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25 Interesting Black Hole Facts

We will share 25 black hole facts with you in this article. But before we get started, let’s first read some introduction words. Black holes are often blamed for the destruction of entire galaxies.

This is a common theme in sci-fi movies. You might also be able to recall your high school Science teacher’s facts about black holes, along with topics on galaxies and planets.

What are black holes exactly? These are your weekly 25 listicles. This week we’ll be discussing 25 facts about black holes. Some you might have heard of, others you don’t.

Black Hole Facts That You Most Likely Never Knew

1 Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

A century ago, what appeared to be a controversial Physics Theory may be interesting trivia today. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, a famous Theoretical Physicist, discusses the possibility of light bending as it passes through the Sun. Photographed by Stanley Eddington and other Astronomers in 1919.

April 2019, The proof that light can be bent by large entities in outer space, such as sun black holes or Sun, can change the course of light’s travels.

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2 Universe is a giant hologram

NASA Astronomers and Physicists have also found new evidence and photo to prove that the Theory of Relativity may be true. All evidence points to the universe being a massive hologram that black holes blocks time and stop it from passing through.

3. Blackhole displaying the universe in two-dimensional figures

Michelle Thaller claims that Dr. Michelle Thaller’s most recent images from Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) show the first-ever shadowed black hole, suggesting that the universe can be seen as two-dimensional information. This is contrary to the three-dimensional information taught in school textbooks.

4 The first-ever photograph of a distant black hole

Another record-breaking discovery by the EHT is the first ever images from distant black holes in the middle Galaxy Messier 87.

5 Young black hole discovered

The Spitzer Space Telescope captured an illustration of two young black holes that were distant and dust-free.

6 Medium black holes discovered

Tim Roberts, University of Durham in the United Kingdom, stated that astronomers were looking through an intermediate-mass black hole found in 2014 in a spiral galaxy.

Topics about Different Types of Black Holes

7 Black hole classification

Every black hole is divided into the primordial back hole (or starburst) and the supermassive black holes (or starburst).

8 Primordial black hole

It is possible that it was created in the same timeframe as the big bang theory, based on the disambiguation of its “Primordial” name. This is also known as the intermediate black hole, which differs slightly from Supermassive and Stellar.

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9 Stellar black hole

Many black holes are found to be stellar, which are smaller than the primordial or supermassive ones. This black hole fact is probably something you didn’t know.

10 Supermassive black holes

The name is descriptive because it’s a black hole that may be millions to a million times bigger than the Sun.

The Black Holes Facts That You Didn’t Learn in School’s Textbooks

11 First Black hole discovered

Karl Schwarzschild was the first to take a photograph of the black hole. This historic photo caused a lot of excitement in outer space Science at the time. This is my favorite of all the black hole facts.

12 From where did the term “black hole” originate?

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was the first to explain black holes. John Wheeler was the first to use the term “black hole”. He was an Astronomer in 1967.

13 The first publication of theory about the black hole

David Finkelstein speculated on explanations and other details regarding black holes after the first photograph of the black hole in 1916 were published 42 years later in 1958. The original photograph stated that black holes suck up everything in the deadly hole, but modern studies later disproved this.

14 The first black hole ever recorded

While Einstein was aware of the existence of the black hole concept, it was not until 1971 that the first object was actually suspected to be one. It was named Cygnus X-1.

Trivia and Interesting Facts

15 Black holes are not visible with regular telescopes

Photographs of black holes can only be seen by the “shadow” image-catching system. This is different from how photos are taken from other celestial bodies.

It is impossible to see the radiation gasses emitted by supermassive black hole supermassive black holes with a naked eye. Instead, scientists should examine the radiation and rays emitted from the black holes to see their image and determine their mass.

16 Dying stars could cause a black hole

Stars that have died as part of their life cycle create other black holes.

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17 Stellar black holes are deadly

It is the smallest type of black hole but it is also destructible massive. After it dies, the star will be a white dwarf (neutron star) which will then continue to collapse until it becomes a stellar blackhole.

18 Spaghetti theory

The Spaghetti movement, or Spaghetti religion, is something you may have heard about. It actually originated from the idea that one could fall in a blackhole or any object can draw inside a blackhole. The object will then be stretched out of the thinnest spaghetti-like object possible and reach its singularity.

The topics of black holes and string theory are also interrelated. This was explained in comedy and was theoretically true in the new American sitcom “Big Bang Theory,” which has just finished its highest rating.

19 Milky Way contains millions of black holes

You read that right. There are many black holes out there waiting to pull us up (not anytime soon). According to Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the milky way contains hundreds of millions of black holes.

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20 Stars escape a black hole

The strong gravitational pull causes a star to split when it theoretically passes through a black hole.

21 Movies and TV Setups about Black Hole

Interstellar is one of the most well-known black hole stories. It also includes Event Horizon, The Theory of Everything and Lost in Space.

Big Bang Theory, the comedy series that won numerous awards, also discusses string theory and black holes. One of the characters from the sitcom, Sheldon Cooper, won the Nobel prize for proving string theory.

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22 The black hole doesn’t “sucker” objects in

NASA astronaut Gerald Fishman says that the myth that the black hole sucks all of outer space is false, contrary to what you see on television and in movies. Although it technically draws all objects in its vicinity, it does not actually suck them in. Black holes create massive gravity that causes objects to be sucked in.

23 The Black Hole remains the same size

In reality, a star that has died attracts all gases and other objects to it, causing it to grow in size and density.

24 Escape from a black hole’s pull

Movies have a far longer description of the black holes than actors and spacecraft. They are not able to escape its massive gravitational pull. A black hole is a strong magnet with a massive gravitational pull. It can compress everything around it because it is strong enough.

25 Spaghetti stretching happens in outer space – The last of the black holes facts

It is absurd to say that Spaghetti Religion followers believe that everyone dies and becomes a star. They then become thin spaghetti creatures. It is partially true, as we have seen in the previous list. This is because objects can only be stretched once they are pulled in by black holes and not when they lay around in the outer spaces.

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