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15 Top Baby Ariel Facts You Didn’t Know

Find out some fun facts about TikTok celebrity Baby Ariel! Discover a wealth of amazing Baby Ariel Facts, her life, her family and her music! What is your favorite fact about Ariel?

Little Ariel has been one of the TikTok’s biggest stars, which is why we’ve collected 15 of the most fascinating information about her! Take a look at these facts that are fun and find out more about Ariel’s films, music and her family! If you liked this information, why don’t you take a look at the Khaby Lame quiz?

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Baby Ariel Facts

Baby Ariel Facts

She is actually named Ariel Rebecca Martin

Babies Ariel can be a nickname. The full spelling of her name is Ariel Rebecca Martin. Ariel explained that her nickname stems from her decision to randomly name herself this on TikTok and then deciding to change her name in the future – however, she didn’t, and it stayed!

She’s from Florida

Ariel was born within South Florida, and even although she’s well-known her home, she’s decided to stay there instead of going to LA! Refreshing!

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She’s 20

Ariel is just 20 yet she’s already doing well online! It’s a sign that she’s used TikTok for about five years!

She began using TikTok in the year 2015

Ariel began using TikTok since 2015!

She was just 15 when she began her journey.

Ariel was only 15 when she first started using TikTok (All way back in the days when it was known as!) By the age of 17 she was already recognized in Time magazine as one of the most influential users on the internet!

She began using TikTok due to boredom.

Ariel stated that she downloaded TikTok initially as she had a dull day and seeking something to do. Then she began to lip-sync to songs. The rest is the story!

She’s a performer

Ariel isn’t only an TikTok celebrity, she’s an accomplished vocalist! She sings as well in a couple of her films, like Zombies 2!

Her first hit song was ‘Aww’.

Ariel’s debut single”Aww” debuted in 2017 and she dropped her first album Blue Ariel, on July 20, 2021!

She has more than 35 million TikTok followers.

Ariel has been one of the biggest TikTok stars with more than 35 million users! On Instagram Ariel has 9.7 million followers, one million followers on Twitter along with 3 million users on Youtube with nearly 50 million followers.

She’s been featured in movies and in shows

Ariel does more than sing she also acts! She’s appeared in numerous films which include Zombies 2, the Disney Zombies 2 film Zombies 2, and the Disney dance competition show Fam Jam!

She’s also a winner of awards.

Ariel has been awarded to her art, among them the Teen Choice award for Choice Muser! Go Ariel!

She’s 5 ‘2

Ariel is quite small, just 5’2 inches. It’s not over yet though!

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She’s a Scorpio

Ariel is born on the 22nd of November, which makes her an Scorpio! Scorpios are usually described as passionate, profound thinkers and extremely loyal! They are also strong as well as enigmatic, and even jealous!

There’s an anti-bullying campaign she’s launched.

Ariel is extremely committed to making bullying more visible, and she has an anti-bullying campaign known as #ArielMovement. It also used videos to address bullying and ways to combat it.

Her family is also online.

Ariel’s family is well famous online. Her brother Jacob is popular as the King Jacob on TikTok and has had 1 million followers the platform! Her mother Sharon is too on TikTok! Would you allow your mom to be connect to TikTok?

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