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Top 10 Best Anime Wolf Boy, Girl, And Werewolf!!

Holo, Spice, And Wolf!!! Aren’t anime characters so fascinating!! Find out the best Anime Wolf boy, girl and Werewolf!!

The wolf is one of the fascinating characters from anime. From the wild to elegant, wolf boys and girls generally have tender hearts beneath their rough appearance and are fierce protectors of all things and those they cherish.

Here are 10 of the most enthralling of the most frightening, terrifying, adorable, and lovable girl and wolf characters in anime.

Best Anime Wolf Boy!!

Best Anime Wolf Boy

10. Kouga, InuYasha

When Kagura murders all of his wolf-demons pack, Kouga seeks revenge.

In a strange twist, he encounters the main character as a battle partner. He then was a reluctant member of the band of misfits after recognizing that they have the common goal of destroying Naraku.

However, he was always in a constant battle with InuYasha about the superior dog and who is more worthy of Kagome’s love. Their constant fight scenes provide a fantastic look of tension and laughter in the program, making Kouga’s departure very emotional.

9. Ame as well as Yuki, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

The animated films about wolves typically include testosterone-fueled fight scenes. Ookami Kodomo, no Aime to Yuki (Wolf children), can be refreshing thanks to its heartwarming melodrama and punchy scenes.

The characters in the series Ame along with Yuki, have a young half-wolf who lost their fathers. Their human mother was forced to figure out how to raise them by herself and keep their wolfishness from the scrutiny of society.

The moment you watch Ame and Yuki create their mom’s life a happy mess is like snuggling up to a cozy blanket during a wet day. Don’t miss it.

8. Fenrir, Matantei Loki Ragnarok

If you’re thinking of hitting the wall after having experienced all the emotions from Wolf Children, go for the classic wolf-pack action Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok).

Fenrir may appear to be a gentle black puppy (that can talk and even talk) initially; however, wait until you realize his true nature — a giant black Wolf named Canis Major. Be on the lookout for him as he becomes violent and bloody on those he considers threats.

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7. Amaterasu, Okami

The reality that Amaterasu is also known as “The Great Mother” and the ‘Goddess of Sun in Capcom’s Okami is a hint at how formidable a beast she can be.

The myth says she’s Shiranui’s reincarnation. She is a legendary white wolf that died one hundred years ago. As the “mother to all’ imagine the lengths she’d go to protect her people from a bleak future.

6. Polt, Daily Life with A Monster Girl

Have you been privy to a shapeshifter that has a spa that assists all sorts of species in shedding weight and gaining muscle? Only legends such as Polt have the power to talk about this feat.

She may have eyes, ears, or tail, as well as her body is covered in fur; however, that’s not the most impressive aspect of her body. The athletic physique of her speaks to how well she does the job she is doing.

Polt isn’t doing many wolf-like activities, but we’re all in favour of representation here. Wolves can be fit also, surely?

5. Zafira, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s

5. Zafira, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

Zafira was one of the four ancient creatures who serve Hayate, who is a creature of darkness. Zafira has been an adversary for the majority of the time of Nanoha’s. However, his dramatic character growth before he joined Nanoha’s side is simply impressive.

Because of his origins, Zafira possesses a wealth of knowledge from many lifetimes and can strike terror into his adversaries’ hearts, making use of Strike Arts, a sublime combination of martial arts and magic.

4. Moro and Princess Mononoke

Moro became the adoptive mother for San who’s parents left her after they encountered the great white wolf of the forest.

The powerful, wise nature of the forest has an unwavering love for humans aside from the baby she adopted as her own. It is without doubt considered to be one of the best adored animated wolves ever.

3. Holo, Spice, and Wolf

Despite her assertion that she’s no god, people in Pasloe were willing to worship her for several centuries because she was believed to bring good harvests for the wheat-dependent village.

The teenager werewolf spent the majority of her time teaching the villagers how to cultivate the land. However, as the world and technology advanced, people began not needing her as much and less.

Then she considers returning to her winter home in Yoitsu after having spent centuries away from Yoitsu. Holo creates Spice and Wolf, an entertaining show with many plot twists that you will not anticipate, and you’ll discover her character to be challenging to forget.

2. Kiba, Wolf’s Rain

You’re probably wondering why the polarizing Wolf’s Rain character is ranked so high in this ranking. But, it’s essential to think that Kiba is most likely the wolfiest of them all.

Although he has the option to adopt human forms to disguise himself, however, he is not a fan of it. He slams other wolves who do it because he believes that wolves who use human appearances to hide their identity are not proud of their real identity.

Cheza is an owl with only a few words, but he is incredibly courageous and determined when his pack is in danger. His loyalty towards Cheza and his identity make him one of the most fantastic Wolf characters of all time.

1. Blue Wolf’s Rain

Unfortunately for Kiba the wolf, he gets eliminated by Blue, Another wolf in this same episode. One of the best things to note about Blue is that she has never thought she was a wolf.

She’s lived her entire existence as a petty mongrel serving an unhuman master. When she discovers the truth, she’s confronted by a question that only Blue will be able to answer whether she will continue to serve her master, who loves herself deeply, or do she confront herself and decides to turn towards humans to safeguard her kind?

Closing Up

Tomcats and catgirls receive all the attention and love from fans of anime. However, best anime wolf boy characters need all the love and attention. Did your favourite moon crier make our list?


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