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Bubly Nutrition Facts

Are you looking for a refreshing cool alternative to sodas with sugar? Sparkling drinks and juices with flavor are gaining popularity in recent years to fill that market. Explore Bubly Nutrition Facts here!

Bubly has combined crisp sparkling water with fruity natural flavors to create a delightful variety of new flavors.

What are the top Bubly flavours? Most people believe that Pineapple is at the top of the list, followed by blackberry, lime, peach and grapefruit a close second to follow. Of course, it is all based on personal taste.

Do you want to switch to healthier sparkling water but aren’t sure where to begin? We’re here to guide you through our top 11 top Bubly flavors, so that you can pick the best taste for you!

Bubly Nutrition Facts

What exactly is Bubly??

Bubly is a renowned name for sparkling waters with fresh fruit flavorings that are natural. An excellent alternative to soda drinks. Bubly has no calories and contains no synthetic sweeteners.

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The amazing taste and the sweetness and naturally sweet of Bubly Sparkling Water come from natural fruit flavors.

Bubly is carbonated and produces delicious and refreshing fizz. It tastes like soda which is perfect for those looking for a sugar-free alternative!

But, some prefer not to drink carbonated beverages, So if that’s the case, then Bubly may not be the best sparkling water for you.

What is it that makes Bubly Sparkling Water So Popular?

Bubly is an excellent option if you’re trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners and sugary drinks. The fresh and fruity drink has no sugar, sweeteners as well as calories.

It’s not packed with flavor. It is, because the clever folks at Bubly have discovered the best combination with naturally-flavored fruit flavors to create refreshing drinks!

There’s no way of knowing the type of Bubly Sparkling Water you will like the most since they all differ in taste. We hope our top eleven listing and descriptions below will aid you in picking a favorite or two – or perhaps test them all?

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The Flavors

The delicious taste and the natural sweetness that Bubly Sparkling Water comes from natural fruit flavors. Fresh-tasting, soft fizzy drinks are free of sweeteners or sugars..

Bubly is different from other sparkling waters made from fresh ingredients because it doesn’t contain any juices from fruit and instead relies on natural flavors to give the amazing taste. This makes them the perfect choice for those who want to stay away from calories.

Bubly drinkers love the fantastic flavor and smell of these delicious drinks, not to mention because they don’t leave a bad aftertaste.

The Packaging

Okay, we all know that it’s the contents that count; however, the Bubly range is truly amazing packaging! Each flavor comes with a distinct vibrantly colored ring-pull bottle, making it simple to choose your favorite.

Each vibrant container of Bubly is adorned with emoji-inspired faces that are bold and light-hearted messages like “hey you,” “yo,” and “hiii.” Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these cute small cans, filled with a refreshing, fizzy drink?

If we’ve not managed to convince you, The lovely Bubly team Bubly has created a fantastic variety of mocktail and cocktail recipes for their tasty drinks. Genius!

How to Drink Water Bubly Sparkling Water

One thing is certain this tiny bottle of sparkling delights should be enjoyed to its full potential!

Also, there are two points to take notice of temperature and time.

Bubly enthusiasts consistently say that the sparkling drink is best enjoyed chilled. Cool the fruity flavors are fresh and crisp and the distinct fruit is noticeable. If the food is served warm, an artificial flavor may take over.

Another important thing to remember is that this drink is which is best enjoyed when it’s fresh. It must be bubbly, fizzy, and vibrant! The flavors come alive and dance on your tongue, a refreshing drink.

When the bubbles diminish, also the taste. Drink your Bubly fresh, chilled, and sparkling to enjoy the best possible flavor!

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the 11 best Bubly flavors

We conducted some research and taste tests to present you with the top 11 Bubly flavors.

We hope that at least one of these tastes will make your day more enjoyable and add a sparkle to your step!


