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Amazing Facts About Curly Hair

Since the trend for curly hair has become a popular trend It only seemed appropriate to contact any of our experts for some curly hair advice! Discover seven interesting Facts About Curly Hair you didn’t know about in the words of Robin Sjoblom.

Facts About Curly Hair

1. Curly Hair Averages: A typical head of hair is made up of 120,000 hairs whereas curly hair only has 100,000.

2. The Curly Hair Type: Curly hair types don’t have to “shampoo” as often because there aren’t enough hair follicles on these heads and fewer sebaceous glands, so their scalps don’t get as oily as a straight hair person.

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3. Different curl types: Curl patterns come in many DIFFERENT Curl types (wavy or wavy Botticelli corkscrew, and coily!)

4. One Head, Multiple Curl Types: There could be a variety of Curl types… on the same head! !

5. Growth Curly hair can grow up to 6 inches per year.

6. Curly Hair Phases 90 percent of curly hair is in the growth phase while the remaining 10% is in an inactive phase.

7. Shrinkage: Wavy hair may shrink by up to five percent. Curly hair could shrink as much as 30 percent, and curly hair may shrink at 75 percent or more of its true length.

Did you gain knowledge regarding curly hair? We sure did! We want to thank Robin Sjoblom from Southern Curl for giving us her tips for curly hair.

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Harrison Jones
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