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15 Best Sports Anime That You Should Not Miss!!

There aren’t many stories that translate to anime more effectively than those that concentrate on sports. From the most common games like baseball to ones with more miniature spotlights, like bowling, every possible sport is shown on TV screens in the Japanese animation style. Watch out the best sports anime below!!

Yet, very few can match the shows that critics and viewers alike have named as the best of the best. Certain shows are popular that they’ve surpassed being considered only sports tales and went into the “best anime of all time” category.

There are also many dozens of excellent sports-related anime there. The rivalry is so fierce that shows such as Captain Tsubasa, Cross Game, and Yowamushi Pedal did not make a list for this list, and they can all be worth watching. For those searching for a new show to check out, this list has been widened to include more of the most popular sports shows.

Best Sports Anime

15. One Outs

Although a few sports-related animations are focused solely on the sport they are focusing on, One Outs barely feels like it belongs in the category. It has more similarities to Kaiji and Akagi as compared to Ace of Diamond and Big Windup!, One Outs is a gambling show that happens to include baseball rather than poker. Additionally, it is a fantastic experience.

After making a hit for an all-star batter in a match of “One Outs,” Toua Tokuchi is a part of the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons and gets involved in a tense battle with the owner of the club. The psychological drama One Outs is gripping as well as intense and has an extremely cool main character.

14 Eyeshield 21

There aren’t a lot of football-themed anime available but not all that of the American type. However, Eyeshield 21 should satisfy those who love the sport. While the show is a good rendition of Riichiro Inagaki’s manga and Yusuke Murata’s acclaimed manga, Eyeshield 21 has a good collection of actors, good action, and a consistent sense of humor.

With the 145 episodes, Eyeshield 21 can get somewhat repetitive in its second half, especially for those who aren’t very fond of shonen story conventions. However, Youichi Hiruma is one of the most enjoyable characters of any anime about sports.

13 Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita No Joe)

Respect should be given to the greats, and no sports show can be as significant as Tomorrow’s Joe. It depicts the rising of a boxer from the slums of the city to the title belt. Tomorrow’s Joe gives a realistic glimpse into the daily life of a boxer, which includes the dazzling highs and crushing lows.

Considering that the first season was released at the end of 1970, tomorrow’s Joe naturally shows its age, but it doesn’t extend beyond the animation. In terms of narrative, the show stands up exceptionally well and is particularly strong in the 1980’s second season.

12 SK8 The Infinity

One of the top shows of the winter 2020 season, SK8 The Infinity, is directed by Hiroko Utsumi, the creator of several other highly acclaimed sports-related animes. The show takes skateboarding to the limit, with races illegally known as “S” taking place between two rivals and often resulting in serious injuries.

Watching the bond of Reki and Langa grow as they grow closer is truly heartwarming. No costs were spared in making the action scenes look stunning. However although this may be a recent series, it’s bound to be a hit for quite a while.

11 Yuri!! On Ice

Figure skating isn’t as popular as the mainstream sports of football or baseball for the eyes of a lot of people, but it’s still extremely physically demanding. It’s harder than other sports for those with older players to be successful. This is why it’s fascinating watching 23-year-old Yuuri try to climb to the highest levels of skating.

The romantic relationship with his star skating coach Victor is a further element to the entire story and. The film’s last scenes are sure to keep everyone at the top of their seat, not just the most ardent sports enthusiasts.

10 Major

Without a doubt of its quality, Major may be the most incredible sports show in existence. Through six seasons, two films, and a handful of OVAs, Major chronicles the life for Gorou Honda, starting with his childhood and continuing all through towards his participation in the World Cup. There’s even a sequel series that centers around the son of Gorou Honda.

In this series, fans follow Gorou’s improvement as an as well as a person and a parent, despite retaining an element of childlikeness throughout. Although it can be a bit too realistic at moments, the baseball scenes are well-constructed and captivating.

Ace of Diamond is also an excellent choice for fans of baseball.

9 Run With The Wind (Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru)

There aren’t many sports so pure and straightforward as running. To this day, the Olympics carry the torch over long distances to honor the legend of Pheidippides. The story follows a fourth-year student named Kakeru, who is pulled back to his love of running to help a team be fit to compete in the Ekiden Hakone.

The famous runners’ race could be a challenge to win for trained athletes, not to mention the total novices that his new pal Haiji can offer to him. The friendship that the team develops throughout the show provides an amazing drama with the action.

