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Cheez It Nutrition Facts And Flavors

Cheez-It crackers in the original flavour are a favourite of families for a long time. There is no other brand that can match the authentic cheese flavour and the perfect crunch. Each cracker is just right for everyone to put in your mouth! Read more Cheez It Nutrition facts below!

This 45-pouch pouch is great for families who want to serve smaller, small portions for meals at home or while on the go. The amount of crackers included in each pouch is a lot and is not often found in single-serve containers.

The bag I received could help me curb my appetite for the next meal. It is an excellent addition to lunch at home or out and about. Because we’ve spent more time in the house these last few months, this bag is perfect for our entire family and since they’re individually packed, they’re great for portion control. It’s also an ideal way to serve sanitary snacks!

Cheez It Nutrition Facts And Flavours

In our most recent tasting test of snack foods, We chose Cheez-Its, the classic orange-coloured cheesy cracker that’s a staple in convenience stores and everywhere in dorm rooms.

We collected 16 flavours, including a few from the brand’s new Duoz collection, which offers flavour and texture combinations previously not seen in a Cheez-It container. We also rallied our tasters, writers and editors. These are our top choices which are ranked.

16. Italian Four Cheese

“Whoa. Too much. But then it gets better.”

“No distinct flavour, yet somehow overpowering.”

15. Extra Toasty

“Having one toasty one in a box of originals? Great. A whole box? No thank you.”

“Very plain.”

14. Duoz: Bacon & Cheddar

“The bacon flavour is surprisingly close.”

“I want to feel like I’m tasting bacon, but I’m just not.”

13. Grooves: Hot & Spicy Cheddar

“This texture is brilliant.”

“I’m really liking these grooves.”

“Why are all these ‘spicy’ ones so vinegary? It’s not hard to make a chip spicy. I’m angry at these.”

12. Duoz: Cheddar Jack and Sharp Cheddar Pretzel

“These should be called Chetzels.”

“Cheddar Jack is the winner here; pretzel is just filler.”

11. Reduced Fat White Cheddar

“Would be good in soup, but tastes like air.”

“Good crunch, mild flavor.”

10. Grooves: Zesty Cheddar Ranch

“Love the texture but it’s a bit too raunchy or too flavoured or something.”

“Very unique and different from other flavours–jarring at first, but delish!”

9. Hot & Spicy

“Not spicy at all–very Tabasco-y and vinegar-y.”

“Addictive, love the kick!”


8. Big

“Better texture than the OG, flakier.”

“Cheez-It, but more!”

“I like how they’re a bit crispier than the original.”

7. Original

“Tangy, sweet, classic Cheez-It. Love these.”

“Best at, like, the 16th one, when the Cheez-It taste coats your mouth and you don’t remember how many you’ve eaten.”

6. Made With Whole Grain

“Convincingly healthy packaging and aftertaste.”

“Flavor is slightly nutty, but still as cheddar-y as the original.”

5. Grooves: Original Cheddar

“OG flavour, but as a crispier cracker–perfect!”

“I love the texture and crispiness of these. I feel like I’m eating a Dorito and a Cheez-It at the same time and it’s a great experience.”

4. Cheddar Jack

“Tastes like mac and cheese powder.” Comment left on the comment: “What’s wrong with that, you monster?”

“Super cheesy in that great cheese way. This is what I want in a cheese powder.”

3. Duoz: Cheddar Jack and Jalapeno

“This is the piquant spicy and cheesy combination we’ve been after.”

2. Grooves: Sharp White Cheddar

“The ‘best of a Cheez-It and a chip in one’ line on the box is correct and I love these. I could eat this whole box.”

“Balanced flavor, but doesn’t taste like cheddar.”

1. Duoz: Caramel Popcorn and Cheddar — THE WINNER

“My heart is beating so fast from an extreme jolt of excitement about this amazing flavor.”

“This is perfect: salty, sweet, nice texture. We need a bigger box.”

“I wanted to hate this. I did not.”

Wrapping Up:

Hope you loved reading about these Cheez It Nutrition Facts!! Also check out Delicious Oreo Nutrition Facts!

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