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Computer Facts for Kids

What are you thinking about when you think about a computer? You think of all the possibilities or simply have a look at these computer facts for kids!

It can assist you with homework and games. You can also find the information you are looking for.

You can also book your next vacation using this clever and handy device.

These are some amazing facts about computers you might be amazed at.


Computer History

Who invented the computer? When was the Computer Invented

Charles Babbage, a man named Charles, invented the components that make up the modern computer. He did this between 1833-1871. Although it was the first computer to be invented, it isn’t what most people would call the computer today.

However, the first “modern” computers were only invented 120 years later.

Konrad Zuse, who invented the first computer on the planet in 1936, was also the inventor of the Z1.

He created the Z2 in 1939 as the first electronic-mechanical computer on the planet.

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Computers were thus born. These computers were built in the 1940s, were about large rooms, and used lots of electricity.

Imagine a computer that is the size of a large space. Imagine sitting in front of a computer that is the size of a large room.

Computers, as we know them today, were only made in 1980.

The first 1-gigabyte disk drive in the world was released in 1980.

It weighed in at 550 pounds (almost 227kg) and cost a staggering US$40,000. How did they transport it?

What does a computer do?

It’s a machine that takes your input and gives you information back.

You give it a command just like your dog, and it will follow the command to get you the result you desire. These are some pretty amazing machines.

A microprocessor is a computer that performs super-fast calculations. Memory is also present, which is commonly referred to as RAM.

It stores all information that you don’t need. It keeps your computer safe and secure. Computers are equipped with fans to cool them off.

Amazing Facts About Computers

Are you a fan of video games?

Two games were made in the USA in 1980, the Asteroids and Lunar Lander. These games are not familiar to many people.

Each month, over 6,000 computer viruses are distributed.

This is insane! This is crazy!

Did you know you can blink up to 20 times per minute? This is amazing! You blink only seven times per minute when you use a computer.

This is quite cool. You can see 47 signatures on the original Macintosh case. These are signatures from every member of Apple’s Macintosh Division in 1982.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made the first Apple computer from parts they had gathered from their employees.

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Facebook boasts more than two billion users. It would be the most populous country in the world if it were a country.

Garages are where HP, Google, and Microsoft started. Wow! Look at how far they have come.

Stewardesses are the longest word that you can write with one hand. Give it a shot.

When you are all grown up and work, your hands will have traveled 12.6 miles per day (about 20km).

We hope you enjoyed these super-cool computer facts.

The Words You Must Know

Electro-Mechanical Computer: A computer that runs on electricity.

A gigabyte is a unit of computer information.


The microprocessor is a computer component that manages all the information and controls what the computer does.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is where all of the information that is used every day is saved and can be accessed quickly.

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