1. Pineapple Fresh, light, and sweet

2. Light Peach crisp, refreshing, and refreshing

3. Lime Refreshing, light, zingy

4. Blackberry Fruity, tart, and smooth

5. Grapefruit Strong, fresh, and light

6. Cherry Tart, strong, deep

7. Orange Sweet, smooth, citrus

8. Mango Tropical, sweet, smooth

9. Raspberry Tart, tangy, fruity

10. Strawberry Fruity, sweet, refreshing, and refreshing

11. Apple Light, cool and refreshing in the autumnal months.

PineappleCheck Prices at Amazon

Bubly’s sparkling water with a pineapple flavor is definitely at the top of the list and it’s not without reason!

This drink is a delicious combination of natural, sweet, and fresh Pineapple with sparkling water that is refreshing in the bright yellow bottle.

People enjoy Pineapple Bubly Sparkling Water for its powerful and spicy taste and amazing fizziness. It will satisfy the thirst of your taste buds and make you feel like you’ve had a delicious fresh piece from a pineapple!

Pineapples are among the fruit flavors with the highest sweetness in Bubly. They are among the sweetest flavors in the Bubly range. This beverage is the ideal alternative to sugary sodas. If you’re an avid mixologist, it is a great choice. Bubly is a fantastic cocktail mixer for long cool drinks and mocktails!

  1. Peach

Check Prices for Amazon

Another unpopular contender at second place – peaches seldom make it into the top five in everything!

But, with a delicate peach essence and delicious sparkling, you could almost think of sipping a delightful cocktail by the beach while sipping this delicious flavor!

People who love this peach fizz are enthralled by the crisp and refreshing flavor, peachy flavor and subtle sweetness. Like the majority of the Bubly assortment, it comes with an appealing and natural aroma and a delicious aftertaste.

2. Lime

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It’s unusual for lime to be ranked at the top of the citrus fruit list. However, this is the case! Normally, lime is in the middle, with orange and lemon scoring more highly.

What’s different about this drink? It’s simple, Bubly lime-flavored sparkling water is refreshing, sparkling and refreshing, and has a taste like Sprite.

It’s a good alternative if you’re addicted to soda and want a non-sugar alternative. The lime flavor isn’t excessively strong but is refreshing enough to feel refreshing and rejuvenating.

Bubly’s sparkling water is lime-flavored and has an icy sweetness balanced perfectly by the soft bubbles. We believe this is one of the most lime-flavored drinks on the market and is refreshing, satisfying and delicious!

3. Blackberry

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This is the very first berry flavor in our top 11 Bubly flavors. And you might be shocked to learn that blackberry is the most popular flavor!

We all think that raspberries and strawberries are the best; however, this refreshing sparkling blackberry water surpasses all the others.

What is the motivation behind this? Simply put, Bubly has found a way to capture the essence of blackberries Sweet, tart-sweet, juicy, fruity, and delicious.

The most effective way to describe the taste is to say it’s three-dimensional. It has hidden layers and depths aren’t what you would expect from a drink with fruit!

Bubly’s sparkling blackberry water may contain a slight artificial tang. However, it’s as close as the taste of a fresh blackberry you can find without crushing real berries into sparkling water.

4. Grapefruit

Check Prices for Amazon

We know that grapefruit may not be the most popular drink for everyone. However, this drink is definitely on the list when you’re seeking a refreshing beverage!

Grapefruit Bubly sparkling waters, with its beautiful pink can, is not the sweetest collection. Many people say that it is bitter tasting and that’s why they like it most.

The most appealing thing is that the taste is subtle and refreshing without overwhelming.

It’s difficult to find a fruity drink that isn’t too sweet, which is why this sparkling water that is flavored with grapefruit will break the mold. If you are looking for an intense, tart taste then the grapefruit Bubly might be a perfect choice to quench your thirst!

5. Cherry

Check Cost for Amazon

Many people avoid cherries-flavored drinks, and for a good reason: they often taste fake and laden with chemicals. They’re not as good as the delicious red fruits they attempt to mimic!

But, Bubly have come up with something different with this delicious tangy cherry drink.

Available in vibrant red cans with cherry flavors. Bubly sparkling waters have just the right amount in acidity with delicate amounts in sugar perfectly balanced by a fresh, sharp and tangy flavor.

The cherries in Bubly is quite similar to the taste of cherry soda in taste – but it’s not sugar or sweeteners added. The cherry flavor can be quite rich on the palate and is not recommended for those who prefer an easy and refreshing drink and light.