8 Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo)

It is also known in the form of Hajime no Ippo in Japan; Fighting Spirit is by all accounts one of the most acclaimed boxing animations ever created. The series is considered the spiritual sequel of Tomorrow’s Joe and inspired by the well-known Megalo Box. The experience of watching Makunouchi change from a timid weakling who was bullied to a tough boxer is an incredible story of an underdog that everyone should support.

It’s a sort of anime Version that’s akin to Punch-Out!! And it’s better than that, mostly since Fighting Spirit gifted the world the comedy heavyweight Mamoru Takamura.

7 Baby Steps

Produced by Masahiko Murata, the creative brain behind several Naruto series and films, Baby Steps is more focused on the real world. The plot is simple for people to relate to and follows Eiichirou Marou gradually recognizing that he’s studying because he thinks he needs to, and not because being an academic’s job is something he’s always wanted to be.

Being able to watch him develop a unique style with other first-year Natsu is extremely rewarding. The tennis games that are being captured with incredible ability are the icing on the cake.

6 Slam Dunk

A humble man with no desires, Hanamichi desires a partner. To achieve this goal, Hanamichi is a member of the basketball team of Shohoku High to attempt to get closer to Haruko Akagi, who is also one of Haruko’s sisters, the team’s captain. As time passes, Hanamichi becomes attracted to basketball.

Fun, as well as grounded Slam Dunk, is a classic that is limited by the fact the show isn’t an exact adaptation of the manga. The growth of Hanamichi is depicted authentically, and he needs to make an effort to get better, but it’s not like that he’s ready to compete in the NBA at the end of the season.

5 Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Anyone who loves swimming on a team or is looking to take in the fan-serviced nature of some sports-related anime will discover that Free! is the perfect option. The show was created following Kyoto Animation made a sample animation reel for the show, resulting in a swarm of anime fans demanding that the show be produced in total. The show eventually gained a lot of attention. It resulted in a short film that was released alongside various ongoing seasons such as Eternal Summer, Take Your Marks, and Dive Into The Future.

The show is, however, much more to give than just muscular guys wearing swimming suits. The complexity of the friendships and the relationships among the principal characters make the show an enthralling drama.

4 Chihayafuru

The majority of Americans would not be aware of the poetry competition game Karuta, which is why this sports show disappeared from the radars of many of its people. The show is also josei, a type of show aimed at older women and is untypical of most sports tales. Rejecting this show for any reason is a big mistake for anyone fan of sports-related anime.

The moment when Chihaya becomes enthralled by the game and absorbs its intricacies with her is a fantastic experience. The story is deeply personal deeply emotional, and it has a distinct feel that no other sports show can provide. Also, it’s highly rated among anime enthusiasts, which indicates that those who take the time to watch it will not be disappointed.

3 Kuroko’s Basketball

While it’s tough to beat the basketball anime of the 90s that was Slam Dunk, Kuroko’s Basketball does just that. It’s already awe-inspiring for viewers to see Kuroko and Taiga grow closer as teammates. Add to that the other charming cast, and it’s difficult not to love the Seirin High team.

It is thrilling to watch the team battle the opposing teams using characters from “Generation of Miracles.” Sometimes is more like a thrilling fight in Dragon Ball than a basketball game. The wildly exaggerated nature of the show adds unique charm and exciting action.

2 Ping Pong The Animation

“I’m sure you’ll understand too, someday. The melancholy of winning. The pain of praise. The weight on your shoulders… The loneliness and agony. The time will come where your efforts will seem meaningless and your victories empty.”

The legendary anime creator Masaaki Yuasa was granted the green option for adapting any manga he wanted to adapt. He was not expected by anyone that to see him create the most amazing anime masterpiece. Its style of art is different from modern sports anime, and it has stunning action sequences. In contrast to other sports tales, it also looks at the fate of those who don’t achieve their goals and win the ultimate prize and is a subject worth investigating.

1 Haikyu!!

Haikyu!! It is easily the most popular sports show ever to be created. It was a pleasure to watch Shouyou make his mark. Playing a sport such as volleyball was enjoyable enough for the majority of viewers. Then the show threw many memorable moments to viewers that it will not be lost in the memory.

Wrapping Up:

It’s one of the 15 top most-watched series on MyAnimeList, and for a good reason, it’s sure to draw the attention of anyone who watches it.

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