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Artes Electronics company started cooperation with Klarna

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA on November 24, 2022, – the business Artes Electronics has started cooperation with the Klarna program, which allows goods are purchased with installments that are interest-free for the purchaser.

With the approaching festive season and the significance of early detection for skin cancers, the partnership will allow many people across the USA, Australia, and Europe to purchase a NOTA mole tracker to conduct a home-based evaluation of moles and spots in the face.

It’s worth noting that through the end of the year 2023’s end, Artes Electronics launched a weekend-long promotion that includes an item for $199 and a free membership to the app for life. Combine this with a breakdown into four installments of interest-free payment from Klarn, and you’ll get an accurate skin cancer diagnosis at the cost of two Starbucks breakfasts every month.

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To buy a device using the Clarinet, you have to type in the wording ” Buy with Klarna” in the “Address” field. The link for the payment through installments will be sent to your email address as well as an SMS. Following payment, the delivery time will be 3-5 days for US customers and 7-20 days for the rest of the world. USA, as well as 7-20 working days for the entire world.

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