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Amazing Nutella Nutrition Facts!! Healthy Nutella Alternatives!!

Nutella is right up with lattes made with pumpkin spice, and Sriracha and people are obsessed with it. Up for more Nutella nutrition facts? Keep reading!!

However, you’ve probably seen the image showing Nutella ingredients that became online and became a sensation. The thick layers of palm oil and sugar compared to the thinner layers of hazelnuts, cocoa powder and hazelnuts made at least a few people think twice about their toast topping.

So, is Nutella the sin or a dessert that’s safe to eat? (In moderation, Of course). Want to know more amazing Nutella nutrition facts?

We talked to a dietitian and a PhD nutritionist to get their opinions on the popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

Nutella Nutrition Facts

A portion of Nutella (two tablespoons) includes 200 calories and 12 grams of fat, four grams of saturated fats, fifteen milligrams of sodium, 23 grams of carbohydrates, 21 grams of sugars, along with 2 grams of protein.

A portion of peanut butter (two tablespoons) is 188 calories. It contains 16 grams of fat, three calories of saturated fat, 8.3 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of sugars, 7 grams of protein and various quantities of sodium.

None of the salt-added varieties contains about five milligrams of sodium, while salted P.B. is around 150 milligrams.

When you look at Nutella against any other nut butter that you can find, the traditional nut butter is rich in healthy fats, protein. It also has lower sugars and carbs. Most nuts taste great on the same foods you’d use Nutella on.

“I do not see any redeeming features in Nutella,” says Krista Maguire, R.D., C.S.S.D. and the manager of nutrition at Openfit. “Even even if the food contains some iron and calcium and is very low on sodium levels, there are numerous healthier alternatives you can take in to gain these nutrients.”

Nutella Ingredients

The main reason Nutella has the wrong image is the list of ingredients that includes palm oil, sugar hazelnuts, cocoa, whey, skim milk vanillin, and lecithin (artificial taste).


“Ingredients are listed according to weight, which means it is possible to find greater sugar content within Nutella as compared to other food ingredients”, states Maguire, noting that American Heart Association recommends limiting the added sugars to less than 100 calories a day for women, and not over 150 calories a day for men.

“One portion of Nutella is packed with 21 grams of sugars which is 84 calories which are about the most you’ll consume for the entire day, mind you, that the recommended amount is the most amount you can consume in a day. It’s best to aim at a lower amount,” Maguire says.

The less is more as excessive consumption of sugar has been associated with weight growth, elevated blood pressure and a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases.

Palm Oil

In addition, Palm oil is also the 2nd ingredient of Nutella. While all oils have around 120 calories for a teaspoon, it’s important to pay attention to the proportion of saturated and unsaturated fat.

“Palm oil has around 7 grams saturated fat and around 6 grams of fat that is an unsaturated per teaspoon, which makes it a less than an ideal option in the oil department,” Maguire says.

“In the meantime, many palm oils are refined, which means they are that they are refined to the point where any benefits are lost. Unrefined, virgin palm oil could have advantages, similar to coconut oil. However, the jury isn’t yet out on that. And this isn’t the kind of palm oil that is within this spread of hazelnuts.” she says.

Cocoa and Hazelnuts

After palm oil and sugar (which comprise more than half of the Nutella’s jar, according to this Reddit image), There are also nutritious ingredients in Nutella.

“Cocoa has been found to have antioxidants, but it’s unclear whether they’re using highly processed cocoa that has been heated to death or not,” Maguire says.

“Hazelnuts are the healthiest food item in the list of ingredients, but since it’s listed in the third position, behind palm oil and sugar, I’m not certain if there are many of them, ” she adds.

“Hazelnuts or all nuts -are healthy, but when you cover them with sugar, their nutritional worth about the food is severely reduced,” explains Mike Roussell, PhD. “For example, there is no evidence that pecan pie is healthier since it’s got pecans in it.”

What about it is a fact that Nutella has gluten-free ingredients? Beware of the health-conscious halo of “gluten-free” because it’s not the same as “healthy.”

Healthy Nutella Alternatives

If it makes you think you’ll never enjoy Nutella ever again, don’t be depressed. There are options to satisfy your desire without all the sugar or oil and more nutrients.

“I certainly think that you can “healthify” Nutella. The hazelnuts that have been ground with raw cacao powder can be a great healthy option,” Maguire says.

Create your home-cooked Nutella whenever you’re craving sweet treats. This Nutella dupe has only 3 grams of sugar but is careful not to go overboard. Two tablespoons contain 200 calories.

Of course, simple nut butter can be used. ” Peanut, almond and cashew butter has a more nutritious quality. They’re rich in protein and lower in saturated fats and ought to be free of added sugar when you purchase the organic kinds,” Maguire says.

Can Nutella be part of a Healthier Diet?

If you consider all the components, Nutella isn’t a part of a nutritious breakfast. Maguire and Roussell both say. “It’s extremely processed and stuffed with unhealthy fats, sugar as well as artificial flavours. The benefits of nuts are offset because of other components,” Maguire adds.

“The nutritional value of Nutella is, in essence, an advertising strategy,” Roussell adds. “Without the marketing claiming that its healthy person would have believed that Nutella is a nutritious component of breakfast because I’m not able to think of any nutritional aspect that could create such.”

If you’re authentic Nutella nuts, you may consume them in moderate amounts. Maguire says a teaspoon fix is acceptable, but natural Nut Butter is always the best, or you could make the hazelnut spread yourself.

“You can incorporate anything in your daily calories; however, if you’re looking for results and looking to increase the number of nutrients in the calories consumed, Nutella isn’t something that will assist you in reaching your goals,” Maguire says. “Choosing the natural cashew butter, almond butter, or even grinding your hazelnuts yourself — you could even add cacao powder that is raw, a more beneficial alternative.”

Wrapping Up:

Hope you loved exploring these fun Nutella nutrition facts!! Stay tuned for more healthy facts!

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