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Cheese Sticks Nutrition Facts

The chance to have cookies for breakfast is something that every child dreams of. Therefore, when Cookie Crisp first hit the market shelves, it was an opportunity to make a wish come true. It’s so popular that even thinking about it after reading its name.

You’ll be hearing the wolf-like mascot of the cereal yowl, their trademark catchy slogan (via YouTube). The popular cereal is a standout among Reese’s Puffers and other cereals based on snacks, and for a period, it was in a class that was it’s own. According to Statista, in 2020, 1.7 million Americans enjoyed at least ten portions of Cookies Crisp in the entire year.

Have you ever glanced at the nutrition labels on this tin about Cheese Sticks Nutrition Facts? It’s classified as a cereal; however, the older we become, the more we realize that there must be a reason why we aren’t eating cookies every single day for breakfast.

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Cheese Sticks Nutrition Facts

Let’s examine why you should reconsider your next choice the next time you’re in the aisles for breakfast. What are Cheese Sticks Nutrition Facts?

Is Cookie Crisp the ideal option to kick off your day?

When cereal is labeled with”cookie” in its name, or the words “cookie” in its title, you’re safe to believe that eating it could mean taking some health risks. As far as scores are concerned, CheatSheet noted it “earned 47 points percent score NPI (Nutrient Profiling Index) scale, which is the highest of all cereals, but it’s not healthy at all” and listed it among the “10 worst Breakfast bowls of cereal for Children.”

The funny thing is that, as per Star Tribune, in 2009, the company cut back the sugar levels they had initially and pledged to reduce it to less than 11 grams of sugar in each portion. This implies the Cookie Crisp was worse than before and is now said to have improved. General Mills caved to consumers wanting healthier cereals and eliminated the sugar content from many cereal bowls, with Cookie Crisp among them.

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The General Mills website highlights the benefits of this cereal, including its whole grain Vitamin D and calcium content, a look at its sugar levels will show you everything you need to know. One serving of Cookie Crisp boasts 24 percent of your daily sugar consumption (and this is without milk!).

Is there any reason to require it with all the other delicious choices?

With the growing popularity of stores offering nutritious and natural foods with no added sugar, there’s been a variety of new cereals available on the shelves. If you’re a true cereal addict and can’t live for a day without it, why not consider trying something new and healthier for you? Magic Spoon has been getting lots of praise lately due to its protein-rich and low-carb products that are reported to taste delicious (via Forbes). Puffins that have been on the market for a while offer a vast selection of choices and have even made it onto Men’s Health’s list for healthier cereals.

It’s tempting to stroll through the cereal aisle, notice”cookies” or “cookies,” and then grab one, believing it’s nutritious because it’s listed as a breakfast item. But, the following time that you head to the store, be mindful and opt for something healthier instead. It doesn’t necessarily need to be egg-based, but it isn’t necessary necessarily be Cookie Crisp.

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