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30 Amazing Facts About Girls

Girls are the cutest creatures on Earth! It’s a fact that 90% of the girls are more emotional than rational. Do you also feel so? Is this fact true? Well, there are many other surprising facts about girls that you don’t know yet.

Have a look at all of these facts below and get to understand your girl best friend, colleague, sisters, girl friends better!

Facts About Girls

1. Girls are attracted to guys who can laugh and dislike guys who constantly boast about themselves.

2. Girls are extremely suspicious humans.

3. Girls may laugh or seriously be jealous of your game of ping.

4. A girl might not always trust her boyfriend, but she’ll always be loyal to her trusty one.

5. A girl can’t keep a secret longer than 47 consecutive hours.

6. It is difficult to pinpoint the reason why girls are unpredictable.

7. Girls spend a year making decisions about what they should wear.

8. Girls aren’t happy when they are made to wait.

9. The girl who offers you the quick “yes” could or is too quick.

10. You can attract girls by knowing their preferences.

11. Instead, the girl expressing the truth about her emotions to a man her most loved song could communicate it better.

12. Girls will behave similarly to what we say to them. If you tell her that she is a bad woman, she will behave accordingly, and if you sing praises to her like the goddess, she will behave like an angel.

13. Girls generally compete in a way that is not conscious of themselves, especially regarding appearance.

14. A woman can endure twice the amount of pain as males.

15. Girls can spend up to 120 hours staring at the wall for an entire year.

16. In every 100 girls, only one will become the spouse of her partner, while the rest 99 remain as the passwords to Gmail and Facebook accounts for their partners.

17. You should allow her to cool before you can say sorry because if you don’t, she’ll never accept your apology.

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18. Girls like men who protect and defend themselves. You don’t need to be Bruce Lee, though.

19. If you hear a girl say “no,” take her word for it. She will not say”no” if you’re a girl she wants to be with.

20. Girls enjoy receiving mail and surprise gifts.

21. When the girl talks, and a guy can say ”OK Bye”, they dislike him very much.

22. Girls as boys want help.

23. Boys enjoy what they see, but girls like to hear what they read. Girls wear makeup while boys are sexy.

24. If you think that women tend to be very particular about the appearance of a man, then it’s time to shift your thinking. This is the mindset that women choose to adopt.

25. There is one dark secret part of every girl’s world that’s not even revealed to her closest friend.

26. Girls enjoy pampering themselves and being treated to a pampering.

27. Girls make a sound when talking to the man they admire.

28. There cannot be any guarantee that the woman will be impressed, regardless of how much we love her, adore her, cherish her and cherish her, however for guys, a smiling and a sly look is enough.

29. Do not tell an individual woman. It could be late, but you will be snared.

30. For 90 minutes, a woman dies because of complications of pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to respect women.

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