Cherry Bubly fans say that this flavor is finest at room temperature, therefore be sure to put your red cans in the fridge!

6. Orange

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The orange-flavored drinks often be disappointing – too sweet and tangy, with chemical components and very little resemblance the fruit’s juicy flesh.

But not this one Bubly have done it again. Bubly have captured the essence of our most loved citrus fruit perfectly!

Inside an orange can (obviously! ) The Bubly sparkling water comes with a deep tropical taste that is refreshing and light.

Just the perfect amount of bubbly this refreshing drink will lure you in with its pleasant aroma and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

As true fruit the orange Bubly flavor has only a hint of sweetness. The taste is creamy and citrusy.

Don’t be fooled by the artificial orange flavorings from candy and soda, it’s like orange flavor in cans!

7. Mango

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Mango fruit is somewhat of a love it or hates it’ taste Many people love this fruit’s juicy flavor, while others are simply not able to stand it.

If you’re in the mango-loving group, then you’ll be delighted to learn this: Bubly mango-flavored sparkling water has been able to capture all the wonderful mango flavors into one can!

The first thing you’ll see when you open a can of mango-flavored chilled Bubly is the scent of mango – you’ll instantly be transported to the tropical islands!

Drink a sip, take a deep breath, close your eyes and you can almost feel the ocean breeze and the rustling of palms…

Bubly mango-flavored sparkling water is refreshing and invigorating. It is somewhat sweet without any trace or bitter taste. It is among the drinks that taste like real fruit. This is an incredible feat, especially when you add the mango!

8. Raspberry

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When you consider a drink made of raspberries, what are you thinking of? A little sweet, and with an artificial raspberry flavor? You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised!

A Bubly-Raspberry Sparkling Water is exactly the opposite of it – tart, tangy and extremely fruity!

The first sip may be a little of a shock. However, we are sure that you’ll return to try more. One sip won’t be enough!

This is because the initial clarity quickly gives way to the delightful raspberry sweetness.

It could be too tart for somepeople. However, most people love it! Do not expect to get a smooth and sweet fruit drink, as a result is exactly the opposite!

9. Strawberry

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Strawberry Mmmmm – juicy red little blobs of sweet, juicy taste!

However, strawberry drinks can always be disappointed – they are artificial, overly sweet, and certainly not the real strawberry drink.

Then, along came Bubly! Their sparkling water with strawberry flavor is delicious and beautifully captures everything we enjoy about the delicious red strawberries!

With a fresh strawberry flavor and the perfect sweet, this beverage is similar to real strawberries.

As with many fruity tastes, it’s not going to get the top marks in terms of refreshing but it’ll provide a refreshing cool boost on a hot day.

If you’re in search of sparkling water that tastes just like real fruit If so, Bubly strawberry is a fantastic option.

10. Apple

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The moment you crack open a bubbly apple-flavored sparkling water is a tasty and indulgent snack similar to eating an actual apple!

We are somewhat sad that it’s so low on the list however, it did have some formidable competitors to defeat.

A great thirst quencher This refreshing and soft sparkling water tastes like the raw cider of apples. Don’t expect to taste like fake apples.

Lovers of apple-flavored Bubly praise the fall-time apple flavor a million miles from the sweet, summery apple juices. Think cool breezes and fall leaves and crisp, early mornings and you’ll be able to imagine the way this beverage can make you feel.

Don’t put this one in the freezer only to enjoy in the fall, But don’t keep it for just the fall – this is a delicious flavor that is great for any season!

Final Thoughts

There’s a Bubly flavor suitable for all there! From zingy and tart as sweet and fruity, you can all discover a refreshing fruity sparkling water that we enjoy from this range of exciting flavors.

The colorful, vibrant cans don’t only look great, but their contents are delicious!

The great aspect about this flavor is that they’re easy to make and are subtle, making them great mix-ins for mocktails and cocktails.

Our rankings have awarded Bubly with a hint of Pineapple, a highly-earned first-place finish, and this tiny delicious drink merits it!

We’d like to thank lime, peach, and blackberry a deserved applause. These aren’t flavors that you’d typically find on charts!

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