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All You Need to Know About ATV VIN Lookup

If you are an outdoor lover and enjoy going for off-road recreation activities, it’s time to buy an ATV. It is an off-road vehicle, it can be used on murky roads that are not paved. Buying a brand new ATV is quite expensive; therefore, buying a used one is more economical.

However,  when buying a second-hand ATV, you’ll need to make sure that you are investing in one that works properly and can deal with the challenges of four-wheeling. This is where an ATV VIN search comes in. Checking an ATV safety before you purchase it will save you from buying an incompetent ATV and ultimately save you from future headaches.

What is the Meaning of an ATV VIN Search?

An ATV VIN lookup is a great way to find out about an ATV’s past. The VIN is a code made up of 17 digits given to every type of automobile during its manufacturing process.

An ATV VIN code reveals information about the vehicle, including past ownership, insurance claims, year of manufacture, model, type of braking system, and so on. Insurance companies also use this code to find out details about a vehicle during its lifespan.

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The Importance of Using an ATV VIN Lookup

As mentioned above, buying a second-hand ATV saves you money. However, this requires a savvy consumer to purchase a 4-wheeler able to perform effectively in rough off-road terrains. An ATV VIN is important as it helps you track what has happened to the ATV since its manufacture; hence, you can be alerted of any damages or eminent faults.

Carrying out an ATV VIN search also helps you to stay out of trouble with the authorities. Some automobiles can be stolen and sold at a cheaper price. If you do not run the VIN search, you might end up purchasing a stolen ATV, which can ultimately get you in hot water. Running the search helps you spot any theft incidents that might have occurred.

Where to Find the ATV VIN Code?

All You Need to Know About ATV VIN Lookup

The code is normally attached to the automobile. However, the location of ATV VINs might vary depending on the manufacturer. Most models have their VIN numbers embedded on the left part of the frame, below the shifter. If you can’t locate it there, try looking in the following places:

  • Look at the below the tail area
  • Inspect the opening in the plastic hood
  • Check the left wheel, behind the frame, or near the radiator
  • Look at the left part of the frame near the engine.

Which Information Can You Get from an ATV Search?

Running an ATV VIN search will provide information regarding the history of the vehicle. This information includes the following details:

  • Ownership details with names of the rightful owners and dates of purchase;
  • Any cases of theft and whether the ATV was not found;
  • Active warranties;
  • Its current market value;
  • Model and title brand;
  • Actual miles traveled since the date of purchase;
  • Outstanding debts.

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The above information helps you know whether you are purchasing something legal and effective. Without the above information, how can you be sure that the ATV was not repurchased and then repaired? Or how can you be sure the odometer is accurate? It is prudent that you don’t buy an ATV until you’ve gotten the results of an ATV VIN search.


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