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5 Unknown Brazosport Facts

Unknown Brazosport Facts: Brazosport industrial complex Brazoria county, the southeastern region of Texas, US, comprises towns like Freeport, Lake Jackson, Clute, Lake Barbara, Brazoria, Richwood, and other communities. It is situated near the mouth of the Brazos River along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, 50 miles (80 km) south of Houston; Brazosport has deep-sea harbor facilities and a massive Chemical complex (based on local resources like gas oil, salt, sulfur, seawater).

The manufacturing process includes machinery, plastics, metal products, and vessels. The commercial fishing industry is important economically. The area was severely damaged in 1961 when Hurricane Carla destroyed Texas. Texas coast. Brazosport (junior) College was founded within Lake Jackson in 1968.

The Brazosport Facts is the biggest daily newspaper in Brazoria County in Texas, part of the Greater Houston area. The publication is owned by Southern Newspapers Inc., founded in 1913.

Unknown Brazosport Facts


The paper was launched in the hands of Printer Roy Ruffin as the Freeport Facts shortly after the founding of 1912 in Freeport, Texas, by the Freeport Sulphur Company. A year later, the newspaper was bought by C.P. Kendall, Sr., who also owned newspapers in Port Aransas, and the Angleton Times in Angleton.

A 1932 Freeport storm destroyed the Facts building and killed 40 people.

Separate regional newspapers, such as the Brazoria County Review Velasco World and West Columbia Light, were acquired by WD. Johnston. In 1949, he joined the two papers to form The Daily Review.

The year was 1951 when Southern Newspapers Inc. purchased an interest in The Daily Review. The following year, it acquired The Freeport Facts. The acquisitions were merged with The Daily Facts-Review, Southern Newspapers later changed its names into Brazosport Facts. It was eventually the largest daily newspaper covering the entire region.

August of 1976 In August 1976, the Facts relocated its company’s headquarters from Freeport to nearby Clute, Texas, where it continues to be today.

It took on employees from the rival Angleton Times in 2004, together with the publication’s readers list. The old Angleton Times office was renamed an Angleton Office of Brazosport Facts. In 2004, The Facts had an Angleton circulation of 4,000, while the Angleton Times was subscribed to by 1,100. There were 730 individuals or entities who subscribed to both papers.

The newspaper was at the forefront of the effort to merge that town Velasco into Freeport in 1957. The newspaper also backed Brazosport College and its Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences.

Brazosport College Facts

Brazosport College (BC) is a public community college located in Lake Jackson, Texas. The college opened in 1968 and offers mostly associate degrees and some bachelor’s degrees. The campus includes The Clarion as the regional venue for music performances and The Brazosport Center of the Arts and Sciences, which houses the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science and the Brazosport Planetarium other institutions.

According to the Texas Legislature, the official service area of Brazosport College is the Brazosport Columbia-Brazoria, Damon, and Sweeny districts of schools, as well as that of the Angleton Independent School District excluding the area that was annexed to Alvin Community College before September 1st, 1995. The service area comprises Lake Jackson, Clute, Freeport, Jones Creek, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Richwood, and Surfside Beach.


Brazosport College, as an institution, covers nearly 160 acres (0.65 km2)) in area. It is a completely commuter-oriented campus as there is no housing for students. The majority of classes are held in a central building.


Brazosport College is The Clarion’s home, a 29,000-square-foot (2,700 square meters) auditorium that seats 600 people. The $7.36 million facilities were completed in the fall of 2005. Some notable artists who perform in The Clarion include the singer-songwriters Don McLean, Lyle Lovett, David Sanborn, Aaron Neville, Christopher Cross, Vince Gill, Rick Springfield, and Los Lonely Boys. The Clarion has only had one administrator since it was constructed, Vorin Dornan, who is currently the administrator.

The Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences, located in a 45,000-square-foot (4,200 square meters) facility dedicated to sciences and the arts, is located right in the vicinity of Brazosport College. The college is the host on-campus. The Brazosport Center for Sciences and Arts is an independent non-profit corporation. The center is home to Brazosport Center Stages and a gallery and art studio, The Brazosport Museum of Natural Science, along with a planetarium and a nature center. [16]

BC offers a student-oriented center dubbed “The Swamp.” Students can play pool, table tennis, and participate in various other sports. The college also has a central dining space that serves meals throughout the day for visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

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