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25+ Amazing Facts About August!!

August is a month that is famous for many things, such as the heatwave, National Watermelon Day (August 3), and National Smile Week (August 5-11). Many exciting facts in the month-end summer. Learn more facts about August here!

August is the month that ends for summer across the northern part of the world. It is also the final month of winter for the southern part of the globe.

It was initially called Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixth month of the original 10-month Roman calendar established by Romulus from 753 BC to 753 BC. March was the first month of the year.

In 700 BC, It was made the eighth month when February and January were moved to the calendar before King Numa Pompilius declared March. He also gave it 29 consecutive days.

Here Are 25+ Fun Facts About August.

1. Sextilis was the month’s title before it was changed at 8 BC.

2. Both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago celebrate Independence Day in August.

3. August was named after Augustus Caesar, founder and the first Emperor of the Roman Empire, who was adopted posthumously from his great aunt Gaius Julius Caesar.

4. Peridot, sardonyx, and spinel represent the stones that go along with January.

5. So far, just 1 US president has passed away in August.

6. The month of August is the sole one of 2015 that began on Saturday.

7. “August” is a popular birth name for babies in Sweden.

8. Leo, as well as Virgo, Are the two zodiac significations that occur in August.

9. One of Shakespeare’s plays mentions August as a month.

10. On August 21 in 1911 On August 21, 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre Gallery and was not returned over the next two years.

11. Julius Caesar added two days when he invented his Julian calendar in 46 BC (708 AUC), which gave it the modern-day length of 31 days.

12. In 8 BC, the city was named in honor of Emperor Augustus. Augustus is Latin and references “the venerable one” or “the great one.” According to a Senatus consultum cited by Macrobius, the Emperor selected this month because it was the month of several of his most significant triumphs, such as the conquering of Egypt.

13. Various religious holidays were celebrated in August in ancient Rome.

14. August 3 will be National Watermelon Day – thanks to its 90% water. It is refreshing and tasty in the summer heat. To commemorate National Watermelon Day, cut your pieces of this delicious pink fruit. Look up recipes that use the melon-like watermelon lemonade or watermelon-feta salad, which is an energizing summer snack.

15. August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Crisp or chewy straight out of the oven or out of bags; chocolate chip cookies come in various delightful varieties. Today is the time to go out and purchase chocolate chip cookies at the local bakery or mix the dough at your home. Drink a glass of milk and relax.

16. August 7 is International Beer Day* (first Friday); from a 5,400-year-old beer discovered deep in Iran’s hills to the modern-day craft beer, the world of beer has a long and fascinating history. We wish everyone a happy International Beer Day with a classic German Spaten or Kolsch; try a brand new brew at local breweries or make yourself a beer from your own home.

17. September 9 will be National Rice Pudding Day – The traditional rice pudding recipe is blended with water or milk and then flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. However, there are many variations to this recipe. To celebrate National Rice Pudding Day, make it a topping with vanilla and lemon zest, or try an international version of rice pudding made from Turkey and Portugal.

18. On August 10, it’s National S’mores Day – this classic campfire dessert is tasty in its original form with milk chocolate, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows. There are plenty of delicious ways to make s’mores, and they’re all delicious, too. Try adding strawberries cut into slices or bananas, or go all-out with a dollop of Nutella to celebrate National S’mores Day.

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19. August 13 day is National Filet Mignon Day – If you’ve never cooked filet mignon before, this is the perfect time to start learning. Making filet mignon is simpler than you believe. It’s also delicious when served with green beans and potatoes. Give yourself a treat with some high-end cooking at home.

20. On August 16, it’s National Bratwurst Day – bratwurst is German sausages typically made from beef, pork, or veal. They are easy to cook and can be cooked in various ways. Try grilling them in a classic recipe, then garnish them with the hot dog toppings you love. Add them to a beer simmer for the ultimate German delicious treat. Slice bratwurst that has been cooked into spaetzle, a homemade appetizer.

21. August 19 will be National Potato Day – Mashed and fried, chipped and baked potatoes are a truly adaptable food item. Have fun with your favourite potato dishes to celebrate National Potato Day. If it’s hashbrowns to start your day, chips to eat for lunch, or loaded baked potatoes for dinner, There’s a potato dish to suit every taste.

22. August 20 is National Bacon Lover’s Day – whether you serve it with eggs, in BLT sandwiches, or as an ingredient with a drink, today is the day to celebrate bacon lovers. However, before you go to the bacon bender, you should know how to cook perfect crisp bacon by baking it in the oven.

23. August 24 is National Waffle Day – waffles are incredibly adaptable. You can have the classic waffles with syrup and butter to eat breakfast. However, there are waffles and chicken for lunch or an entrée with all the ingredients served between two waffles for dinner. You can also make the ice cream sandwich from homemade waffles. It’s never a better day to experiment with the latest waffle recipes than National Waffle Day.

24. August 26 is National Dog Day – dog owners think of their four-legged companions to be part of the same family. To show appreciation for their unconditional love and loyalty, treat your pet a little indulgence today, whether that involves a walk in the park or a brand new toy, or a yummy snack.

25. August 27 will be National Banana Lovers Day – Bananas can be used in hundreds of recipes, including smoothies, Ice cream sundaes, and even homemade pancakes. They also make an excellent egg substitute that is vegan for baking dishes. They’re packed with potassium, which is heart-healthy. And they’re incredibly affordable. Take a bite of a banana, or try an enticing banana-based recipe to celebrate National Banana Lovers Day.

26. August 29 is Lemon Juice Day – Lemon juice can bring a pop of color to any food item, from a salad to a lemon-based cake. It’s a great way to add flavor to cocktails. When you’re done preparing meals to make them more flavorful, you can utilize lemon juice to make an eco-friendly cleaning agent for your home. Discover a fresh method to use lemon juice to celebrate Lemon Juice Day.

27. August 30 was National Toasted Marshmallow Day – If you haven’t had plenty of toasted marshmallows on National S’mores Day earlier this month, this is the time to make up for it. Create a batch of marshmallow fudge, or add toasty marshmallows to a Peanut Butter sandwich or take your toasted marshmallows right from the sticks.

28. Certain meteor showers occur during August. For instance, the Kappa Cygnids occur in August, with dates changing throughout the year. It is believed that the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower takes place from July 10 and will end about August 10. The Southern Delta Aquariids occur from mid-July until mid-August, with the peak occurring around July 28-29. The Perseids are a significant meteor shower, generally observed between July 17 to August 24, and the peak dates change annually. Star clusters like Messier 30 are best observed during August.

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