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50 Amazing Facts About Buddha!!

“Buddha” denotes one who achieved enlightenment and desires to establish an enlightened, peaceful, and fair society. Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who was later referred to by the name of Gautama Buddha, was a teacher, philosopher, spiritual, and philosophical leader who established Buddhism. Explore some of the amazing facts about Buddha to enlighten your soul!

The arrival of Gautama Buddha, the spiritual master, predicted that he would either be a world-class monarch or a Buddha, a truly educated teacher.

His teachings are the basis of the Buddhist faith, so let us learn some fascinating information about Buddha.

Interesting Facts About Buddha!!

  1. The term “Buddhism” was invented in the 1830s by Western academics in the early 1830s. Buddhists aren’t referring to their faith by the name of “Buddhism.”
  2. Buddhism began about 400BC, with the historical person known by the name of Buddha.
  3. One of the first references to Buddha found in Western writing occurs within the written works by Clement of Alexandria 2 AD.
  4. The Buddha created order of nuns and monks known by The Sangha, who have maintained his teachings to the present.
  5. Buddhism is a vast and internally diverse religion with two major branches.
  6. The religion has a total of 360 million members. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the World.
  7. In Buddhism, there is no one holy text. Many texts have been preserved in various Asian languages.
  8. Buddhists do not believe in a god of the universe or god of the creator.
  9. Due to the emphasis placed on mindfulness and meditation, Buddhism has often been considered a type of psychology, not a true religion.
  10. A large number of traditions of Buddhists believe in the idea of reincarnation and the idea of rebirth. Contemporary Buddhists consider this to be a myth that can be discarded without losing its central meaning.

Undiscovered Facts About Buddha

1. The three principal tenets Buddha instructed his disciples were not to be ignorant, dislike others or become angry.

2. The prince was born rich and heir to the throne; he left everything behind to follow his path to the truth once he observed the poverty and disease amidst the walls of his palace. It also led him to remove his birth name, Siddartha Gautama.

3. Buddha was not as slim as his images depict him to be primarily depicted in this manner because it represented happiness in the East. He was a moderate person in everything as well as regularly fasted. He did most of his time travelling for miles, spreading the philosophy of enlightenment.

4. Within a few days of when he was born, it was said by an elderly man who knew the future that he would eventually be a great king or saint who could change the World.

5. In the early days of Buddha’s search for enlightenment, various religions need excessive indulgence in the senses or strict deprivation, such as days of fasting. Conscientizing that neither of these was beneficial, he came up with what later became called “The Middle Way” to enlightenment…a sensible approach that focused on an inner rather than an external renunciation.

6. To attain enlightenment, Siddhartha promised to sit under the fig tree until he mastered suffering. After an intense and lengthy meditation and a struggle against Mara (the God of Desire), the young man was awake and became known for his role as the Buddha.

7. Contrary to many religions or spiritual beliefs, Buddha’s ideas were disseminated using non-violent methods like words of mouth or carvings on stone structures.

8. The practice of Buddhists believes in Buddha as an instructor, not as a god or an avatar.

9. The Buddha’s enlightenment spot under the bodhi tree remains being preserved to this day.

10. Buddha was a teacher and travelled the World all his life up to the age of 80 when his death occurred. The last request he made to his followers was: “All component things in the World can be changed. They’re not eternal. Do your best to find the salvation of your life.”

Fascinating Facts About Buddha!!

1. The first time Buddha was born as a rich prince, he later abandoned everything to follow the path of the truth.

2. There are three main tenets Buddha taught his followers: being aware, hating people, or being angry.

3. Buddha mainly was depicted with a sizeable chubby figure because it’s an emblem of happiness in the East.

4. He spent his time on foot for hundreds of miles to spread the idea of enlightenment.

5. Buddhists believe in Buddha as a spiritual teacher, not as a god.

6. Young Siddhartha resolved to sit beneath the fig tree to meditate to attain spiritual awakening.

7. After long and intense meditation and a struggle with Mara the Buddha, he awoke and was later referred to for his role as Buddha.

8. The oldest surviving Buddhist documents are those of the Gandharan Buddhist texts found in Eastern Afghanistan.

9. The Buddha’s teachings were propagated through peaceful methods like word of mouth spread on famous stone structures.

10. He was killed in Khushinagar in 483BC.

11. The Buddhacarita is the first full biography composed by poet Asvaghosa during the first century CE.

12. After his excursion through the countryside, he realized that he had heard a famous phrase, “Nothing is permanent in the world.”

13. The Buddha was got married to Yasodhara.

14. The Buddha had a son who was named Rahula.

15. The Buddha lived in Nepal from the 6th to the fourth century BC.

16. Gautama first was a student at Rajagaha, where he began an ascetic journey by begging alms on the streets.

17. The Thanboddhay Pagoda in Myanmar has 582,357 Buddha statues.

18. Seven million Buddhists are located in other parts of Asia.

19. The concept of suicide in Buddhism is viewed as a way of moving away from the chance to generate positive Karma.

20. It is in Lao, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. The Buddhist New Year is celebrated for three days.

21. Three of the tallest Buddha statues of the World are all of Buddha.

22. The tallest outdoor bronze Buddha in the World is located on Lan Tau Island.

23. The highest Buddha statue in the World is located in Pattaya, Thailand, with 130 meters in height.

24. The second-largest carving of Buddha is located in Sichuan, China.

25. Buddhist monks aren’t allowed to kill any animal.

26. Chinese farmers make moulds to mould pears into the shape of Buddhas.

27. China is the country that has the most people Buddhists.

28. The actual title for Buddha is Siddartha Gautama.

29. Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini.

30. The smiling Buddha is a 10th-century Chinese folk hero who was named Budai.

Wrapping Up:

Are there any other facts regarding Buddha that we missed? Tell us about it via the comment section below! Keep an eye out for more exciting facts! Have you checked out the facts regarding Islam?

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