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Amazing Sprite Nutrition Facts

Sprite has been satisfying thirst with its lemon-lime-fresh flavour since. Always identifiable in its distinctive eco-friendly packaging. It’s available in more than 180 countries. Explore more sprite nutrition facts below!

“What? How can this be so clear yet cool and refreshing all at the at the same time?” Screamed most of those who drank a glass from Sprite as they watched their favourite show online. Wanna try?

Sprite nutrition facts and information per 100mL

  1. Energy (Cal)41 cal
  2. Energy (kJ)172 kJ
  3. Total Fat0.0 g
  4. Saturated Fat0.0 g
  5. Protein0.0 g
  6. Carbohydrates9.9 g
  7. Sugars9.9 g
  8. Sodium14.0 mg

Sprite Flavors:

1. Sprite The original version.

2. Sprite Zero Sugar Sprite – Sprite with none of sugar. It was initially introduced by the United States as “Sugar-Free Sprite” in 1974. It after which it was renamed “Diet Sprite” in 1983 and some countries have the drink by the name of “Sprite Light” (“Sprite Lite” in the United Kingdom).

3. Sprite Lemon-Lime Herb Sprite from the 1970s with an herb flavour. It is only sold in Germany.

4. Chinotto in the 1990s (purchase through Coca-Cola) Its name Sprite is widely known in Venezuela. It was initially an independently-produced beverage like Hit prior to the time that Coca-Cola purchased the bottler . They then rebranded the graphic of both of them as Venezuelan equivalents to their current drinks. Chinotto was then made the corresponding drink to Sprite.

5. Recharge by Sprite The early 2000s saw a Sprite Energy Drink version was available in Australia from 2006 onwards. The drink also had a turquoise colour, unlike the way Sprite generally is clear.

6. Sprite Ice 2002 Sprite with minty aftertaste. The original release was “Sprite Blue” in Korea in 2002, it has since been released under a variety of names, including “Sprite Ice” in various countries, including Canada, ‘”Sprite Ice Cube” in Belgium, “Sprite Ice Blue” in Italy and Chile, “Sprite Icy Mint” in Mainland China, “Sprite Mynta” in Sweden and “Sprite Mynte” in Norway.

7. Sprite Remix Tropical 2003 Sprite with Tropical Flavors. This is the first release in the Sprite Remix line of sodas available across the United States. It was available from 2003 until 2004 until it was replaced with its “Berryclear” variety. [18]

8. Sprite Super Lemon 2003 A Slurpee Version of Sprite that was launched from Hong Kong in 2003.

9. Sprite On Fire 2004, a Sprite that had ginger flavour, was promoted as having a tingling sensation. It debuted by Hong Kong in 2003 and then launched on the market in China at the end of 2004.

10. Sprite Remix BerryClear 2004 Sprite with Berry flavours. It’s the second one in the Sprite Remix line of sodas that are sold throughout the United States. It was available between 2004 and 2005 until it was replaced by the “Aruba Jam” variety.

11. Sprite Remix Aruba Jam 2005 Sprite with Fruit Flavors and the final of the Sprite Remix line of sodas that are sold across the United States. It was available between 2005 and the year 2006. [20]

12. Sprite 3G 2005 Sprite energy drink that was originally released by the United Kingdom in 2005. Ingredients include glucose and the caffeine found in green coffee beans and guarana. It was also introduced in several other countries, however, it was pulled out of the UK in 2007 because of low sales and the fact that Coca-Cola decided to concentrate more on Relentless. [21]

13. Sprite Duo 2007, a version with less carbonation, and more lemon juice. Only available in Spain in the spring of 2007. [22]

14. Sprite Green 2009 variation that was sweetened with Truvia (a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that is made by stevia).It, however, didn’t turn out to be an instant success and was subsequently withdrawn shortly after it was released.

15. Sprite (Stevia formula) The year 2012 was in France In 2012 in France, Sprite has been reformulated, eliminating 30 percent of sugar and replacing it by sugar sweetener Stevia. This resulted in the drink having less calories. The reformulation quickly spread to Ireland and in the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands in 2013.France then returned to its original formula in the year 2020.

16. Sprite Cucumber Zero Sugar , 2018 Sprite Zero, with the Cucumber flavor. It was launched in both the UK as well as Ireland in the year 2018, but was pulled a year after.

17. MIX from Sprite Tropic Berry 2018. The sprite has a tropical berry flavour. Like Sprite Tropical Mix, and fountain-exclusive to McDonald’s. The distribution decreased during the first quarter of 2021 following the return of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which was replaced by Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. [26]

18. Sprite Fiber+ 2018, Zero sugar, Sprite with no calories and the addition of dietary fiber. 7.5 grams of daily fibre are added (approximately 30 percent from the fiber requirements in adults). According to the label it is what is you can find within two apple. The bottle was launched in April, 2018 at Chongqing, China. [27]

19. Sprite Zero Lemon & Mint 2018 A lower-calorie variant of Sprite Ice which is sold across Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Germany. [28][29][30][31]

20. Sprite Lemonade 2019 Sprite mixed with lemonade and 11% lemon juice.

Sprite 40 percent less sugar in 2019 Sprite launched a new version on the market in Australia with a brand new recipe that has 40 percent less sugar (compared to the old Sprite) on August 2019. It does not contain Aspartame but substitutes some sugar by Ace K and Sucralose. [33]

Wrapping Up:

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