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Brownie Nutrition Facts

What was the last time that you tried a bite of ooey gooey brownie? Was it for too long? Many times, people “ban” their diets of sweets to slim down or think they are harmful for their health. Read more Brownie Nutrition Facts here!

It’s really about picking the right sweets and desserts that fit your diet and lifestyle. You might be surprised to learn that there are many ways that eating brownies can be beneficial to you, both physically and mentally!

Brownie Nutrition Facts

Calories and Sugar

A brownie has 112 calories, as well as several grams of sugar The exact quantity depends on how much sugar was added in the preparation. A diet that is high in added sugar may cause tooth decay, insufficient intake of nutrients essential to health, and weight gain that is unhealthy. 

The added sugar may also increase the likelihood to develop heart diseases. Sweets and baked goods packaged in a box are among the most significant sources of sugar in an typical diet of a person as per Be careful about your consumption of sweets, such as brownies, can help keep within the 6-teaspoon daily limit for women, and the 9 teaspoons men need to limit themselves to daily.


A single brownie has 7 grams fat out of the which 1.7 grams of fat are saturated. If you are eating the 2,000 calories diet, your daily maximum limit for saturated fat can be 22g, as per That means this brownie is around 8 percent of the daily limit. Limiting your intake of saturated fats is a great method to safeguard your heart and maintain your weight within a healthy range.

Minerals and vitamins that are just a little bit scarce.

Brownies may contain tiny amounts of zinc, iron folate, vitamin A, and iron however they aren’t considered healthy as a part of your everyday diet. Consuming regular portions of brownies or any other type of dessert in general can leave less space in your diet to eat more nutritious food items. It hinders in your capacity to eat sufficient amounts of essential minerals and vitamins.

Tips and Tips for Considerations

It’s hard to imagine that something that sweet would be a source of sodium However, a brownie has 82 milligrams of sodium. This is approximately 4 percent of the 2,300 milligrams that you need to restrict yourself to daily to safeguard your kidneys and heart. Make your own brownies , and you’ll be able improve nutrition value this sweet treat. 

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You can replace any or all of the oil used in the traditional recipe by pureeing fruits, like prunes, apples, or bananas and reduce the sugar content by one-fourth to one-half in order to increase the nutritional value. Reduce the amount of salt too. Make use of whole wheat flour to increase the fiber content of the brownies. Mix into ground flaxseed to provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy for your heart. Chopped walnuts or pecans can give healthy unsaturated fats the recipe in addition to enhancing the flavor of brownies.

Enjoy a little indulgence

It’s fine to indulge with a delicious dessert once in a while. Indeed, indulgence in this way can help relieve stress and could might even be considered a kind of self-care. If you’re denying yourself the comfort of indulgence with a bite in a few places it’s more likely to feel overwhelmed. If you’re doing this to keep a strict diet, you’ll be more likely to slip off the wagon. Therefore, before you say “no” to the tempting offer of brownies from your kitchen, remember that when you’re in moderation, this treat could be beneficial to your mental and emotional well-being!

Get the health Benefits of Chocolate

Of course, all brownies have chocolate in some form, and chocolate offers a range of health advantages. In addition to being a good high-quality source of antioxidants and vitamins, it also has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and can even boost “good” cholesterol. Darker chocolate is also thought for its anti-inflammatory properties and, as you’re enjoying the chocolate in moderation eating a great chocolate brownie can be beneficial for your health.

Though most people would not consider brownies as a food that is healthy but there are a variety of ways they are beneficial to your health. Enjoy nutritious brownies at Bertha Mae’s Brownies Co. today and get a taste of home-cooked flavor in every bite!

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