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Babybel Cheese Nutrition Facts

Are you among those who are addicted to cheese? What do you feel about babybel cheese? Have you ever tried it? Perhaps it’s your first time to hear the name. Read Babybel Cheese Nutrition Facts here!

The babybel cheese is a name which is a tasty snack made of cheese. It is a great snack to enjoy by consuming the different flavors that come in individual containers.

Babybel cheese has been produced in 1952 by “The Bel Group, France’. According to a New York Times article, babybel cheese was also begun to be produced since the year around 1970, throughout the United States, specifically in Kentucky.

The soft flavor, light and tasty make the babybel cheese loved by many especially cheese people. It’s not just due to the taste, but also because it is made of 100% cheese is also able to be enjoyed by all and all over the world.

If you’re interested in the babybel cheese, you needn’t be concerned because you will not only enjoy a tasty snack, but you can also gain a wealth of benefits by eating that babybel cheese. For information the nutritional value in babybel cheese can be complicated, as you can find below:

Babybel Cheese Nutrition Facts !

The nutritional content of babybel cheese per 100 pcs (22 grams)

Energy 68 kcal

Protein 5.1 gr

Sugar: Lower than 0.5 gr

Fat 5.3 gr

Carbohydrate 4.6 gr




These all substances must be essential and extremely beneficial to health. What are the benefits to health of babybel cheese you can get? Take a look!

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Increase the strength of teeth and bones

Naturally, due to cheese has health benefits is well known, the babybel cheese, which originated out of milk contains a substantial calcium mineral that is needed by bones and teeth to strengthen. It is therefore ideal for those looking for your teeth to be stronger and stop any tooth decay. It’s it also helps to strengthen bones and prevent all bones from getting damaged.

2. Enhances Brain Function

Did you know that babybel cheese could improve the performance in your brain? You’re right, knowing the babybel cheese full in protein that is beneficial for the brain.

The brain requires a healthy intake of dairy products and fatty proteins. Fat is the source of an important ingredient that the brain requires known as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid that is beneficial to maintain brain health into the aging. Apart from eating the babybel cheese will reap the advantages of Tempe.

3. Reduces Heart Disease Risk from Heart Disease

A new study conducted in Europe suggests that eating cheese for the long-term will decrease the risk of heart disease. The babybel cheese’s contents including calcium, protein, as well as probiotics may improve the health of your body and trigger an indirect reaction to assist in improving the health of your heart.

Therefore, if you’d like to be able to enjoy a healthy heart and stay clear of any heart condition like heart attack signs and symptoms. Try to eat regular cheese starting now.

4. Reduces the risk of Stroke Attack

Not just heart ailments, but cheese consumption is capable of preventing you from stroke attacks. This is also confirmed by a study that states cheese may reduce the chance of suffering from stroke up to 10% by eating frequently.

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5. Helps fight the bad Cholesterol

A study suggests that those who regularly consume cheese may be protected cholesterol that is bad for you. This research may be in contradiction to what you’re thinking since cheese is a source of saturated fats, and they have been previously proven as increasing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. Researchers believe that calcium found in cheese can increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

6. Improves Mood

Amino acids in cheese are typically referred to as Tyrosine. It is able to lower stress levels and stimulate dopamine release. In high doses, consuming tyrosine can reduce the severity of depression. Therefore, if you’re down take a bite of babybel cheese. Apart from a delicious snack, it can also boost your mood and feel more cheerful.

7. Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis refers to the loss of bone due to calcium deficiency leading to a decline in bone density. Particularly, this happens by women experiencing menopausal symptoms or children, as well as parents with malnutrition. This bone disease that is porous is treated by calcium, protein as well as vitamins.

Calcium may not aid in the long run, as the issue of calcium absorption requires the contribution of the other nutrients that are essential to bone growth. A lot of mutually supportive nutrients can be found in cheese. Therefore, cheese is an the ideal component of an osteoporosis diet.

8. Weight Gain

Cheese is an excellent food that can help you gain weight and is suitable for thin people who are looking to gain weight. It’s because cheese is loaded with calcium, fat, protein as well as minerals and vitamins. It is important to have protein for your muscles and fat to burn fat, calcium to build heavier and more robust bones, as well as minerals and vitamins for a better metabolism. All you have to do is consume a lot of cheese, complete the exercises , and rest well.

Although babybel cheese is capable of bringing a variety of health benefits to us, it is important to be cautious and not drink it in excess particularly for those with hypertension.

Cholesterol and sodium are the two primary ingredients that are considered to be harmful for hypertension. Those patients are advised to stay clear of it. The amount of fat contained in cheese is dependent on the quality of the raw components of milk. High in fat and full of cream no cholesterol or even fat free.

The general rule is that cheese is rich in fat. However, cheese with low fat content is available on the market. Therefore, you must choose cheese that is less fat-laden. Although the sodium content in cheese differs based on the amount of salt that is added to milk prior to cheese making however, it’s never lower than what is required for hypertensive patientsbecause salt is an integral component of cheese. Therefore, generally speaking it is not recommended to eat cheese to people suffering from hypertension.

However, low-sodium as well as low-fat cheeses are extremely helpful in reducing Homocysteine which is an agent that is frequently linked to heart disease. However, they haven’t been successful in making it a recommendation to people suffering from hypertension. Another component of cheese that could help those with hypertension is vitamin-B content.

This is the info on the babybel cheese’s health benefits. We hope it is beneficial to you. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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Harrison Jones
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