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Casamigos Nutrition Facts

Today, celebrities who invest in spirits-related brands have become just as regular as the stars that line Hollywood Boulevard. However, if there’s any brand that merits the world’s attention, and George Clooney is the one, it’s Casamigos.

It was the Hollywood star who ” accidentally” created the Tequila brand along with fellow friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman in 2013. In the following year, the trio decided to sell Casamigos to Diageo, the world’s largest spirits firm and took home around 250 million dollars each. The celebrity endorsements, as well as billion-dollar business agreements, are just a part of the story. Here are the eight other things you need to know about Casamigos.

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Casamigos Nutrition Facts

Casamigos Tequila
Calories: 70 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g
Casamigos Tequila, 2 .5oz

Calories: 70 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g
Casamigos, 1.5 oz

Calories: 64 •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g
Casamigos, 1 oz

Casamigos Blanco Tequila Iifym Fat Macro
Calories: 70 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 8g •Carbs: 0g
Casamigos, 1.5 oz

tequila•Protein: 0g
Calories: 69 •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g •Protein: 0g
casamigos anejo, 1 oz

Tequila Blanco
Calories: 91 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g
Casamigos, 1.5 oz

Cucumber Chile margarita
Calories: 30 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 8g
Casamigos, 2 fl oz

Pumpkin spice cocktail mixer
Calories: 90 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 23g
Casamigos, 2 oz

tequila alcohol
Calories: 69 •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 0g •Protein: 0g
Casamigos Añejo Tequila, 30 ml

Signature Margarita
Calories: 50 •Protein: 0g •Fat: 0g •Carbs: 13g
Casamigos cocktail mix, 2 oz

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As they built their respective residences in Mexico, actors and directors George Clooney and bar and restaurant billionaire Rande Gerber took the opportunity to consume the most tequila they could find. In a bar one evening, the two thought about the various bottles they had sampled. They both agreed that they hadn’t found the perfect bottle, so they chose to create their own.

Gerber explained the formula in a recent interview: “We wanted one that didn’t cause burns when consumed and that was smooth and had the perfect flavor profile. We wanted one that didn’t require us mixing — normally we consume it straight or with a glass of ice -and that we could drink all day and not get drunk at the end of each day.”

THE BRAND was a billion-dollar “ACCIDENT.”

The research took two years, in which the two sampled more than 700 recipes. While they didn’t intend to create a brand– “Casamigos began by accident as a company,” Gerber later said the tequila proved to be popular with all of their pals. Clooney and Gerber began to order more than 1,000 bottles a year from their manufacturer. They were informed that to keep purchasing bottles, they would need to obtain a license.

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In enlisting the assistance of their friends in the field of property development Mike Meldman, Clooney and Gerber leapt and introduced the brand commercially in the year 2013. A year later, Diageo bought Casamigos in a deal worth $1 billion ($700 million at the start and $300 million later, based on sales results). Clooney and Gerber continue to play active roles within the company.


Casamigos is named after the site where Clooney and Gerber constructed their Mexico residences. Meldman manages the property, and the name translates to “house for friends.”


Casamigos produces three varieties of tequila, Blanco, Reposado as well as anejo. When harvested, each is made with 100% Blue Weber agave, between 7 and 9 years old. The agave pinas are cooked over 72 hours inside brick ovens, after which they spend an average of 80 hours in fermentation (more than twice the industry standard). Tequila is then sat in barrels until bottling—two months for Blanco, seven months for the reposado, and 14 months for Anejo.

The TEQUILA drink isn’t the only one available on the menu.

In the year 2018, Casamigos added a Joven mezcal to its portfolio. In addition to being the sole non-tequila product and a mezcal-based product, it’s Casamigos, the only one that’s not bottled in transparent glass. Gerber is responsible for the matte black design. Each bottle is finished with the process of rubbing to make it distinctive.


Celebrity founders may have gained attention to the brand; however, since the brand’s launch, Casamigos’ spirits have won many gold medals in competitions for spirits, including those at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and the Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition.

Do you drink CASMIGOS? George CLOONEY personally approved your BOTTLE.

Before the bottling process, Clooney, Gerber, and the master distiller of the brand examine each batch so that the quality is maintained. (When VinePair reached out to Casamigos for credit to the master distiller unidentified, We were told that “We do not divulge that information.”)


After a night of heavy drinking tequila, Clooney and Gerber returned to Gerber’s home, at which point Clooney was able to settle in a sleeping guestroom for the duration of his stay. The next morning Clooney awoke to find Cindy Crawford (Gerber’s wife) sleeping along with Clooney. Crawford confusedly identified the heaped mattress as Gerber, and Clooney thought he’d entered his master room after having had well.

“Needless to add, we laughed at the incident,” Gerber said in a 2019 interview. “[The story was later used in one of our commercials”, Drinking Casamigos, and awake to Cindy Crawford. It could also be according to what Cindy would say”Drink Casamigos, and awake to George Clooney.'”

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