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15 Enthralling Beauty and the Beast Fun Facts

Are you confident that you have a good grasp of this magnificent, powerful Disney classic? Don’t be shy and read these interesting details regarding Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most loved animated films ever! What are you aware of the enchanting film and its behind-the-scenes tales? Join us and check out our list of 15 Enthralling Beauty and the Beast Fun Facts to find out what made Gaston’s ending distinctive, what made Belle different, and the box office records that the film broke.

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Beauty and the Beast Fun Facts

The fairy tale’s original version is a little darker.

You’re probably aware that the movie is inspired by an old French tale of a fairy tale…but did you know where the original story unfolded? There are a variety of versions, such as versions in which Belle has multiple siblings of sisters, and sometimes wicked stepsisters and no enjoyable singing objects – Belle is alone! Food is revealed whenever she’s hungry, and she can’t see the Beast for months! Spooky! In certain stories, her wicked sisters are punished for their greed. We like Disney!

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Belle has to be the sole person in the village to wear blue.

Colour is commonly used in films to show what a character is similar to. Perhaps you have noticed that the majority of Disney Villains wear purple? In the movie, Belle is noticeably the only one in the village to wear blue. This helps make her stick out and signal that she doesn’t quite fit into the group. Then, the Beast wears blue to symbolize the notion that they’re part of the same family. Cute!

Belle was the very first princess brunette to be born.

Belle was named the 5th officially-appointed Disney Princess and the first to sport brunette hair. Aurora, as well as Cinderella, are blonde. Snow White has dark hair, and Ariel is a brunette. In the years since she’s as the sole Disney Princess who’s a brunette except for Rapunzel!

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There is a cut-up song.

Another song was planned to be included in the film, titled “Human Again.” It was performed by magical objects inside the castle and focused on the joy of waiting to turn back into their true selves once the magic was broken. While it wasn’t made the version, you can still find it in special versions of the film and on YouTube!

The creature is a hybrid between different animal species.

If you’re wondering what creature the Beast has a resemblance to, it’s likely to be about four! The Beast is a blend of a variety of terrifying real-life creatures, including bears and a lion, and buffalo. Do you imagine it?

Two sequels are available.

The sequel is one midquel (taking its place at the end of the initial film) is called Belle’s Enchanted Christmas, which is all about trying to convince the Beast to have a Merry Christmas. In addition, there’s Belle’s Magical World, made up of multiple stories, which were initially planned to become a TV show.

This was the film that was first to be nominated for Best Picture.

This is right; it was the first full-length animated film to win an award! Since animation films have their categories and aren’t normally selected in the category of Best Picture, everything about Beauty and the Beast was so amazing that it made the final cut! Sadly, it was unable to win being crowned Best Picture to The Silence of the Lambs However, it’s remarkable!

A variety of actors were thought of for the role.

In the beginning, there were a lot of different actors being considered to play the characters. For instance, filmmakers were intrigued by Julie Andrews for Mrs. Potts, and Rupert Everett auditioned for Gaston. He went on to the stage as a beautiful character, arrogant and abrasive as Prince Charming In Shrek 2!

There’s an Easter egg hidden in Gaston’s eye.

An Easter Egg (A special secret feature) within the movie occurs during the death scene of Gaston when he is falling off the castle. Small skulls pop up inside his eyes for just a second. It’s far too fast for eyes that aren’t. According to the filmmakers, the idea behind this is to show that he did indeed die due to the fall. Gruesome!

It was thought to be a potential development area from the 1940s onwards.

Since the success of Snow White in the 1930s, Walt Disney was keen to create stories of fairytales began thinking of Beauty and the Beast in the 1940s. Even though Walt was not able to complete the film in the end, it is possible to observe how much influence there was from another film from the 1940s that was released in 1940 – La Belle et la Bete, which was a French Live-action adaptation of the tale that was a 90s-era version.

Adam is the name of The Beast. Adam

The name isn’t mentioned in the movie (He’s always referred to as “Beast,” which is somewhat rude, but isn’t it?). However, Adam, the Prince of the Beast, is cursed with being a monster referred to as Adam. How can we tell? It appears to pop on other media, such as a CD-ROM game from the movie, and most movie fans decided to name Adam. Adam. Which do you believe? Does he resemble an Adam?

There was to be a character from a music box.

In the beginning, Chip the teacup only had only one line. The cute character’ was to be a musical instrument. But, due to the actor’s performance and the necessity to incorporate children’s perspectives into movies, Chip was given more lines and was made the film’s “cute character.” We couldn’t have imagined the film without Chip!

600 talented artists create

Yup, 600 artists! Animation made by hand is a tedious process that requires patience and accuracy. Many artists spent hundreds of hours designing every single character’s background, scene, and backdrop within the animation. The result was worth it, as it’s stunning!

You’ve seen it dance before.

If you feel sad when watching the final scene of the feature film (Belle and the prince dancing), it’s because you’ve already seen this scene. The dance moves are based on the final waltz from Sleeping Beauty. Animators usually take older materials and reuse them to cut down on time spent on projects. And since they ran over time, they decided to use this in Beauty and the Beast.

It set box office records.

The film did not only perform well at the awards, but it also became the first animated film to earn more than $100 million! This was an incredible feat and was instrumental in establishing what was known as the Disney Renaissance of the 90s that saw the biggest hits ever made, such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and Mulan.


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