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Cafe Bustelo Nutrition Facts

All Café Bustelo is the most popular caffeine fix you can prepare in your kitchen for the coffee-lovers who have it. The name is synonymous with its intensity and richness and makes a robust drink of Joe. Art of Barista describes it as offering the intense punch of espresso using drip coffee makers.

The range of products it offers allows it to be very practical. It’s still available in the original bright canister, ideal for scooping the perfect amount to pour-overs and French press; the coffee is offered in the cult K-Cups. Art of Barista hails Cafe Bustelo’s pods as the top choice for what to buy in 2021.

If all you have to the company is its bright red and yellow cans on display at the local supermarket -or even if Cafe Bustelo is a regular fixture in your home — you might not be aware of the fascinating story behind its origins. The story begins with the creator Gregorio Menendez Bustelo.

Cafe Bustelo had a homegrown starting point with its opening in New York City. Cafe Bustelo is a favorite for a while that goes to its beginnings at the beginning of the 20th century. Gregorio Menendez Bustelo first founded his brand name around 1928. He was “inspired by Latin roots and originating from East Harlem,” according to the brand’s site. Originating from Spain, the young businessman began selling his grounds to theater patrons at the time in New York before opening his first retail store at 5th Avenue, which was named Bustelo Coffee Roasters.

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Cafe Bustelo Nutrition Facts

The popularity of the brand was and is very strong within Latino communities, specifically Cuban and Puerto Rican households. Bustelo lived for a duration in Cuba before moving to America. It was in Cuba that he had the pleasure of tasting the special espresso-style coffee they had and was determined to bring the knowledge to the States (via NBC News).

Following having achieved the popularity of their first shopfront located at Spanish Harlem, the physical product of Cafe Bustelo began to make its way into bodegas and stores throughout New York City as Bustelo personally advertised his products during the 1930s. The bold coffee was popular that it was eventually allowed to push the boundaries of other cities, like Miami, and, more recently, it is found throughout America, according to Cafe Bustelo.

Cafe Bustelo has remained open for more than 100 years.

When it was initially, Bustelo Coffee Roasters was an exciting addition to Harlem since high-end coffee was available to those living in the area, especially Cuban exiles who were enthusiastic about using espresso coffee machines to make cafecitos (Cuban espresso), According To The Cozy Coffee. Once word of mouth began to spread, coffee was a staple in people’s homes when demand increased.

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But, despite its astronomical growth in popularity over the past decade, Cafe Bustelo never once became so popular as to be affordable. With inflation, the rising prices of goods, and the surge of coffee lovers, which could have driven prices higher, Cafe Bustelo has remained an affordable and reliable coffee brand. The company was acquired in 2000.

The company was acquired from Rowland Coffee Roasted, and despite the purchase, the coffee is being sold on a scale according to Cozy Coffee. The website also states that you can purchase the grounds on the internet at just 40 cents per ounce in most supermarkets. This is only $10 for a complete one pound, which is quite affordable.

What is the taste of Cafe Bustelo taste like?

Despite being easily accessible and mass-produced, however, the taste and quality of Cafe Bustelo are still as thick and rich as in the earlier days. There are grounds for espresso and coffee made with a large quantity that may be extremely bitter or have burnt flavors (according to an article from Pure Wow). Still, Cafe Bustelo continues to boast a unique and intense flavor.

People who love the strong and intense flavor in Cafe Bustelo liken its profile to having nutty and chocolatey notes. In the words of The Cozy Coffee, because the beans are freshly roasted and do not contain any additives, the flavor shines through, and they describe it as being similar to mocha. Art of Barista furthers that Cafe Bustelo is great black; however, they suggest including a touch of brown sugar and milk to create an authentic cafecito-like flavor.

It’s important to be aware Cafe Bustelo is more potent than other coffees. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more mild flavor and using a pre-measured technique like a K-Cup, you should consider using the smallest amount of ounces that you normally use to make it less strong. If you’re using a more traditional method, such as pour-over coffee or drip coffee, remember that less is better, as per Coffee Affection. Although Cafe Bustelo recommends six ounces of cold water per cup of coffee, the user could alter the ratio in order to make your coffee less smoky.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to utilize Cafe Bustelo grounds.

Every person’s preferences for coffee are diverse. Some people might prefer just a little bit of an extremely strong coffee; others might prefer a greater quantity of java that has an easier profile. Whatever way you like to make your own coffee Cafe Bustelo can be the ideal choice due to its variety.

In accordance with these directions taken from In accordance with these guidelines from Affection Based on these guidelines from Coffee Affection, making Cafe Bustelo using the drip coffee maker is a simple and easy method of enjoying the flavor. This method is great to experiment with Cafe Bustelo if you are taking it on at first, as you can alter the number of coffee ground scoops and the amount of water to suit your preferences. They suggest using a #4 filter to achieve the most effective results. While the espresso-like end result tastes fantastic black, you may also include cream or sugar.

Cafe Bustelo is also an excellent espresso base to make at-home cappuccinos, lattes, and much more. Traditionally, it’s utilized for capacitors. However, it also works well with flavorful syrups, sweeteners of other kinds, and all kinds of milk that are frothed to make a tasty hot or cold drink.

The best way to purchase Cafe Bustelo

The most appealing aspect of Cafe Bustelo (aside from its amazing flavor and its versatility) is the ease with which to locate. Many major grocery stores sell the brand’s trademark brick packaging, canisters, and K-Cup variants. It’s also extremely popular online with retailers such as CVS, Target, and Walmart.

Another important thing to note is that there are variants of the traditional Cafe Bustelo. The decaffeinated version, as an instance, is great for obtaining the rich taste without the buzz. There’s also a range of “Sweet and Creamy” coffees, such as Dulce Del Leche instant coffee packets and Cafe con Leche in cans with a cartoon depicting Lady Bustelo Angelina, Gregorio Bustelo’s wife. According to the website of the company.

In contrast to the usual red and yellow packaging, there is a product with a black label. The product is Cafe Bustelo Supreme, which has a bigger punch since it’s made up of 100 percent Arabica beans (via Cafe Bustelo).

Whichever version you like, or how you prefer to make this drink, Cafe Bustelo has a significant history and a greater influence than you’ve ever heard. A great product is discovered every once in a while that endures for generations because it’s the most excellent. Cafe Bustelo is a prime example.

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