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12 Best Anime Kisses You Can’t-Miss!!

Can you recall what the first kiss you shared felt like? If you’re waiting for a kiss, what do you think it will be like? For certain people, the experience was awkward and messy. For others, it was or is the love of their lives. However, the moment in itself is a great thing and is an integral aspect of growing older. It could also be the beginning of a romantic relationship. This is what makes these best anime kisses so beautiful as they remind you about the sparks you experience in the presence of your partner or crush. You feel tingling with joy and happiness when the characters kiss.

The kisses of anime are unlike any other. They’re not like the kisses that we see in films and on TV. They are more intense. They take the act of love to an entirely new level. They often experience bliss, embarrassment, joy, or a mix of both. This is similar to what we feel. Have you read the interesting facts about anime yet? Do read it!!

The romanticism of anime adds a new dimension to an already incredible story. The greatest part is that it’s something we can connect to. We’ve all gone to school and had to deal with school, friends, and sports. Then, plus, we have feelings for our classmates, which can lead to many bizarre situations. It’s as if nobody understands the feelings you’re experiencing, but you watch an excellent slice-of-life show or a school-related story, and you’re with close friends. Although it may be an anime focused on the supernatural and the supernatural, kissing is something that we are all familiar with within the “real world.”

What should you watch to get your heart racing? We’ve compiled the top 12 best anime kisses with the most liplocks to help you figure it out.

The Most Sensational And Best Anime Kisses!!

The Most Sensational And Best Anime Kisses

The search for romance and how to get through the awkwardness and excitement that comes from kissing is challenging enough, and you should feel at ease knowing that it’s happening in anime, too. No matter if you’re seeking the extraordinary or every day or simply an opportunity to smile, it’s all here.

1. Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! is a comedy that features Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa, who are classmates who have a rocky relationship. Misaki is trying hard to keep her job at a restaurant that she works in hidden, while Takumi is simply harassing her.

If the two release a shocking photo off the roof, Takumi declares he’ll leap off the roof to take a photograph. When Misaki questions why he would take such a risk, He kisses her and tells her that he is in love with his love for her, and then he leaps over the top of the building. He takes the photo, so they go from bickering friends to two people who fall in love. Affection.

2. Naruto and Hinata (Naruto The Last Film)

We’ve been waiting at this time for a long time, and finally, it happened. The kiss was more intimate than we imagine it to be romantic. Ahh!! this is one of the best anime kisses in anime history!!

As Hinata has always loved and cared for Naruto since her childhood, This was the most rewarding moment.

3. Touma & Kitahara (White Album 2)

This is a real gem. Touma refuses to allow Kitahara to take the phone because she is aware that it can’t be repaired. After that Kitahara kisses Touma. If you’re feeling guilt and cannot set things right, wait until the very end. No doubt why this is one of the best anime kisses till now!!

4. Taiga Aisaka & Ryuuji Takasu — Toradora

It’s Toradora’s Taiga Aisaka, and Ryuuji Takasu is set to get married before graduating from high school. However, their first kiss isn’t until after they realize the idea of leaving their life and getting married secretly isn’t a good idea.

In a room at Ryuuji’s parents’ home, They agree that they’ll wait till they’re ready but then decide to try a little first. Taiga discusses the pain that will result in the event of a kiss; however, when they kiss, it’s not at all painful. The moment allows them to reconsider the couple’s relationship and demonstrates their dedication to making it work.

5. Mei Tachibana & Yamato Kurosawa — Say “I Love You”

“I Love You” or “I love You” is distinctive because the first kiss occurs before the beginning of the relationship but not afterward. Mei Tachibana, a girl who’s become cautious and distant following a lifetime of bullying she isn’t going to let anyone come near to her, even her attractive and friendly classmate, Yamato Kurosawa.

If Mei is escorted back to work by an intruder, she sets aside her pride and makes a call to Yamato, and he immediately comes to her aid. He kisses her to dissuade the stalker. From there, they begin to form real affection for one another. Being able to watch a teenager save an innocent girl from being stalked is incredibly satisfying.

6. Kirigaya Kazuki & Asuna Yuuki — Sword Art Online

6. Kirigaya Kazuki & Asuna Yuuki -- Sword Art Online

It was obvious to the majority of Sword Art Online followers that Kirigaya Kazuki (also called Kirito), along with Asuna Yuuki, would end with a kiss. Although it’s not exactly a surprise, it’s an emotional moment. The kiss happens after Kirito and Asuna have finished fighting Kuradeel, an untrustworthy Asuna’s guild member who is close to killing Kirito. Asuna can save him and feels guilty that she tangled with the guild in the first place.

