always new challenges and problems. Computer science knowledge can be a great asset to the field.
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