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Chik Fil A Sauce Nutrition Facts

Have you ever thought about why Chick-fil-A sauce tastes so delicious? And why can you not simply buy one packet of the sauce? or why does it taste like honey and BBQ mustard sauce in one? I have the answers. Chick-fil-A launched their sauce named after them in 2014 and it’s been a huge success ever since. Chick-fil-A’s own blog states that it’s the sauce with the highest elegant style. To all my chic Chick-fil-A saucers Here’s what makes your sauce outstanding.

First, The Not-So-Secret Ingredients

After some digging, I learned what’s in the famous sauce of Chick-fil-A. It wasn’t too difficult to locate. Chick-fil-A provides all of their nutrition information at their site. The sauce is essentially an amalgamation made up of BBQ sauce as well as mustard however, the key ingredient that makes it different is egg yolk. The sauce’s sweetness comes from sugar, and its flavor comes from lemon and vinegar juice.

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Second, The Nutritional Information

Sorry for causing pain to you, but all good things come with costs. Chick-fil-A sauce is great because it contains 170mg sodium as well as 13g of fat. However, you already know that you’re having Chick fil-A and what are you going to gain? What’s the difference between 140 calories and 140 calories?

In reality, Chick-fil-A is trying to create healthier food options by reducing the fat content, yet keep it under wraps due to the fear that customers might be able to taste the difference. But don’t worry I still can taste the delicious fatty goodness of Chick-fil-A.

Finally, the Chick-fil-A A Sauce Song

The Chick-fil-A sauce would have to be delicious when it inspired this parody of that Florida Georgia Line song Cruise. Chick-fil-A sauce has inspired many things, from imitation recipes and even the development of their unique song. If you’ve tried Chick-fil-A sauce, you’ll know the reasons it’s so good. If you’re not explore the possibilities and taste the famous sauce.

Different options for requirements for dietary intake

The menu at Chick-fil-A can meet a variety of dietary requirements that include low-calorie and keto, low-carb (keto) and low sodium, and vegetarian.

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The following main products have less than 400 calories for each portion:

  • Egg White Grill (290 calories)
  • Chick-n-Minis (360 calories)
  • Grilled chicken sandwich (320 calories)
  • Nuggets 8-count or 12-count (250 or 350 calories)
  • 12-count or 8-count Grilled Nuggets (130 or 200 calories)
  • 3-count Chick-n-Strips (310 calories)
  • Cool Wrap (350 calories)
  • Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup (255 calories)

If you’re looking for an option for a sauce, make sure you stick with Zesty Buffalo Sauce at just 25 calories for a container.

Combine your meal with a side salad of Light Italian Dressing to add 25 calories or a Fruit Cup for an additional 60 calories.

But, be aware that all of the brands’ entree salads have greater than 400 calories for each serving, even when served with barbecued chicken. If you’re looking to eat salad, the least calorific choice can be found in the Lemon Kale Caesar Salad, which has 470 calories and dressing.

Low carb

It’s not difficult to eat low carbs also known as keto in Chick-fil-A A. Eight-count Grilled Nuggets contain only one gram of total carbs and the 12-count has 2 grams.

It is possible to add the Kale Crunch Side for an additional 8 grams of carbohydrates or choose an accompanying Salad that includes Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing for 16 grams of carbs. To reduce the amount of carbs take out the tomatoes and its Crispy Red Bell pepper.

It’s also simple to make any of these salads keto-friendly by choosing the grilling of chicken and then removing tomato, Crispy Red Bell Peppers and black beans, Seasoned Tortilla Strips, blueberries, and strawberries, apples and the granola.

Something to remember is that the dip sauces and dressings are often made with sugar added to them. Creamy dressings and sauces, although calorific, are better for keto and low-carb consumers because they have fewer carbohydrates.

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Beware of the following dressings and sauces available at Chick-fil-A If you’re on a strict keto or low carb diet:

  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Chick-fil-A Sauce
  • Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Polynesian Sauce
  • Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Sauce
  • Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette Dressing

Low salt

If you’re trying to reduce your salt intake to improve your heart health or blood pressure, you’re probably aware how difficult it can be to locate alternatives to fast foods with low sodium ( 2Trusted Source).

While Chick-fil-A has a few items on the menu that are low in sodium, these options are small.

The menu items below contain less than 600 mg sodium (salt) per serving ( 1):

  • Greek Yogurt Parfait (80 mg)
  • Eight pieces Grilled Nuggets (440 mg)
  • Medium Waffle Fries (240 mg)
  • Fruit Cup (0 mg)
  • Kale Crunch Side (140 mg)
  • Waffle Potato Chips (250 mg)
  • Bud Fruits Apple Sauce (0 mg)

The items on the Treats menu, such as milkshakes, ice cream, and cookies, are lower in sodium. But, they’re also very packed with fat, sugar, and calories ( 1).

In addition, with the exclusion of Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce, which contains 75 mg sodium in a serving, the majority of of the sauces and dressings offered at Chick-fil-A have at least 100 mg sodium in each serving and many with more than 400 mg of sodium per portion.


Although Chick-fil-A offers a lot of chicken options on their menu, it’s relatively simple to alter certain dishes to be vegetarian, particularly if you eat eggs or dairy. But, it’s not an ideal choice for vegans.

To cater to vegetarians, most suitable alternatives include those who prefer the Cool Wrap with no chicken or salads without chicken.

Particularly Cobb Salad is a good choice. Cobb Salad contains some protein from eggs and cheese, while it is also known as the Southwest Salad contains protein from cheese and black beans These are the most nutritious options should you be following a vegan lifestyle.

Is Chick-fil-A healthy?

As compared to many other fast food outlets the Chick-fil-A restaurant offers an variety of healthy choices that cater to different dietary requirements including low calorie keto, keto-friendly, and low carb vegetarian, low salt.

In addition, the chicken is high in protein. One of the major advantages of Chick-fil-A’s menu focusing on chicken is that each menu item that has chicken in it provides at minimum 15g of protein for each servingin fact, it’s greater than that in many instances.

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Protein is vital not just for growth and maintenance of muscles however, it can also help in filling your body with nutrients. This is because the body’s digestion process is slower than sugars.

But, regardless of the nutritional content of the food that Chick-fil-A offers it’s crucial to keep in mind that all of it is highly processed. Even the restaurant’s chicken grilled is a source of added ingredients.

Regardless of its nutrient amount, highly processed foods are more harmful to your health than fresh foods. This is why it’s crucial to indulge in Chick-fil-A only on occasion instead of making it a major component of your daily diet.

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