Suppose she suggests that they should probably split. In that case, Kirito vehemently disagrees by kissing her, expressing the love he has for her, and declaring that he’d be willing to sacrifice his life in her honor in the event of need. If this isn’t romantic, there’s nothing that is. This is one of the best anime kisses till now!!

7. Yuuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov — Yuri!!! On Ice

A kiss shared by Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov of Yuri! On Ice can live on in the history of anime. Yuuri is an experienced ice skater who finds herself in despair after a disastrous professional year. Victor, a pro skater whom Yuuri has always loved and admires, offers to coach Yuuri, and they quickly form an intimate relationship that ends in the exchange of a kiss.

The kiss is not only satisfying for the viewers who have watched their love blossom, but it also portrays a positive portrayal of an LGBTQ relationship, which is a rare feature in anime.

Yuuri and Victor aren’t just two couples having their first kiss; they do it in the presence of thousands of Ice skating fans at an internationally broadcast skating competition. Victor might indeed have been detained for breaking the gay-friendly propaganda laws in his country of birth, Russia. In this light, watching Victor embrace his lover so much that he slams him on the floor is truly inspirational.

8. Kurisu Makise & Rintaro Okabe — Steins;Gate

A relationship wherein the couple may find time to refer to Albert Einstein’s theory on relativity could not be particularly romantic. If that’s the case, Steins; Gate is here to prove that you are wrong. Ths is one of the best anime kisses you’ll ever watch!!

Kurisu and Okabe have recently realized that Kurisu may have to die to help another, But only within one timeframe. Maybe. It isn’t very easy. Kurisu’s possible imminent demise is a major reason behind the love. While being lost to her, Okabe recognizes the closeness they’ve become and that she’s been the only one that he can trust.

9. Nia Teppelin & Simon — Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Nia Teppelin and Simon of Tengen Toppa’s Gurren Lagann are a tragic couple as their initial kiss reflects the fact that. Nia and Simon had a romantic relationship for a time. Still, they never had the chance to be with each other due to the status of Nia being an alien princess who was charged with destroying humanity.

When they finally overcome everything that is standing against their relationship, it’s already too late to establish a real relationship; Nia will disappear, and all the other spirals. Although they are aware that this could take place, Nia and Simon have an engagement ceremony, and they share their first and final — kiss. Is it heartbreaking?

10. Haruhi Suzumiya & Kyon — The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kyon, as well as Haruhi’s very first kiss, could be the riskiest kiss ever seen in a cartoon. Haruhi is set to take over the world to remake the world into something she likes more. To prevent the apocalypse in its entirety, Kyon must find a way to convince Haruhi to remain in the present world.

When he remembers the way she looks with a ponytail is tempted to kiss her. He thinks she’s crazy. However, she doesn’t mess up the world, which means she might have been slightly enthralled.

11. Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha — Naruto

Naruto has a romantic relationship with one billion people during his show; however, the first kiss he has is to Sasuke Uchiha. While saving Sasuke from himself will be one of Naruto’s main life goals, when they do kiss, they are essentially hateful of the other.

While the two stare at one another, Naruto is pushed forward through a mistake, landing on Sasuke’s lips. Cue the sound of Ino Sakura And just about every girl in their class, getting ready to murder Naruto for the crime of stealing Sasuke’s initial kiss.

12. Shinohara Akari & Takaki Tono — 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second was one of Makoto’s first works, and it’s equally emotional as his most recent works. Shinohara Akari and Takaki Tono are thirteen-year-olds who share their first kiss before meeting for the last time. This is one of the best anime kisses!!

The moment itself is beautiful and sweet, occurring amid a barren tree in the middle of a snowstorm. They both dreamed of seeing the tree blossom with each other in the past, but now it’s obvious that they will never see it bloom. The kiss will be a recurrent theme throughout their lives—especially Takaki, who even now, as an adult, cannot forget Akari.

Let’s Conclude!

Romance anime isn’t as good without these intense kissing scenes. Amid countless romance shows, we’ve picked some of the most romantic kissing scenes.

What do you think of this list of best anime kisses? Do you have other thoughts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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